Saturday, April 20, 2019

On the khazar jew issue and Iran

The conflict between Iran and the jews is that of a people wronged by those they saved, and is one few understand the origins of.  Here I shall clarify those origins.
            What accelerated this hostility was the mass conversion of khazars, an Asiatic people which had made trouble for Iran on it’s northern borders, to judaisim.  The khazars first major wrong to Iran came in 627, when the khazars, who had not mass converted to judaism, allied with the Byzantines and made a joint invasion of Iran, which caused the murder of Khosrow II and brought his war with the Byzantines to a conclusion, but also weakened both Iran and the Byzantines leaving them open to invasion by the new Muslim movement, which was taking advantage of that abovementioned war to unite it’s followers in the Arabian peninsula, which had long been Iranian territory.  In that war the khazars did against Iran the Jews were Iran’s allies, as demonstrated in 614 when Iran recaptured Jerusalem from the Byzantines the Jews led a mass uprising against the Byzantines, who’s christianity bowdlerized Judaism, while Zoroastrian Iran had allowed the jews to practice their own faith in their own isolated communities, which had been the standard practice in Iran since Kurush for all non-Zoroastrians in order to prevent interfaith conflict.
            By the khazar alliance with the Byzantines against Iran they opened up a lethal can of worms which has been ruining the planet since.  By weakening Iran and Byzantium, theey created a power vacuum which the Muslims filled, displacing many jews who ended up in khazar territory along the northern Black Sea region.  The jewish influence was such that the khazar ruler bulan ordered a mass conversion to judaism throughout his domains.  However, the judaism practiced by the khazars had some differences from that practiced by the jews who had settled in khazar domains, and those jews soon found themselves a minority in an ever hostile land.
            It was the advent of Rurik and the founding of Russia in 862 which was the beginning of the end of the khazars as an independent peoples, as the Russians conquered khazar lands and dispersed them.  The khazars dispersed mainly to Eastern and Central Europe, blending in to wherever they would settle to the point where they would lie and debase not only their own culture but that of the host country they would settle in and incurring hatred wherever they went.
            It would not be until the fifteenth century and the crusade of Pius II that Iran and the khazars would encounter each other, as with the resurgence of Iran under Uzun Hasan and the Safavid branch of his heirs would encounter the Habsburgs, only the successes of Karl V against their mutual enemy, the Ottomans, and the conquests of the Habsburgs and Romanovs in the eighteenth century in eastern Europe and the Safavid fall and subsequent turmoil would only increase the renewed contact between Iranians and khazar jews, with things coming to a head in the twentieth century because of the zionist movement.
            Never in the history has there been a more obvious and dangerous fraud than zionism.  The zionist movement was funded by the khazar jew family the rothschilds and spearheaded by prominent khazar jews, in which they demanded the right to settle in the Eastern mediteranean region of Palestine with Jerusalem as their capital, falsely claiming it was their homeland when in fact it was not.  When people disagreed with them on anything they would use physical violence and intimidation tactics, ranging from slander and physical assaults to outright war and economic collapse.  Up until the 1970’s Iran was a staunch supporter of zionism, until contact with Iranians displaced from Iran over the centuries and with the Yasser Arafat’s PLO revealed the full horror of khazar jew lies and the destruction wrought because of them, that Iran began to become more critical of dealings with it’s longtime jewish associates.  In response Israel used an Iranian officer of jewish heritage, nader moghadam, to undermine savak, the military police and intelligence service by having them commit acts of torture and brutality on people and lying to their superiors about their actions.  This was a major factor in inciting Iranians against the government and to flock to people like khomeinei and rajavi for support.  Once Mohammed Reza Shah was deposed, hostility to jews increased in Iran and continues to do so.
            When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became president of Iran he openly questioned the khazar jew issue head on, and was welcoming to most who had been persecuted by jewish groups for simply questioning facts of jewish history.  While being vilified in the mainstream western media for this, his actions provided the spark for people to begin coming forward with their horror stories and grievances against khazar jews and provide a means to arrange counteraction in which the victims of khazar jew injustice can be redressed.
            Lies destroy, something jews preach but mostly do not practice.  The entire existence of khazar jews has been one of survival by lying to achieve their goals, basically a parasitical life.  The more one spends with them one begins to adopt the same attitudes hitler and the nazis had about them.  Regarding hebrew/sephardim jews they have enriched themselves off the success of khazar jews and taken next to no concrete action to stop the degenerate behavior of the khazar jews they claim to deplore.  The jews have nobody to blame but themselves for their actions, and it is not nazism but honesty and survival to call out these parasites and act against them.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

On julian assange arrested

This morning julian assange was arrested in london after the government of Ecuador withdrew the asylum status it granted him
Having dealt with wikimedia when assange was with wikimedia doing his wikileaks and experiencing firsthand how they tried pirating my Worldwide Naval info network I created on wikimedia, which turned out to be typical behavior for all those involved with wikimedia, I have no sympathy for him.
had assange used a better, more credible format to leak the information he had he would have more broader support, but he associated with bad company.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

NoRuz maligned in the New York senate

Recently the New York senate passed a resolution regarding NoRuz, pushed forward by anna kaplan of north hempsted, seen below
Notice how the proclamation ignores the Zoroastrian creation aspect of NoRuz, and pagan/post-islamic basic traditions line chahar shanbeh suri, haji firuz, sizdeh bedar, which should not be a surprise coming from someone like anna kaplan who is dishonest about her own background.
Additionally, many Iranians like my father's family that came to New York before the 1970's were wrongly mislabeled as other ethnicities, and were discouraged from promoting their heritage being told Iran was a mythical land, in most cases by jews like anna kaplan.
This NoRuz resolution is better being shoved up andy cuomo's and anna kaplan's asses as it is doubtful if they can go back over a century and correct the injustices Iranians in New York experienced because of malicious jews.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

100 Sol Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the greatest writer who lived, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.  In the Russia where he was born and who's evil marxist government he was instrumental in deposing, he was honored with a memorial, which even Putin showed great humility before this greatest word-spinner
As I write this in america, particularly the Vermont he lived in when I was born down the street from him, his family and associates have done a scabby job of honoring this legacy of greatness, getting no response by planning events in venues tricky to access and poorly announcing them.  Seeing how america has become a marxist nightmare as Solzhenitsyn prophecy-ed at harvard in 1978 they should have known better, and their ignoring fellow political prisoners in america like myself is inexcusable.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

100 Jahre ende der Erste Weltkrieg

100 years ago today, after the signing of the German armistice, Kaiser Karl was deposed with the backing of the allied powers spurred by the american government.  That included the criminalization of the Habsburgs and Royal Houses related to them in the Erste Reich, including my father's.
Earlier today I made a demonstration at the providence WWI memorial, as a reminder the other side continues to live and how we are treated worse than niggers in many parts of america, which can be seen below.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

100 Sol Tavalod Peter I

Today my paternal grandfather, Peter I, Khan-e-Mazendaran, Reichsfurst, was born in Wien weeks before Kaiser Karl I was deposed because of american, british, french, and allied intervention.
All that has been taken we will take back, NEVER FORGET.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Major watson weirdnes update

Last night I returned to the watson institute to see if the strange lights would return and if there would be any odd phenomena in the sky. Even though the weather cleared, it was very cloudy to see those objects, however the clouds parted enough to allow the moon to be seen, however because starr plaza was a construction zone no proper viewing could be done, however the moon did appear directly over the construction zone in line with brown’s public safety complex, and the lights were on in fred fullerton’s old office where watson’s media is based as well as in my old department and in parts of the building that should have not been lit up

Those beings were giving four very specific warnings.
1.  There will be more violence and unrest throughout the World, with no nation being able to take a dominant position, mainly because of Marxist agitation, and to beware anyone/anything associated with Marxism.
2.  Beware of police agencies, for they will abuse their power in the name of safety it will reach a saturation point where people will no longer tolerate police abuses and physically retaliate in order to survive.
3.  Beware the media, for it will become so discredible people will stop using mainstream sources in favor of people with direct connections to facts and events.
4.  Beware of academia, for many in academic positions will abuse their knowledge for material gain to the point where they will debase themselves beyond all credibility.
It will be interesting to see what happens next year, if there is a planet left.