Friday, January 20, 2017

On clemency denied for Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal

With all the attention on those people who were given pardons or had their sentences commuted by the nigger before he left the white house two denials of clemency are notable, Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal.
In Leonard's case clemency was denied but the feds rubbed it in as their letter to Leonard's attoeney demonstrates
In Mumia's case no assistance was forthcoming to assist his sentence.  Even though his supporters were clear that their efforts needed to be directed to the governor of Pennsylvania instead of the white house no federal assistance was forthcoming for Mumia

In all probability the new administration will make their health conditions worse for Leonard and Mumia as well as conditions for others in american prisons.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

On motivation behind Adam Lanza's actions at sandy hook four years ago

Four years ago today Adam Lanza, who had been maltreated while attending school in newtown, ct because of abusive policies implemented by a malicious administrator named frank sippy, snapped in the school, sandy hook, he experienced the maltreatment in and shot up the place before committing suicide.
In describing the psychosis Lanza was experiencing the maltreatment by sippy was overlooked.  This is crucial as frank sippy maltreated children in districts he worked as a principal and superintendent in connecticut and rhode island, causing school corporal punishment to be abolished in those states, and he was simply moved around between school districts rather than admit that they were wrong to hire him.  Today students in districts where sippy had worked continue to act violent and or psychotic, yet nothing is done to address the roots of their behavior by removing abusive school administrators like sippy permanently from their positions.
Additionally, minutes after Lanza’s actions sippy put his district on lockdown, despite the fact the shooting was over and there was no credible threat, and the connecticut state pigs, led by mike jagoda, responded 30 minutes after Lanza was dead, only responded by further detaining the children at sandy hook when there was no threat, and received bogus awards for their actions rather than admit their failures.  Earlier this year an attempt by jagoda to become chief of the connecticut state police was blocked by outraged people, myself included, who complained not just about his failures, but also by policies he implemented at his new job at uri, where his “community policing” programs have alienated the community, allowed students to act out, and the campus he is in charge of safety at has regular disease outbreaks because of unsanitary conditions his policies created.
If people want to honor the memory of those who died at sandy hook they would be best served by going after those in government who created the abusive conditions which caused the psychosis Lanza experienced rather than scrape before them in the name of safety.  At present the phrase “sandy hook” is used by corrupt people in government as an excuse to do whatever they want all it will achieve is an incitement to violence against all those in government for failure to root out their own corruption.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

On justifications for Japanese attack on December 7, 1941

On this day 75 years ago the Japanese attacked american military targets in Hawaii, the Philippines, Guam, Midway, and Wake Island, with the most ferocious attacks on the first two mentioned areas.  The reasons for this which has been overlooked is that the peoples of Hawaii and the Philippines wanted freedom from american occupation.
After the Kingdom of Hawaii was conquered by america in 1893 and Queen Liliuokalani deposed in 1895, she made requests to Kaiser Wilhelm II, Queen Victoria, Tsar Nikolai II, and Emperor Mutsuhito for fraternal assistance in liberating Hawaii and restoring her.  Only Mutsuhito considered her request, and it was his grandson Hirohito who spent years preparing his military to wipe out american military forces in Hawaii.  When one notices that the american industrial assets, including military industrial assets, were not hit during the attack on Pearl Harbor it was not because the third wave was cancelled, but because Japan wanted the Hawaiians to use Pearl Harbor for themselves I write this Liliuokalani's grandnephew Akahi Nui remains the target of american government harassment as he continues to seek independence for Hawaii
As with Hawaii the Philippine islands were also conquered by the americans in 1898, yet the americans overlooked the fact that Mindanao island was part of the Sultanate of Sulu, which also controlled Sabah and Northern Borneo and Mindanao for centuries.  When the Japanese attacked the americans in the Philippines they concentrated heavily on american targets in Luzon and the north, while allowing those loyal to the Sultan of Sulu to reestablish themselves.  When macarthur reconquered the Philippines, the House of Sulu claimed that the Sultan who was assisted by the Japanese received their assistance without permission of the family.   However the independent Philippine Republic  recognized the claims by the House of Sulu, yet refuse to grant them full independence, while Malaysia pays tribute to the Sultan of Sulu for occupying Sabah
Had america not acted as an imperial power in the Pacific and Asia in the 1890's those americans killed by the Japanese in 1941 would not have died for nothing.  Today america is cracking while Asia is regaining what was taken from it and cleaning up the rot america left it with in the 1890's.

On the anniversarry of the murder of Nakhoda Dovom Valagohar Shahriar

On this day 37 years ago Nakhoda Dovom Valagohar Shahriar was assasinated in Paris on the orders of khomeinei and jomhori mullah
This is also the first time on the anniversarry of his murder that his mother, Shahdokht Ashraf, is no longer alive.  Had he survived or this not happened removing jomhori mollah which caused global instability would be easier and the World would not have the problems it has today.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

On reza pahlavi's recent dealings with trump

For reza pahlavi to send this letter to donald trump demonstrates his deficincies for he is endangering the Iranian community by courting trump
Ever since he left Darydar Habibollahi in the lurch during the Tabarzin incident reza pahlavi has shown that he is not willing to take the necessary actions to remove jomhori mollah, thus paving the way for the very terrorism he decries to flourish.  He also forgets that Mohammed Reza Shah started Iran's nuclear program in 1973 in order to protect Iran from invasion and to provide an alternate source of energy.  By asking trump to attack jomhori mollah he is paving the way for war with Iran, and the entire World, which will see the destruction of the very people needed to rebuild Iran and remove the very terrorist mollah he professes to despise.
I wonder if his mother will remind him that the very people who helped him and his family settle in america knew at the time how crooked trump fleeced people to advance himself.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Zendran political/religious prisoner

On Friday November 4 I was informed by the Washington county ri courthouse that an affidavit warrant had been issued by the south kingstown police, but that I would be given until the following Monday to turn myself in.  Later that night three rookies on the north kingstown pd spotted me at the Walmart and arrested me as I was exiting that place.  Once at the station they complained about my praying, claiming my lighter and matches were tobacco paraphernalia, and called south kingstown, who brought me to their hq, nd once there they told me that they made the offer to turn myself in thinking I would have no contact, and the warrant was issued in regards to my fighting off an attacker at a local store, even though when they responded two days before they claimed the store was at fault for serving food in unsanitary conditions and I acted defensively, however they decided to charge me and the attacker and I was held at aci intake without bail, however they did allow one of my friends to come and pick up my belongings.

Once I was arraigned that Monday Judge houlihan concurred that I acted defensively because of unsanitary conditions, but went along with the ri attorney general’s request to violate me, claiming I had too many violations, however when asked to consider my posts regarding kevin barry which cost him his job and against colleen hastings claimed that despite the impact my writings have had over the years I had broken no laws, and gave me bail on the charge and violation.  On November 16 I was ordered held until December 1 by the same judge as a violator, as I had an appointment for necessary treatment for my eyes, and I was released on said date.

While in prison not only was I deprived of my religious rights I learned that many of the inmates had been arrested around the same time as myself, and were scheduled for release around a similar date, as there had been a statewide sweep because of the election, which I watched on Telemundo with one of El Chapo’s associates.  I additionally learned that the chief of the south kingstown pd, vespia, had resigned days before my arrest, partly because of harassment I and others had received because of policies he had implemented

Not only was I criminalized because of my political and religious background, I was criminalized because of a visual disability beyond my control, and caught up in a sweep because of the 2016 election, and it is not clear who authorized that sweep, however it shows just how corrupt and godless rhode island has become and how it is ruining others around it as a result.

Friday, November 04, 2016

On new ri pig chief

Yesterday the governor of rhode island appointed ann c assumpico as the new head of the ri state police.  Two things stand out about this.  The first are the differing bio details about ann in the official announcements.  Below is the press release from the governor
Notice how it is different from the one the lt governor released
One reason for this would be my paying risp acting pig chief a visit at his place on 220 steamboat ave north kingstown the week before, which went viral online
Had I not done that the risp would have someone at their head more interested in pursuing grudges, yet this positive impact is overlooked.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

On menace by new rhode island pig chief

I recently learned that rhode island state pig chief steve o’donnell has decided to retire, and for the time being kevin m barry, a  pig who has been making trouble for me since 2008.
This pig kevin barry of 220 steamboat ave north kingstown began his trouble by falling for leslie yeransian’s crank complaints about me, and when he tried to obtain my info for her via the Secret Service fusion program the agents he dealt with soon realized the bogus nature of their complaints.  That still did not prevent him tagging along with the feds to sneak into my place with the exterminator two days after the 2009 inauguration, and without federal aid he and his pigpals would not have obtained that address.  This donut fucker encouraged leslie yeransian to act out, including traveling around Asia pretending to be my wife and not admitting who her child’s father is, and it took working with the Secret Service and Homeland Security to put a stop to their actions in January 2011 when leslie made trouble for me during Prince Ali-Reza’s memorial, and his obsession focusing on me led to a crime wave in the providence neighborhood where my place was at the time.  At present it still requires federal intervention to make this pig and his pals respect the extraterritorial nature of this complaint.
This pig also took the post of acting Cranston pig chief to pursue his issues with me, yet he was unable to figure out the place I was staying at there, which was one block away from Cranston pd hq, with people I knew from my 2013 prison sentence until winquist became chief of that department.  Additionally, this pig is so hated he has to regularly move around, and has used bogus excuses, including recent bogus construction, to increase police presence where he lives.

If this pig is confirmed as the rhode island state pig chief we will have someone who respects nobody’s rights, and who epitomizes the reasons cops are the target of increasing fatal violence, which will increase with his activities.