Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Zendran legal update

Just giving an update on the latest developments in my legal situation, things are moving real fast.
Thursday I sent out letters to Judges Rodgers, DeRobbio, and Ippolito about the report that was read at my arraignment being missing from my case file. When I went to drop off a copy of that letter to the Providence FBI office I was met with an odd response. I was told a copy of my letter would not be necessary to update my complaint, and that the FBI Civil Rights office would only investigate actively if something drastic happened or once my criminal trial was over, not considering that I have a case that has been going in federal court since October 2004 against those officers who have continued to harass me. I was told that the local authorities would be given precedence by the FBI agent, who interestingly enough was wearing a counterterrorism division shirt.
On Friday I visited the RI ACLU office and spoke with them about my case. Since I was arrested after I had stopped by to drop of my authorization for the ACLU to investigate the ACLU would allow me to add that incident to my complaint and they will investigate it.
On monday I recieved a letter from RI Superior Court at my old address which was passed on to me, informing me I have a January 3, 2007 Determination of Attorney appearance, which is on Maidyarem Ghambar and as a result I can't attend. I stopped by the Clerk's office and gave them my correct address and was told i would have to meet with the RIAG's office to have the date changed.
Today I stopped by the RIAG's office at the courthouse about having the date changed and I was told I would have to file a Motion to have the date changed.
How things will go from today remains to be seen, but I will keep things updated.
Peter Zendran


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