Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Zendran-9/11 connection

Just recently when searching for an old friend, Jim Olive, the son of my
former tutor Norton William Olive, I made a startling discovery.
Remembering that Jim had graduated from the Coast Guard Academy, and
that his parents among others had pressured me to enter the Coast Guard
Academy as well, and that he had a distinguished career in the 90's,
being last assigned to the nyc port authority in the late 90's, I did a
google search on him. What I found was shocking.
On 9/11 Jim, then a Lt. Commander in the Coast Guard, was Chief of the
Surface Forces Branch at Activities New York. This meant he was in a
command position during the 9/11 incident. What is even more
signifigant is that his father, Norton William Olive, the same man I
have quoted in articles published on David Icke's site and the Hidden
Mysteries site, is a former business partner of the Rothschild family,
personally knowing Victor and Jacob Rothschild, among others. This was
the same man who educated me about the shadow government, money and
financial manipulation, correct history, among others. I have even
saved the letters I shared with Norton William and his widow, Julia, in
which we talk about those subjects back in 1997-8. If anyone is
interested in seeing copies of those letters let me know and I will copy
and mail to whoever wishes to see them.
Peter Z


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