Saturday, December 28, 2019

Was Zendran the target of a freemason hit?

With the odd way that I was menaced for almost a week after the Yalda/Winter Solstice there is one factor that should be taken into account, the masonic one.
            As it is the freemasons arrive at the Newport Tower in good weather to observe the alignments, claiming the Tower was built by the knights templar led by earl Sinclair in the 14th century, which they did in force this year as in 2017, but not in 2017 or 2015 when the weather was odd and the forecast not favorable.  You can see this in the picture below
Notice how I am obscured, but you can see me over by the flagpole in the one below
This year I gave both Jim Egan and Scott Wolter print copies of my syllabus deciphering the Narragansett Runestone, as they clearly did not get online copies I sent them.  In it I explain that there were errors made, and one symbol has a connection with wat tyler, the militant freemason in 14th century England.  Later when viewing the “IN HOC SIGNO VINCES” stone I, Scott, and those gathered had a lively discussion about masonic symbolism, specifically the number 3.

The incident at the hotel I was staying at had masonic overtones involving 3, as in three $20 bills were stolen, and 3 members of the Newport pd arrived at 3PM responding to my 911 call.
It should be noted I am one of the few non-freemasons who possess masonic items, including a masonic bible, and as a Zoroastrian am naturally opposed to freemasonry, as it distorts the teachings of Zarathustra, as does any organization involving secrecy.
Furthermore, my Ahunavar is a counter to any negative influence that freemasonry or any other entity, would bring on Yalda or anywhere, and I and Jim Egan have been prominent in making sure all groups with connections have access to the Newport Tower, breaking the masonic monopoly.
I should also remind people that the lower three degrees involves doing harm, including murder, to those who openly speak of masonic secrets, and what I experienced in the week after that event at least appear to be a “soft hit” by someone, and after what I experienced in Westerly this past February at the hands of associates of the sinclair’s during a blizzard it would certainly be a strong possibility.

Zendran menaced after Yalda/Winter Solstice 2019 at the Newport Tower

Hours after leaving the Yalda/Winter Solstice event at the Newport Tower I received an unexpected menace.
Around 2:30PM I returned to my hotel room to find my money had been stolen, but no sign of forced entry.  When I contacted the hotel staff they refused to check the cameras, so I called 911.  When Newport PD arrived they noticed the injuries I had sustained to my left hand days before from a hand warmer accident which occurred around the same time I learned of the shooting in Westerly where my step-father was living, however they assumed I had been making bombs and told me they could only clear up that issue at the station.  Once at the station the Sgt. In charge not only noticed the injuries but the way I was having trouble moving, and after explaining to him about the Tower event, and the hand warmer accident coinciding with the aforementioned shooting, he had me brought to the hospital.  Once there the doctors traumatic circumstances to keep me for observation.  While on observation I was not allowed to do my praying, despite the attention the Tower event, and though the medical staff noticed I had in fact gained weight, inconsistent with a full withdrawal from the drug cocktail given to me five years ago, no follow up tests were done.  In fact when I complained about being on the same unit as someone who had MRSA who I was in the aci with eight years ago during occupy and had notified my doctors at Yale medical about this the night staff ganged up on me and gave me drugs they were not supposed to, which caused trouble seeing, breathing trouble, and palpitations.  Friday morning the doctor in charge stated the latter action taken was wrong and excessive, and had me discharged and brought to my doctors at Yale medical.  I was also notified that the FBI had called about me, and before my discharge I called them and arranged to meet with them the following week.  Once at Yale medical the doctors noted the follow up instructions radically differed from those on my discharge papers, and they had a MRSA test done.
For such actions to be done to anyone when there is no threat in the name of safety is inexcusable, and retribution, as is seen throughout the northeast where similar instances have occurred, is certainly coming.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

On Yalda/Winter Solstice 2019 at the Newport Tower

This Yalda/Winter Solstice at the Newport Tower was a more interesting and exciting one, especially after the freak storm and shooting that occurred two days before on the anniversary of the Great Swamp massacre, and with rudi bakhtiar stalking me up that way before that because of her new movie "bombshell".
The morning alignment occurred between 7:30 and 8 AM EST, but the sun moved very slowly and not as bright as on previous years
The 9AM alignment occurred as well this year with a large crowd, including Chief Sachem Black Eagle of the Pocasset Wampanoag Tribe and Scott Wolter, however with the freemasons doing a ceremony I countered with a public Ahunavar, as freemasonry rips of Zarathustra
After the alignment I joined Scott Wolter and others to view the IN HOC SIGNO VINCES stone which was has existed long before the permanent settlement of Newport and which is close to the Naval War College and Naval Base
As eventful a Yalda/Winter Solstice as they come.

Friday, December 20, 2019

On yesterday's shooting in westerly

If you have not heard there was a shooter at the babcock village apartment complex in westerly, rhode island yesterday morning, and the news has been doing a half-assed job reporting what happened there, and it is making this shooting stand out.
Basically Joseph Giachello, a 66 year old Latino resident, began shooting.  The property manager, julie cardinal, was killed and a tenant, Donna Thornley, and health care worker, robin moss, were wounded.  The westerly pigs basically panicked and used the shooting to harass the tenants before Federal law enforcement arrived and got everything under control.
This personally effects me as my step father, who along with washington trust, the lenihans, and the banerjees l were responsible for embezzling Peter I, my paternal grandfather’s forrine, lives in that building.  While eligibility for tenancy is based on age, health condition, they know that many tenants come from old money and/or government service backgrounds, and thus have valuable assets, and such an incident may be justified raids for illicit gains.  I had also lived from December 2010 to January 2014 in an apartment building in providence managed by the same company that manages babcock village, pag, and I know firsthand that company is notorious for harassing tenants from well off backgrounds to the point of causing health problems simply for illicit gains.  It would not be a surprise if Joe Giachelo was experiencing similar problems and finally snapped.
It should also be noted that rhode island has insanely strict gun control laws, in this case it they did not make a difference, as that part of rhode island, as well as that neighboring region of Connecticut, has the highest population of government service veterans, including ones who have seen combat, and who have no trouble obtaining and concealing firearms.  Additionally, despite westerly being portrayed as a low crime community, it has the third highest arrest rate in rhode island, high incidents of brutality, and openly hated among the locals, contrasting with neighboring towns like Hopkinton and Stonington where cops are popular.  If Joe Giachello did not do this someone else in Westerly fed up with the harassment and corruption would have done this and something similar may happen.
They are also making a similar mistake as was done with sandy hook, that being to over glorify people in government positions simply because of who they are rather than stand up against the wrongs those same people do using their positions to intimidate.  This has been the case in westerly for almost a decade, and it disgusts me, and if this trends continue more people will act as Joe Giachello did.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

On crooked judge in the Tsarnayev case

If one still doubts how corrupt and vulnerable those in the government involved in the Tsarnayev case are my home visit to ojetta rogeriree thompson​'s 159 wheeler home in the south park section of cranston seen below
Not only is it easy to get to, this is a rough area of cranston/providence and any judge living there should have better protection.  One reason for the lack of security are shady associates of judge thompson, mainly arf/dashanks like her next door neighbor, and the zobians, who have repeatedly harassed me, brought bogus hate crime charges against me, and who in 2013 openly admitted to being associates with thompson.  This is the same arf/dashank group that was involved in making the bombs the Tsarnayev's used and helped them hide the bombs they used.  
For a judge to be associated with people openly involved in a case like this is a major conflict of interest, and to be this lax shows just how vulnerable america's government has become.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

On crooked cops as us marshals

Should one have any doubts as to the corruption in the us marshals and the trouble I have been getting from them the video of my visit earlier today to his place at 1 century circle in north providence
This pig, along with greg bolden, was the one who began the legal harassment of me on February 19, 2003, simply for macing a junkie who attacked me on a bus, and because of those pigs experienced deprivation of rights in jail, not being allowed to do my prayers because I am Zoroastrian.  As it turned out bolden was too easy to track down, yet san antonio would only harass me when other pigs were around, and only infrequently, with things finally coming to a head in September 2013, when he harassed me for helping out a Green Beret veteran I had been in the ACI with who knew veterans I work with, which led to his leaving the providence pd.  One year later george joins the us marshals around the same time as the suspicious death of Frank McKnight.  It should also be noted that george recently moved to his 1 century circle place having previously lived at 79 columbus ave in north providence, then having the street number of his house changed to 68 as well as others on that street, trying to throw  people off to conceal how easy a target he is.
I also mentioned one of the circut judges in the Tsarnayev case there as well, as thompson is associated with the arf/dashank group that was involved in making the bombs the Tsarnayevs used, and has no business being on the case, and the pig chief for the town where george san antonio lives, tikoyan who is also associated with arf/dashanks, left the force after having an odd encounter with me during a snowstorm weeks ago.
How dirty pigs in the american government are allowed to carry on like this is beyond me, and shows how rotten things are in america.

Monday, December 16, 2019

On the Waltham murders and Tamerlan Tsarnayev

Today I paid a home visit to the prime suspect in the Waltham triple murders of 11 September 2011, pete koutoujian, the current Sheriff for Middlesex county and who lives close by as I show in the video below
As I make clear his house is VERY close to where the murders occurred as the map below demonstrates, walking distance actually
Notice how I mention the masonic connotations to the case, koutoujian's house number being 33.  It should be noted that koutoujian's birthday is three days after mine, and the day the murders occurred I was in Watertown square partying with friends and relatives, including Tamerlan Tsarnayev who showed no sign whatsoever he had done those killings, and the three pattern is masonic code.
Notice also how I mention koutoujian's affiliation with the arg/dashank organization, who has the formula for the explosives used during the Tsarnayev raid/boston marathon bombing and where the bombs used were kept.  Additionally, Zoroastrians and others with similar worship practices are criminalized in Middlesex county by this arf/dashank shit, making problems there worse.   How nobody could notice this is beyond me, but this crooked pig needs to be called out

On the Straight Pride punks sentenced

Today the punks who made the most violence during the Straight Pride parade in Boston were sentenced.  They all, boyd, kraft, and rego, must serve six months probation and do 15 hours of community serviceas part of their plea deal with the court.  As nobody from SHFA could attend I was there, and took the pic of the three punks and their pals below
Notice how kraft, in blue shirt on right, is taller than boyd, on left in green shirt, and rego, who is next to kraft in black, unlike their press photos, meaning they could have raised questions, however their behavior showed they had something to hide.  The lawyer for kraft was the biggest asshat, he complained about my presence, however the Boston Police and Suffolk Sheriffs backed me up.

Friday, December 13, 2019

My presence at the Tsarnayev appeal

Yesterday I was at the Tsarnayev appeal.  I had with me copies of my amicus briefs I filed in Tsarnayev's defense and the sign you can see below
This time while Homeland Security said they were wiling to let me in, once again the us marshals refused to let me enter to file amicus in support of Tsarnayev, and I let them read my brief and told them to contact the FBI, specifically naming the agents I have been talking with about issues related to Tsarnayev and other cases out of that courthouse.  This year cbs was trying to incite trouble by daring me to go inside for another confrontation, but you can see why I remained outside as I was, which explains why mit pigs and fuckmeat haslet did not want to engage in a physical confrontation with me.  The fact is my body is finally starting to heal from the health issues I have had over the past decade, and this, and the nasty surprise I left mit the night before, were a small demonstration of how not only can I handle subzero conditions like those in Boston yesterday, to remind those  that outside in that weather they are helpless to handle me.
Regarding the press while cbs was antagonistic, Fox News was shadowing me, mainly because of my involvement with rudi bakhtiar and the movie about her time at Fox "Bombshell" coming out today, as they use my pic but not what I said during my interview with them
I noticed andy martinez chose not to use my title in quoting me and only referenced my confrontations outside in his Boston herald piece, as did channels 5 and 7, though they did get good images of me there

If you got a problem with my sign and my defending Tsarnayev you can drop dead.  if you want me to voluntarily stop using that sign let the feds know to let me file my amicus brief and access other cases I have there.  The Trump administration was kind enough to find case files I had the nigger before Trump had thrown out, and I will be revealing important files about corruption in the Boston area involving the us marshals in the coming week.