Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ALERT; Zendran again harassed by providence pigs

This just happened yesterday one half hour after I had a document notarized authorizing the RI ACLU to investigate harassment I was recieving from the ppd.
Yesterday shortly after 2:00 PM I was pulled off the #66 bus by two ppd officers, one badge # 628, the other san antonio badge # 604 who I have named in my federal lawsuit against the ppd for violating my rights. My backpack was searched without my consent and my 2 inch buckknife was stolen. Later two more ppd officers arrived, a sergant, badge # 55, and slater, badge # 365 wo I also have named in my federal lawsuit against the ppd for violating my rights. All four ppd officers were not wereing their nametags on their uniforms. I refused to say anything other than that I was being harassed and my property was stolen and was led into the back of a ppd car and # 628 transported to ppdhq. While being processed # 628 called me slurs including retard, freak, and hippie, threatened that if he saw me on the street he would make up charges against me to arrest me and also threatened to break my teeth and pull out m hair if he ever saw me. While my property was being inventoried the duty officer stole a pool ball which he found in my backpack and # 628 said he refused to return my buckknife. I was led to a cell after a phone call I made reached an answering machine and was denied the right to make a call later, and the phone in the cell I was in was broken. Around 3:00 Pm a detective approached my cell, asked me if I had any serious medical conditions, to which I said no. I then refused to make any further statements and when he said I was being charged for disorderly conduct for spitting on washington trust bank on washington st. in providence he refused to tell me for which incidents I was being charged with. I replied that spitting on a bank was not disorderly conduct nor any other criminal violation and when I asked for that detective's name he falsely replied he was colonel esserman. That same detecive had harassed me in downtown providence monday which I filed a complaint with the RI ACLU about. Later that night when taken to be photographed and fingerprinted i said I was doing so under protest, and was told that I was the first person to be photographed with the ppd's new irisscan.
This morning I was brought to sixth district court and arraigned before judge Ippolito. The report was read and i was accused of spitting on washington trust bank on washington st. at times and dates which I did not, particularly on the day I was stopped by those four when I did not walk by washington trust at all during the day and the time coincided when I was at the RI ACLU office. I did not point this out to the judge but when asked if I had a record the case I had in providence Municipal Court in May/June 2004 was brought up and I explained to the judge that case was dismissed. Even though judge Ippolito admitted he was a washington trust customer he released me on $1,000 Personal Recognizance and placed a no contact order on the washington st. branch of washington trust bank after I pled Not Guilty, asked to have the case heard in RI Superior Court, and asked to appear Pro Se. I was later released and soon contacted the FBI, informing them of this latest incident and the harassment I continue to recieve from the ppd. Needless to say i will fight this and any assistance is appreciated.
Peter Zendran


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