Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Recieved from Iran's President

This is a copy of what I recieved from iran's president.

Email to President

from: peterkhanzendran@fastmail.fm
name: Peter Khan Zendran
No: 128440
Recv Date: 1385/07/03
Print Date 1385/08/09

Subject: Salaam/your UN event

Presidnet Ahmadinejad I congratulate you on your speech at the UN. There is something I think you should know about your UN trip. On 14/9/2006, my 28's birthday my friend William Beeman mentioned to me about your coming to the UN to speak and asked me if I was interested in going. As much as I wanted I could not go due to the following reason. I could not make it since I had to appear the day after your speach in court for a charge which is for something that was not a crime and motivated by political harassment. That harassment included a police officer in providence, rhode island, where Dr. beeman and I do most of our work, ask me if I was going to help america get you after he found out I was half-Iranian. Not only did I refuse to answer that question, which is illegal for a police officer to ask but many people in RI were outraged and the ACLU even has complained about that officer's remarks. The full details of that incident are available on my blog, which is linked below this meggage. Remember, this is the kind of government that exists in america. Also are you on myspace? There are a few pages on myspace claiming to be of you but which appear to be impersonators. Zende Bash Peter Khan Zendran http://www.peterkhanzendran.com http://peterkhanzendran.blogspot.com http://www.myspace.com/peterkhanzendran -- http://www.fastmail.fm - A no graphics, no pop-ups email service

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Final Reply : Dear Peter Khan Zendran

We beg to inform you that your E.letter date 2006/09/25 was received.

with regard

The Islamic Republic of IRAN presidential site

End of Message

(C) 2001 http://www.president.ir


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