Friday, April 20, 2018

The skull and bones "impostor"

Recently someone has been contacting people at and near Yale claiming to be offering them membership.  While skull and bones is claiming these membership, the way the membership is being offered is done in a manner consistent with the practices of skull and bones, and in all probability the people contacted were highly offended by the initiation practices
An excellent example of the duplicity of skull and bones is the place listed as their location by Yale
Notice the windows, which does not match the "windowless crypt" description of skull and bones hall, however there is a building one street over that does match that description which Yale will not identify
Partly as a result of recent acquisitions, including the acquisition of the medical group handling my health care, Yale has been made to clean up it's act and these contacts may finally bring skull and bones under control or on the ash heap of history where it belongs.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Odd cathar/french tour from world affairs council

I recently received a mailing from the world affairs council about a tour of southern france where the cathars were active to occur in October 2018

Notice in the fine print how they reserve the legal right to cancel trips without refund and to strand tour goers deemed to be objectionable, and seeing that occult rituals involving human sacrifice were performed at these locations they may be planning to do a human sacrifice on this trip and make it look like an accident.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

On crooked rhode island attorney general

When I returned to rhode island to take care of personal business I was informed that a phony missing person report, similar to the one done on me in 2014 when I moved to watertown and which the providence pigs used to hold me in May 2014, had been done on me.  I found this to be true when homeland security agents had to intervene from having the providence pigs detain me and pull a repeat of May 2014, and wherever I would go in the providence area the local pigs would be following me.  This demonstrates how rhode island has gone to extreme lengths to criminalize me, for only there has this extreme behavior from punks with badges to me occurred.  It has occurred with extreme frequency since pete kilmartin of 598 armistice blvd pawtucket became rhode island attorney general
Not only has this pint size donut fucker helped criminalize me because of my religious background his policies have criminalized others, overcrowding jails, making hospitals ersatzes for jails, and putting bulls eyes on cops.  A perfect example of the rot in rhode island that has to go.

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Iranian vegan freak nasim aghadam shooting up youtube headquarters

Yesterday around 3:30 EST Iranian born nasim aghadam walked into youtube's san bruno california offices, shot three people, then killed herself with the same gun.  She had lived a vegan/bahai lifestyle, which caused a chemical imbalance and impaired her judgment.  This is evidenced by her physical shape, as in her workout videos she would never lift heavy weight causing her muscle definition to be from lack of proper nutrients, which is noticed below, as well as the fact those she shot have survived because her workouts were done more for getting attention than for being healthy

She also had issues of online censorship and discrimination which she was emphasizing strongly in the past two years leading up to her shooting.  While her lifestyle would naturally provoke this, online censorship also prevented her from making contact with those who could have led her into a more healthy lifestyle and better handled those discriminating against her

 As facebook twitter and instagram as well as youtube have censored her webpages her website is still active I am sharing it below
I am also sharing my pullup video as a tribute to nasim for her standing up to censorship online
I should also point out that I have noticed unusual activity by law enforcement agencies in america this week, as if some action was being prepared.
As long as this censorship against Iranians continues, this kind of violence will occur, and if it does people might not be so lucky next time.

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Call issues with rudi bakhtiar

Since mid-February I have had phone problems, including having to replace two phones and repeated call/message malfunctions, however this recent problem originates when rudi bakhtiar called my phone so many times on 14 February of this year it shorted out, as you can see below
Her intentions for calling me like this, be it misplaced affection or provocation, are anyone's guess, but the message she sent me on facebook privately months ago gives an interesting insight to her mindset
It will be interesting to see her behavior towards me in the future.

Monday, February 19, 2018

On new director for my old department at brown/watson

I recently learned that beshitty doumani, who has been stalking my optometrist, is being replaced with this shithead bashir as head of my old department at brown/watson

Most disturbing is his stated academic specialty is the periods when my family last was in control of Iran and ended up in Europe 

This appears to be more highbrow stalking and brown/watson continuing to acknowledge they are dependent on ripping off people of substance who they profess to abhor.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

50 Sol marg Peter I

On this day 50 years ago today Peter I; Khan-e-Mazendaran, Reichfurst, Godson of Peter I King of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, died of Tuberculosis in Yonkers, New York, after contracting it leaving a New Years party in New York days before