Friday, August 03, 2018

On observing the tenth anniversary of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Today is the tenth anniversary of the death of the great author and political dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
I was born down the street from where he was speaking in Vermont in 1978, and like him I have been a political prisoner, in america, for my writings.
As a tribute to how he showed us how to overcome oppressive regimes we live in in his "Ascent" in the Gulag Archipelago I do a Zek bath on the anniversary of his death.
You can see me do this year's Zek bath below
Share to show how honor this greatest author and how to enjoy freedom.

Friday, July 06, 2018

On byron preiss boston treasure box location

With the recent surge in attention that byron preiss treasure boxes have received because of the archeological hack josh gates I began researching the boston box which is described in verse 3 of preiss's "the secret".
As most believe that the back bay fens secition is the location, specifically mothers rest and/or the charlesgate circles as the prime location they are very off.
Last night and early this morning I visited the fens and made interesting discoveries.
When I visited mothers rest I noticed there is no way any treasure box could be there, as it had recently been turned into a children's playground, and the construction would have easily uncovered anything buried
The charlesgate circles were more interesting as I noticed not only are they located close to boston university and commonwealth avenue, the local homeless community has been digging there and in the fens, as the picture I took below demonstrates
Notice how the area not only has been dug up but also the debris left behind by homeless people using the area as a squat who have been digging there as they focused on the most obvious point, as the circles have fallen into serious disrepair, and had these people found the treasure box it would have made the news easily
To think these people looking for the treasure box can be so off, as I know the location of the real park the boston box, and the only clue I will give is that that park is dedicated to the person who first taught me to hate america when I was a child, and if you still can not figure it out then preiss really jewed you.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

On massoud rajavi coming out

Three days ago massoud rajavi, who has been hiding for over a decade, publicly broke his silence and came out to praise those who had followed his wife maryam's incitement to commit acts of violence since december 2017.  The statement can be viewed below
This statement comes before rajavi's event in paris this weekend and as american government officials have been inciting Iranians to violence, and as Iranian government officials are beginning to enforce the death penalty for those who participate in rajavi's protests and strikes and betray Iran.  If one is still stupid to ignore that the protests and strikes in Iran are rajavi's doing to destabilize Iran to force his marxist/sharia ways on Iran then one deserves to be executed for menacing Iran by following this terrorist.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

On gallery night providence dropping dashank/armenian bigot berge zobian's gallery/studio z

When I returned to rhode island last month and participated in gallery night providence I was in for a pleasant surprise.  That was the fact that gallery night providence had disassociated themselves from berge zobian, who had helped start gallery night, and his gallery/studio z, as I noticed on the brochures and list of galleries on their website
The conflict between me and berge which had been going on since 2010 when he and his associates began harassing me because my father's mother's is the daughter of a woman who had been raped by a Turkish soldier in 1917 who had participated in the armenian massacres and because of my relationship with leslie yeransian helped highlight this, and the more the city of providence and the state would back berge the more the artistic community became disgusted at berge's bigotry  as it was chasing businesses from the area, hence gallery night's decision not to deal with him.
Should anyone still choose to believe the slander from berge and his dashank associates about me the picture below of me at Bank RI from their gallery night event last night says enough
You can clearly see Bank RI's artistic curator Paula Martesian behind be.  Paula has known me for over a decade and her and the bank would not deal with me for a minute if I were violently opposed to Armenians, and Bank RI would not deal with Paula if she were a dashank like berge and his associates.  However, those who fall for slander spread from dashanks like berge have poor comprehension.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

On anniversary of police harassment over my ethnic/religious/literary background

On this day 14 years ago while I was walking in cathedral square park in providence at night two undercover providence pigs, later identified as ken court #366 and dave schiavulli #651 pulled out their guns and badges out on me with #651 saying he was arresting me for pissing him off, to be held until the morning of may 24, 2004 when RI District Court Chief Judge DeRobbio and Providence Municipal Court Judge Caprio ordered my release.  That arrest occurred two days after the press release of the first book signing of my first book "Victimization of the Farsi, Arab, Turanian, and Central and Western Asian Peoples" to occur on May 24 2004, and at that event the providence pigs were parked on the opposite side of the street chasing away customers.  I later had all charges dismissed, however that incident made it next to impossible to sell my books and harassment from that department, including slander from #651 continued, mainly because he was jealous his wife natalie was seeing me and others from Golds Gym Providence/Pawtucket, and whenever he would see me in public he would pull some crank complaint about me.
I recently tracked down this pig, who is now an instructor for the providence pigs, to 111 wayland ave in cranston
For this scabby guniea dave schiavulli to pull this stunt, which was probably motivated by my ethnic background, as during the arrest he kept saying if I was "going to pay for my legal defense in raghead money" shows his lack of regard for human life and rights, why should this pig be allowed the same rights as others?

Monday, May 21, 2018

On mit terrorist ali talebinejad

Recently I verified that longtime supporter of the terrorist group mek/pmo/ncr headed by maryam rajavi and mit faculty member ali talebinejad resides at the apartment complex at 100 landsdowne st in cambridge close to the mit campus
This hajjibaba has since 2009 used slander and intimidation to have Iranians who do not back maryam rajavi, myself included, banned from the mit campus and shut down Iranian forums on mit campus in which rajavi is openly criticized.  
Individuals like this will not be allowed to continue to function as the photo above demonstrates, these terrorists can not hide forever.

Bandar Anzali Naval base April 2018

This satellite view of the Naval Base at Bandar Anzali in April 2018 offers an interesting view in light of the incident with the IS Damavand 77 FFG in January
Notice the hull segments of a Jamaran class FFG ready for assembly to the left of the drydock and below the Sina class Corvette
In all probability this is the IS Damavand 77 being rebuilt from reassembled segments that have been resmelted or a new IS Damavand being built
Notice the location of the stern section which has been allowed to remain next to the breakwater while the fore and amidships section have been clearly raised
Considering the odd location and angle of the wreck the IS Damavand 77 was clearly sabotaged, and the Iranian Navy is acting quick to maintain is strength by replacing it rapidly, hardly the behavior of a country crippled by unrest.

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

On trump/america withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal

The Iran nuclear deal is illegal as it was created to impede Iran from defending itself and the nigger in the white house used coercion to create it, so withdrawing from it is right in principle
However in reading the motives behind this act and the lies about Iran made this action was done to please zionist/khazar associates who want to destroy Iran and who have been a menace to Iran for centuries
If this is a prelude to an attack on Iran know if that does occur israel, america, and their allies will be attacked on their home soil within 24 hours and Iran will use it's Damavand facility to set off it's nuclear weapons inside the earth's core.