Sunday, November 11, 2018

100 Jahre ende der Erste Weltkrieg

100 years ago today, after the signing of the German armistice, Kaiser Karl was deposed with the backing of the allied powers spurred by the american government.  That included the criminalization of the Habsburgs and Royal Houses related to them in the Erste Reich, including my father's.
Earlier today I made a demonstration at the providence WWI memorial, as a reminder the other side continues to live and how we are treated worse than niggers in many parts of america, which can be seen below.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

100 Sol Tavalod Peter I

Today my paternal grandfather, Peter I, Khan-e-Mazendaran, Reichsfurst, was born in Wien weeks before Kaiser Karl I was deposed because of american, british, french, and allied intervention.
All that has been taken we will take back, NEVER FORGET.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Major watson weirdnes update

Last night I returned to the watson institute to see if the strange lights would return and if there would be any odd phenomena in the sky. Even though the weather cleared, it was very cloudy to see those objects, however the clouds parted enough to allow the moon to be seen, however because starr plaza was a construction zone no proper viewing could be done, however the moon did appear directly over the construction zone in line with brown’s public safety complex, and the lights were on in fred fullerton’s old office where watson’s media is based as well as in my old department and in parts of the building that should have not been lit up

Those beings were giving four very specific warnings.
1.  There will be more violence and unrest throughout the World, with no nation being able to take a dominant position, mainly because of Marxist agitation, and to beware anyone/anything associated with Marxism.
2.  Beware of police agencies, for they will abuse their power in the name of safety it will reach a saturation point where people will no longer tolerate police abuses and physically retaliate in order to survive.
3.  Beware the media, for it will become so discredible people will stop using mainstream sources in favor of people with direct connections to facts and events.
4.  Beware of academia, for many in academic positions will abuse their knowledge for material gain to the point where they will debase themselves beyond all credibility.
It will be interesting to see what happens next year, if there is a planet left.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

On my response to trump, pompeo, and solemani on threats of war with Iran

Below is my response to trump and pompeo on their threats of war with Iran and to solemani for undermining Iran's security, demonstrating how Iranians can and will responded if we are invaded

On the leonard bernstein centennial

Today the musical and online community is observing the centennial of the birth of leonard bernstein, who's openly sordid life gave music a bad reputation and who only received praise because he was an american and a khazar jew.  To add insult to injury google has issued a doodle of this shit for brains on it's website which will lead you to websites which openly discuss every disgraceful and sordid life detail of this oven stuffer
My cousin Nikolaus Harnoncourt set the standard for musical performances, gave World premieres of vandalized and lost works and won a Grammy for his works, Herbert von Karajan helped develop new methods of recording and disseminating his masterful performances and has appeared on precious metal currency, yet they are ignored, and in the latter's case marginalized because of nazi associations.  However this oven stuffer shit poofer bernstein who turned performing arts into mainstream fags football and had a hand in worldwide cultural degeneration gets recognition.

Friday, August 03, 2018

On observing the tenth anniversary of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Today is the tenth anniversary of the death of the great author and political dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
I was born down the street from where he was speaking in Vermont in 1978, and like him I have been a political prisoner, in america, for my writings.
As a tribute to how he showed us how to overcome oppressive regimes we live in in his "Ascent" in the Gulag Archipelago I do a Zek bath on the anniversary of his death.
You can see me do this year's Zek bath below
Share to show how honor this greatest author and how to enjoy freedom.

Friday, July 06, 2018

On byron preiss boston treasure box location

With the recent surge in attention that byron preiss treasure boxes have received because of the archeological hack josh gates I began researching the boston box which is described in verse 3 of preiss's "the secret".
As most believe that the back bay fens secition is the location, specifically mothers rest and/or the charlesgate circles as the prime location they are very off.
Last night and early this morning I visited the fens and made interesting discoveries.
When I visited mothers rest I noticed there is no way any treasure box could be there, as it had recently been turned into a children's playground, and the construction would have easily uncovered anything buried
The charlesgate circles were more interesting as I noticed not only are they located close to boston university and commonwealth avenue, the local homeless community has been digging there and in the fens, as the picture I took below demonstrates
Notice how the area not only has been dug up but also the debris left behind by homeless people using the area as a squat who have been digging there as they focused on the most obvious point, as the circles have fallen into serious disrepair, and had these people found the treasure box it would have made the news easily
To think these people looking for the treasure box can be so off, as I know the location of the real park the boston box, and the only clue I will give is that that park is dedicated to the person who first taught me to hate america when I was a child, and if you still can not figure it out then preiss really jewed you.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

On massoud rajavi coming out

Three days ago massoud rajavi, who has been hiding for over a decade, publicly broke his silence and came out to praise those who had followed his wife maryam's incitement to commit acts of violence since december 2017.  The statement can be viewed below
This statement comes before rajavi's event in paris this weekend and as american government officials have been inciting Iranians to violence, and as Iranian government officials are beginning to enforce the death penalty for those who participate in rajavi's protests and strikes and betray Iran.  If one is still stupid to ignore that the protests and strikes in Iran are rajavi's doing to destabilize Iran to force his marxist/sharia ways on Iran then one deserves to be executed for menacing Iran by following this terrorist.