Sunday, October 22, 2006

RI nwo candidates

I think I better get this out before the election is over. These are some candidates who should NOT be in any office.
Running for RI Governor, charles fogarty. This bastard and his family have pumped millions of dollars into abusive state run facilities like harmony hill where children are abused, in some cases causing lifelong damage. He has also helped ensure that social services for people in RI are ineffective wastes of money by helping only those that are selected, making a big publicity stink, and ignoring those screwed over. Has packed law enforcement agencies with personal friends to hush up dissenters and supported more oppressive prison programs. Plus a major fema supporter, partly responsible for distrubiting incorrect disaster relief info this summer and someone who has repeated the same abuses at guantanamo by ensuring more troops from RI were stationed at guantanamo and putting a spin on it to encourage popular support..
Running for RI Lt. governor, reggie centracchio. Former ranking officer in the RI national guard, this bastard is one person responsible for stationing more RI troops at guantanamo, encouraging the abuses suffered there by detainees. Another individual responsible for fema's actions in RI.
For US Senate, sheldon whitehouse. F A member of skull and bones who as RI attorney general was responsible for oppressive weapons laws which have encouraged abuses by RI law enforcement officals , unconstitutional actions, and a backlog in the RI legal system.
let us not forget that sicko who is running for mayor of providence, sissyweenie. This asshole has through his actions increased police brutality in providence, keeping providence second in incidents of police brutality in america, has encouraged corrupt businesses to move into providence, costing the losses of many jobs, and ensuring action groups are ineffective. let us not forget before getting into the mayors office he raped, and continues to rape, men for pleasure and manipulated evidence in the plunder dome trial.
Needless to say, people like that should NOT be in any elected office.
Peter Z


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