Monday, September 26, 2016

Iran betrayed by rouhani in his unga speech

In his speech at the un general assembly on 22 September 2016 rouhani made two disturbing statements, which can be viewed on his website
The first, maintaining that he planned to implement the nuclear deal, is not a surprise, but shows that this act will leave Iran vulnerable to invasion
The second and just as alarming statement was that he would not use Iran's military against any other country, and not to quell nationalist groups inside Iran
It should be noted after george w bush invaded Iraq and deposed saddam hussein that bush and other american government members and elitists came up with the plan of giving overt support to nationalist groups inside Iran, specifically arab Khuzestan, Baluchistan, azeri, and northern Iran separatists, including those seeking an independent Mazendaran.  If rouhani is advocating this he is a traitor preparing Iran for invasion who must be executed.  As much as an independent Mazendaran sounds tempting, I would not want it at the price of american/foreign backing.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

On crooked judge responsible for my recent medical problems

It was recently brought to my attention recently that the judge who caused my medical problems in January 2015, colleen hastings, is at 21 ayrault st in Newport, very close to the courthouse and police station, and she has undercover pigs pose as street people at the convenience store near her house and at the nearby meal site, and posing as tourists
Her actions in January 2015 were interference in legitimate Iranian affairs, and she has allowed repeated legal violations in her court.  This bitch has been moved from one court post to another and has only lasted because of horny men infatuated with her who share her deluded belief that females should do whatever they want.  Definitely a cancer on the legal system and the planet.

Friday, September 09, 2016

On tampons in brown university bathrooms

While this is understandable for single occupancy bathrooms, placing tampon and crotch pad dispensers in all of shit u's bathrooms will only cause more problems only will visitors be confused, those items most likely will be used as sex toys rather than hygienic products.

On Star Trek at 50

As I write this it is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, one of my favorite shows, and who's creators had used my material, and which I am glad to be in on A Piece of the Action
As of late it has worried me about the direction the stories have taken.  The alternate timeline stories insult me and others who have undertaken serious research into time travel.  It also worries me the way some characters have become popular that they obscure the real people they are based on.  If one expects me to name Khan or Gul Dukat, they should examine Sulu, as his character has marginalized the troubles the Sultanate of Sulu, who america considers a terrorist group, the way princess leia from star wars marginalizes Princess Leila of Iran
much as the Star Trek prides itself on diversity and tolerance many still get marginalized by this show which billions enjoy.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hamadan Air base used by Russia

Even though Russia has moved the Supercarrier Admiral Kuznetsov 63 close to Syria, and Iran is in discussions to join the Collective Security Treaty Organization either as an observer or full member, the use of the Hamadan Air base is a curious one to attack isis/daesh in Syria.  
Recently Russia began deploying modern fighters to attack isis/daesh
This comes hours after Russian bombers attacked sis/daesh to protect Aleppo
Russia could have used the Tabriz base but with current dealings with Armenia, which currently chairs the EurAsian Union, and with Turkey and Azerbaijan, such a move might incite violence, however no such use is being made of Iran's Dezful Air base.  Expect greater defensive ties with Russia, Iran, and their allies and more positive action against isis/daesh to come from this.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Update on court/legal situation

I left court earlier today.  As the probation violation was lumped together with the new charges my probation was extended for two more months.  However, because of my medical issues and strong evidence from L+M, all commitment petitions and counselling was struck down by the court.
As I was able to get those terms removed, beat the commitment, and had the westerly pig chief st clair removed this is a lop-sided win.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Update on court situation

I left court earlier today. I am to return in three weeks.
The court saw my recent medical records and noted there are holes in the medical info, which is also why they refused a request for a commitment attempt by the riag's office. If they want to try to go that far it shows how desperate the state is.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Update on court situation

Once I appeared I learned that under a new law my probation violation was reinstated, and the prosecutor requested that the terms of my current probation be increased. The judge noted that what I was accused of was non-violent and that nobody had been hurt, as in previous charges, and that I was recently being treated for a serious physical ailment, prolonged dehydration, and that the recent skyrocket in charges after the January 2015 court order by hastings for treatment based on lies and for something I did not have, and the judge released me on recognizance. I am to return for a status conference on wednesday.
The judge and prosecutor also noted that I had been complaining about the troublemakers at the westerly library for years, and that I gave oral testimony and will give written testimony for the state of Connecticut regarding my successful treatment by L and M doctors and the medical fuckups I have experienced and continue to experience in rhode island.