Friday, February 02, 2007

Sent to UN and university that discriminates against Iranians today

Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 5:36 PM
From: "Peter Khan Zendran"
Subject: Iranians insulted at yesterday's conference

As a journalist, author, and scholar who is of Iranian descent who has
conducted research with scholars in various academic institutions in SE
New England in a private capacity, I and other Iranians presentwas
totally disgusted by the way bu conducted yesterday's conference. I am
sending this to those in authority at bu, as well as ccing and bccing
this to prominent Iranians and scholars I have worked with, so that they
may know how bu really behaves.
Some weeks ago I recieved an announcement from IABoston about this
event, being told it was open to the public. Having attended events at
bu, with minor inconveniences before, I decided to attend. When I got
there experienced an event which was poorly planned but in which bias
was shown to Iranians.
First, members of the Iranian community who were not bu faculty or
students were accosted by event staff, despite being being told that the
event was a public forum. Those who chose to attend had to put up with
intrusive questions from bu staff, and were disappointed by the way the
event was conducted, and despite there being plenty of time many
Iranians were prevented from speaking in the q&a forum, and as a result
chose to express our opinions in other ways.
To contrast this having arrived at bu some hours early I noticed some
zionist protesters were accosting eventgoers and disrupting the event
and nothing was said. Also a group called answer was disrupting the
event as well, and answer has over the past few years harassed,
intimidated, and threatened Iranians who choose to show up at their
events. If anything the donut fuckers who make up bu's security allowed
these groups to act as they wanted, yet Iranians at the event wer
eharassed by those same people, myself included. The harassment I
recieved consisted of being repeatedly questioned by bu staff as to my
identity. Once I got in and managed to get a seat I had to leave to use
the bathroom. Having waited for so long and being unable to find any
sanitary restroom facilities during my visit to bu up to that point was
giving me minor heart problems and I left to the nearest bathroom to
answer this pressing need. When I returned I was stopped by those donut
fuckers who make up bu security who claimed that my bag, which I
explained to then I had left on my chair to prevent it from being taken,
contained weapons. After showing them the only things in my backpack
were only my empty 7-11 mug and some periodicals under protest I
continued into the conference room. Out of all the people who had
brought bags to the event I was the only such person singled out.
Having attended confrences where the speakers included government
leaders and other diplomats and where the audience was allowed free
access to the speakers such measures are counterproductive. Since the
ambassador was on via telecast and nobody who merited such security was
available such actions only justify any aggressive action on the part of
any individuals and I sincerely hope some individual does attack bu for
such treatment only causes problems, not prevents them. Furthermore,
that Iranians like myself who attended just to talk to the UN
representative of a country which we someday hope to return to, were
harased by bu staff, while groups hostile to Iranians were given free
reign is insulting and unforgivable, and is the kind of prejudice to be
expeted in the south of the 1960's.
Ambassador Zarif, in the future please have the consideration to attend
any event like this in person and not be some kungoshad. To those in bu
clean up your fucking act and KIRAM TU DAHANET.
Peter Khan Zendran

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