Wednesday, May 10, 2017

On reza pahlavi on Iranian presidential election

Recently reza pahlavi has issued this statement urging the Iranian population to rise up to cripple Iran, comparing his partisans to Fereydoun and Kaveh, during the election next week
For him to make such a statement demonstrates lack of mental stability and absence of sound judgment, as any uprising, no matter the outcome, would end up brutally crushed as occurred in 2009, only this time it is possible Iran would be crippled as to leave itself vulnerable to a military attack from america or israel, and with new experimental weapons being tested by those countries in Khalj Fars region and the recent attack on Syria this is an outcome which must be anticipated.  The timing of this, days after Iranian currency printed with reza pahlavi's image on it, shows he wants to plan a mass uprising

It would also impede those in Iran who can remove jomhori mollah by causing this harjomarj, and reza pahlavi needs to remember that if an attack on Iran occurs because of an uprising he incites Artesh Iran may unleash the Damavand option, triggering a real life Zahak which will destroy the planet.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

100 Jahre amerika im Erste Weltkrieg

On this day 100 years ago america declared war on Germany and it's allies, and it's military contribution which led to the anglo-allied victory has contributed greatly to the chaos the World has been in since.  Man Pedar Bozorg, Peter I, was born im Hofrat Wien two weeks before the Blessed Kaiser Karl I was deposed, as we had been exiled to the Habsburg domains since Potemkin removed us from our Crimean exile our Safavid relatives imposed on us, and I can attest personally the damage american interference has caused us.
​On this anniversary being in rhode island I noticed two things, it was raining, and someone appropriately vandalized the WWI american victory monument, which you can see below
"FUCK USA" is how the people of the World feel about what america has done to them the past 100 years, and america is reaping the harvest of evil it has planted.

Monday, March 27, 2017

On anniversary of Princess Leila's birth

If dr lewis klein not murdered Princess Leila on June 10, 2001 in London, today would be her 47th birthday.
Below are scanned copies of the article I published on PersianMirror twelve years ago today in her memory

At present kusmodar rezaei is censoring this and the works of all other writers on her site, and this despicable behavior is typical of the fuzel bacheha who sell out their heritage for profit.
Share this article to make sure our community and the World will never forget Princess Leila.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

On latest leslie yeransian/dolsak oddness

It was recently brought to my attention that my former partner leslie yeransian is now continuing her whacko behavior, however she is spending more tme in the Washington DC metro area under the name leslie dolsak.  Of one doubts this read her latest gohenahang where she promotes a spurious Rumi quote which you can see for yourself below
More of leslie's insanity can be viewed at the link below
I also noticed that tom dolsak not only has prodigious pictures of himself with leslie, noting he openly states his being married to her but leslie never openly states her being married to him, but displays pictures of his family crest, which is a bowlderlized mittleeuropean image of a soldier beheading a turkish man
This certainly explains why leslie no longer spends time in the wellesley hills neighborhood she grew up in, or the parts of Asia the residents of that neighborhood are from, they would lynch her for showing herself as a bigot who associates with fellow bigots.

On Zendran influencing ri state pig command staff

It was recently brought to my attention that while I was successful in blocking kevin barry from becoming the rhode island state pig chief, he is retained as second in command, while the third in command is the pig who not only had me robbed in 2014 but who also has his pigpals trail me in souther rhode island

It should be noted that while philbin's pigpals did follow me, they did admit they are hesitant to pursue me into the woods of southern rhode island, which is one explanation why governor woprat allowed the horrible plowjobs which piled up snow higher than normal on the roadsides of southern rhode island.

Good riddance mike flynn

I was glad to learn that mike flynn resigned as trump's national security advisor yesterday, his resignation letter is shown below
What is not mentioned is the Iran factor, namely the confrontation I had with him at his family home on the Newport/middletown line, demonstrating that were america to invade Iran not only could Iran immediately retaliate on american soil but mike flynn would be an early casualty
Two other important factors not being mentioned.  The agent in charge of security for mike flynn, the same one who questioned me for two hours about my confrontation with mike flynn, was absent on assignment until the morning of the day flynn resigned.  The agents in the region realized that flynn and his family not only have an inciteful background, but live in a location where they are an easy target and difficult to protect.  The also were amused by the fact that the night before my confrontation I was brought to Newport hospital by a friend in the US Army Rangers to be treated for trench foot from the storm that week.  Around the same time flynn resigned a friend brought me to LM/YHN Westerly to be treated for the same ailment, however I received more comprehensive treatment from the doctor that night, however the doctor who relieved her made a failed attempt to commit me, as the people who brought me to the hospital were able to detail the reasons for the recent foot injury I am being treated for.
​This is a major Iranian victory and a win for freedom.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

On Iran menaced by mike flynn

In appointing mike flynn as national security advisor he has appointed someone who has repeatedly stated his intention to attack Iran.  However, he has done this through books, articles, and screened events, and avoids people like myself who paid a visit to his family home at 57 tuckerman avenue in middletown, close to Easton's beach in Newport

Then again, seeing how his 82nd airborne chicken shits who abused kids in rhode island state custody, most notably at harmony hill, when they worked for the state, as did mike's wife lori, who retains her maiden name as she is afraid of retribution from those she and her family have wronged, when she worked there, it should come as no surprise.  Nor should it be a surprise that the town they live in has a high rate of police brutality and corruption, as does the county's judiciary, even towards those who served with and under flynn.  For all we know his hostility towards Iranians may come from a distaste some food he got from an Iranian store or restaurant, after all there are plenty of Iranians working in foodservice in the Newport county region.
I speak for Artesh Iran and the Iranian community when I say we will not take any shit from a gi joke micktard like you, the chump in the white house who appointed you, or any fucktard you send against us.  We have been around a very long time, we know a lot about america, including it's weaknesses, understand how america has corrupted the World, our civilization in particular.  You, your chump, and the gi jokes under your leadership have only galvanized the Iranian community by outing those in our midst who would betray us, attack us and you will go down like all the rest.

Friday, January 20, 2017

On clemency denied for Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal

With all the attention on those people who were given pardons or had their sentences commuted by the nigger before he left the white house two denials of clemency are notable, Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal.
In Leonard's case clemency was denied but the feds rubbed it in as their letter to Leonard's attoeney demonstrates
In Mumia's case no assistance was forthcoming to assist his sentence.  Even though his supporters were clear that their efforts needed to be directed to the governor of Pennsylvania instead of the white house no federal assistance was forthcoming for Mumia

In all probability the new administration will make their health conditions worse for Leonard and Mumia as well as conditions for others in american prisons.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

On motivation behind Adam Lanza's actions at sandy hook four years ago

Four years ago today Adam Lanza, who had been maltreated while attending school in newtown, ct because of abusive policies implemented by a malicious administrator named frank sippy, snapped in the school, sandy hook, he experienced the maltreatment in and shot up the place before committing suicide.
In describing the psychosis Lanza was experiencing the maltreatment by sippy was overlooked.  This is crucial as frank sippy maltreated children in districts he worked as a principal and superintendent in connecticut and rhode island, causing school corporal punishment to be abolished in those states, and he was simply moved around between school districts rather than admit that they were wrong to hire him.  Today students in districts where sippy had worked continue to act violent and or psychotic, yet nothing is done to address the roots of their behavior by removing abusive school administrators like sippy permanently from their positions.
Additionally, minutes after Lanza’s actions sippy put his district on lockdown, despite the fact the shooting was over and there was no credible threat, and the connecticut state pigs, led by mike jagoda, responded 30 minutes after Lanza was dead, only responded by further detaining the children at sandy hook when there was no threat, and received bogus awards for their actions rather than admit their failures.  Earlier this year an attempt by jagoda to become chief of the connecticut state police was blocked by outraged people, myself included, who complained not just about his failures, but also by policies he implemented at his new job at uri, where his “community policing” programs have alienated the community, allowed students to act out, and the campus he is in charge of safety at has regular disease outbreaks because of unsanitary conditions his policies created.
If people want to honor the memory of those who died at sandy hook they would be best served by going after those in government who created the abusive conditions which caused the psychosis Lanza experienced rather than scrape before them in the name of safety.  At present the phrase “sandy hook” is used by corrupt people in government as an excuse to do whatever they want all it will achieve is an incitement to violence against all those in government for failure to root out their own corruption.