Monday, June 29, 2009

Reflections on Ghambar/Iran troubles

With all the focus on the negatives in Iran today people forget about some positives. Among those positives is that Zoroastrians have been getting better treatment in Iran and getting more attention, and more people are beginning to see the real ways of the pure faith of Zarathustra.
As I writhe this Ghambar has begun, when Zoroastrians avoid work and celebrate the dreations of Dadvah Ahura Mazda. Having spent much time in meditation I have noticed the demonstrators/rioters in Iran and their cia instigators have no respect for the pure faith. I have a strong sense that should they continue during Ghambar with their acts all will end terribly for the demonstrators/rioters in Iran.
Peter Khan

Kiram democracy

There is a country ruled by an often inept government that has an up and coming population of young people who are stupid and lazy and who decide to vent their frustration by agitating for anything they see as opposition, even if it is a foreign backed entity which has only destructive plans against them.

While the description at time of writing can easily apply to Iran and America , it also easily applies to Serbia , Ukraine , Georgia , Haiti , Liberia , Kyrgyzstan , and other countries where ameircan manipulation has been prominent in disrupting local governments to replace them with ones who will back American plans which ultimately weaken them. In each case uprisings were instigated, though recently in Iran unsuccessfully, in which people, particularly young stupid ones, rose up and got other disaffected groups to join them, causing the native government to panic and one which was even more incompetent to be ushered in. Often the fact that there was manipulation was obvious, but this was often ignored, and the stupid young people went ahead and did something stupid which ruined their lives.

In the most recent case, Iran , the foreign manipulation was more than obvious. The losing candidate in the presidential election, mousavi, was a longtime cia asset, involved in the Iran-contra scandal, and he courted Iran’s idiotic young so well that when he lost the election they rioted in support of him. Bear in mind that these same Iranian youth had spent years advocating against american/israeli invasion of Iran rioted in support of a candidate who was backed by the same people they had worked against. They were quick to accuse Ahmadinejad and khameni of rigging the election yet they made excuses to discount american/cia meddling in the election despite obvious evidence staring them in the face. After all, first dick holbrooke helped cause further instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan, then dragged Iran into getting involved in their affairs, which only spread Iran’s resources thinner. Plus the threat of an israeli attack on Bushehr, Natanz, and other Iranian targets would keep Iran’s government on edge. And to add insult to injury reza pahlavi and other of his cia/sidney austin talab have been attending demos in support of the rioters, though previously they have avoided going to such events for years. Then again, seeing how many of those people putting on those demos recive funding from the american government it should come as no surprise they are american backed with american goals behind them.

Most important of all the riots would not have been possible without an up and coming population of stupid, lazy young people. Most of them have been exposed to western culture and have been deliberately been shown the glitzy side of it that they easily dismiss the fact that more human rights violations occur in the west, namely america, than anywhere else. Plus they complain all the time about Iran’s government, but they have done nothing to improve things in Iran they complain about. They are too lazy to take jobs in the government, military, or in essential commodities like food, finance, technology etc. where they can provide essential services to Iran’s people, develop outstanding careers or behaviors, and act in a way that Iran’s government will be dependent on them and will not attack them. Instead they waste their lives pissing cash on BMW’s, clothes from Chanel and gap, goofing off at shabeh jendeh parties, and blowing money at expensive colleges for degrees which are a symbol of connections rather knowledge. Such people can easily be seduced by corrupt governments.

The easiest way these people are seduced are with promises of freedom and democracy, yet they never take a look at what democracy has done. In principle democracy is the rule of the majority, however in every country in which democracy has taken hold, be it america, britain, france, etc a small group of people has been able to control a commodity, be it the media, weapons, money, food, etc to manipulate the masses to their will. Such has happened in america that elections have been rigged for decades and the people fall for it, thinking they have freedom and democracy, ie a system which they think they can control but do not. This method has helped groups of elitist gangsters take control in america and in the britsh commonwealth and has caused mass violations of people’s freedoms in those countries, yet the masses falsely think democracy can save them.

Furthermore, the memories and knowledge of the people rioting/demonstrating for democracy they forget or do not realize the consequences of their actions. Promises of democracy were made in Iran in 1978, which caused the current regime to be put in power in 1979, and now the same tactics that were used to put that regime in power then are being used now to attack it. Promises of democracy were made in Yugoslavia in the 1990’s to destroy that country and to overthrow Milosevic, and when subsequent political leaders in Serbia began behaving like Milosevic elections were manipulated with american backing to remove them. In Georgia the american government incited riots against Shevardnadze to get him to resign in favor of the candidate of their choice, who led Georgia into a disastrous war with Russia which america could not get involved in. In the Ukraine american backing of Yushchenko pressured his pro-Russian opponents to yield to him in an election, and now the Ukraine not only has more government problems but is economically weaker and more at the mercy of Russia. In Pakistan Musharraff was pressured to resign after american and british backed rioters took to the streets against him in the name of democracy, and now Pakistan is unstable with american military attacks occurring there regularly. People in Kyrgyzstan rioted in 2005 to pressure Akayev, who was anti-american, to resign in favor of Bakiyev, who now is taking the same stance as his predecessor. Haiti has seen two american invasions in two decades in order to push american democracy there by ousting popularly elected leaders, leaving the country a wasteland. Liberia was invaded by the bush administration to put the leader of america’s choice there ruining the country. Overall, democracy today is as much a form of dictatorship as nazism, fascism, marxism, and communism, and those who agitate for democracy do so like a blind man who desires a painting.

When people agitate for something they must think carefully about what they are agitating for. This is true in the case of democracy in a world with an ever increasing population of stupid, lazy young people who have no consideration of what makes the world around them the way it is. The more one takes a look at democracy one sees it is as evil as other competing ideologies and makes one want to say kiram democracy.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Iranian censorship going on

Recently I have noticed all sorts of censorship going on. For instance will NOT let people post any comments that are anything but in support of the rioters. Also keep a heads up for media propagandists like jerry doyle, sean hannity, jerome corsi, george noory, mike savage, and the nyrimes cohen who continue to spew distorted facts about what is going on in Iran. No matter what your views are get all the facts on the situation in Iran and consider the results of all actions. Considering how people banded together during the bush/blair years to keep Iran free from foreign invasion those involved in Iranian affairs must continue to think of Iran's safety.
Peter Khan Zendran

Demistifying anti-riot tactics

I just recieved this today.
The author of this post does NOT know how to handle himself in a riot, and seeing he is a cop he has obviously encountered weak rioters. As someone who has been on both sides of the fence at demos and riots here is the truth about this person's tactics.
1. When it comes to close quarter fighting, be it going after riot cops with batons and other weapons or hand to hand combat, everything is luck of the draw, though the advantage rests with those with the better weapons and with more numbers. The fact that a cop 2 inches away from you can't fight is bullshit, if they can't hit they will grapple or swing blind too. If they are overwhelmed they will fall back and use their guns to kill rioters as they have and which they are right to do in these situations. Because the author of that post was stupid enough to telegraph tactics by suggesting rioters come armed it is probable the Basijis and Iranian riot cops will bring hand to hand weapons of their own, as happened in philly in 2000 and in north providence in 2007. To put this in perspective consider this. In April 2008 I put 3 cops in the hospital using close quarter tactics, the first one in single combat, and 2 more when I was swarmed, as they used the swarm tactic to get me under control and keep anyone from assisting me away. In September 2005 I chased cindy sheehan and her marines out of providence I took one of her marines out hand to hand, then when I was swarmed I moved into the crowd, where the crowd took my side and got them off. So luck of the draw is always the key in hand to hand situations.
2. The purpose of mounted cops, be it on horses or motorcycles, is to both increase manouverability and have an object which can be used as a ready weapon. While mounted cops are vulnerable in one on one confrontations, unless they are taken down immeadeatly knocking them off their bike will only buy them seconds to recover, and if they sense an attack they can always dismount and use their bike as a weapon, as has been done at riots and other confrontations.
3. The purpose of tear gas is to weaken crowds, either by dispersing them, or by imparing them either by weakening their respertory system or forcing them to wear cumbersome breathing gear unsuited to taking on multiple individuals.
4. As Iranian police have been given authorization to use deadly force and they have used that force already the author neglects to condsider this. The author should know that when lethal force has been authorized cops will use it when they feel threatened as they do not have to worry about taking anyone alive. As a cop he should know that when such an order has been given in a situation where cops have been taken down individually is for the cops being attacked directly to fall back so that the officers behind them may better fire on the rioters. In this situation it may be assumed that even if one cop is taken out the others will use lethal force on any and all people in the group of rioters will be shot. Also expect more lethal gasses to be used than tear gas against rioters.
Those causing the riots are threatening the stability of Iran and deserve whatever they get.
Peter II, Khan-e-Mazendaran

Monday, June 22, 2009

Major Iran news, Iran's government holds firm

These two news pieces are important. The one about Iran's military manouvers shows that Iran's government can still protect it's territory even with whacko rioters and demonstrators who do not realize the more they riot the more they leave Iran vulnerable to invasion like Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia, Liberia, haiti, etc. The one about media manipulation from voa and bbc is important. The propaganda campaigns of 1941 and 1978-9 were instrumental in causing instability in Iran. The voa persian not only spews propaganda but has spammed people, myself included, with their broadcasts. If Iranian news agencies behaved in america and the uk the way voa and bbc do they would be shut down and charged with telecommunications violations.
Peter II, Khan-e-Mazendaran

Iran’s Air Force starts maneuvers Monday
Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN – Iran will carry out an air maneuver today to strengthen the
operational might of the air force.

The air exercise that is called ""Milad-e-Noure-Velayat"" aims at
increasing the logistical power and jet fighters’ capability.

Fueling and refueling operations will also be carried out during the air

The fighters will fly at low altitude at a distance of 700 km over the
Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman. They will test new ammunition that was
produced by the Air Force.

The reconnaissance and surveillance aircrafts will also be used during
the war game.

This maneuver is to promote the efficiency of the Air Force personnel in
loading the ammunition into the fighters.

The Air Force also carried out a war game named 'Ra'ad 2' over the
Persian Gulf waters and the Sea of Oman earlier this year in which the
war planes flew distances of approximately 2000 kilometers.

The Army carries out war games on a regular basis in order to enhance
coordination among its different forces and to test the newly developed
military weapons produced by the country as well

Copyright © 1998-2007 The Tehran Times Daily Newspaper, Tehran-Iran All
Rights Reserved.Email :

Iran's Foreign Ministry Blames VOA, BBC for Unrest
Source: VOA

Iran's Foreign Ministry says the Voice of America and the British
Broadcasting Corporation are responsible for the post-election unrest in

Iran's Press TV quotes Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hassan Qashqavi as
saying that any communication Iranians have with these news
organizations runs counter to Iranian sovereignty and is considered "an
act of enmity towards the Iranian nation."

In remarks Saturday, the spokesman also called VOA and the BBC "command
posts engineering the ongoing post-election riots."

Neda: Killed on June 20th, 2009 by the security forces in Tehran

Iranian authorities have severely restricted independent media coverage
of opposition protests, and witnesses to these events are reaching out
online and by telephone to report what they see on the streets.

They are relying on social media Web sites, such as Twitter, Facebook
and YouTube to tell the world about demonstrations and crackdowns in
their cities and news agencies find themselves relying on the
information these citizens' publish.

One video broadcast on CNN Sunday, found on YouTube, appears to show a
nighttime home invasion. The video is dark, but a woman can be heard
screaming in Farsi, "they are coming from the balcony!" and shouting
"get out!"

One look at Twitter postings on the theme of "Tehran" shows that many
people who are posting have tinted their profile pictures green, the
color of the opposition.

And Facebook has announced it is making its Web site available in
Persian, so Iranians can use the service in their native language.

Google also introduced a new Persian translating tool.

... Payvand News - 06/21/09 ... --

Monday, June 15, 2009

IM's I recently recieved from Ishfahan

I just recieved this from a girl I know in Ishfahan who I keep in touch
via facebook and Yahooo IM. While I am NOT a supporter of mousavi and
do NOT condone the violence in the wake of Iran's elections in favor of
Ahmadinejad as mousavi is a cia asset and pawn of dick holbrooke and
further violence will weaken Irna and leave it vulnerable to invasion, I
still make it a point to keep in touch with people over there and I know
through my own work that there are better ways to handle Iran's
situation than with force or politicla manipulations. Below is a full
text of those IM's I have recently recieved, do with them as you will,
but bear in mind that my recieving them shows Iranian government control
over communications is NOT total.
Peter II, Khan-e-Mazendaran

TaraneH n (15/6/09 12:44 AM): ÇÓÇãی äÌ äÝÑ ÇÒ ˜ÔÊå ÔϐÇä 23 ÎÑÏÇÏ
ÊæÌå !ÊæÌå! ÈÇ ˜ãÇá ÊÇËÑ æ ÇäÏæå ÊÇ ÑæÒ 24 ÎÑÏÇÏ ÊÚÏÇÏ ی ÇÒ ˜ÔÊå
ÒåÑÇ Èå Îǘ ӁÑÏå ÔÏå ÇäÏ æ Çیä ãÓÆáå Èå ÎÇäæÇÏå åÇی ÂäåÇ
ÇØáÇÚ ÏÇÏå äÔÏå ÇÓÊ ¡ ˜å Èå ãÑæÑ ÒãÇä ÎÇäæÇÏå åÇ ãØáÚ ÔæäÏ. ÇÓÇãی
˜ÓÑی ÔÑÝی - ãÈیäÇ ÇÍÊÑÇãی - ˜ÇãÈیÒ
ÔÚÇÚی - ãÍÓä ÇیãÇäی ãی ÈÇÔÏáØÝÇ Çیä ÎÈÑ ÑÇ
Èå åãå ÈÝÑÓÊیÏ ÊÇ Èå æÔ ÎÇäæÇÏå åÇی ÂäåÇ ÈÑÓÏ Çیä

TaraneH n (15/6/09 12:44 AM): ÍÇãیÇä ÚÒیÒ¡ äیÑæ
åÇی ÏæáÊی æ æÒÇÑÊ ˜ÔæÑ æ äیÑæی ÇäÊÙÇãی ˜å
Èå åÑ ÍÇá ÇÒ ÂÏÑÓ ãäÒá ãیÑ ÍÓیä ãØáÚäÏ. ÍÞ ãÇ Èå ÚäæÇä
ÍÇãی æ ãÍÇÝÙ äیÒ åÓÊ ˜å ÈÏÇäیã. ÂÏÑÓ ãäÒá
ãیÑÍÓیä ãæÓæی:ÇÓÏÇÑÇä- Óå ÑÇå ÝÑãÇäیå-

TaraneH n (15/6/09 12:44 AM): ÊæÖیÍ: ÑÝÊä ی˜ی ÇÒ
äیÑæåÇی ÖÏÔæÑÔ ÊæÓØ ãÑÏã æ ÍãÇیÊ æی ˜å ãæÑÏ Íãáå
ÞÑÇÑ äیÑå ÍÊãÇ ÈÈیä

TaraneH n (15/6/09 12:44 AM): ÑÇå یãÇیی ÂÑÇã æ ÈÏæä

TaraneH n (15/6/09 12:44 AM):

TaraneH n (15/6/09 12:44 AM):

TaraneH n (15/6/09 12:44 AM): ÇÓÇãی äÌ äÝÑ ÇÒ ˜ÔÊå ÔϐÇä 23 ÎÑÏÇÏ
ÊæÌå !ÊæÌå! ÈÇ ˜ãÇá ÊÇËÑ æ ÇäÏæå ÊÇ ÑæÒ 24 ÎÑÏÇÏ ÊÚÏÇÏ ی ÇÒ ˜ÔÊå
ÒåÑÇ Èå Îǘ ӁÑÏå ÔÏå ÇäÏ æ Çیä ãÓÆáå Èå ÎÇäæÇÏå åÇی ÂäåÇ
ÇØáÇÚ ÏÇÏå äÔÏå ÇÓÊ ¡ ˜å Èå ãÑæÑ ÒãÇä ÎÇäæÇÏå åÇ ãØáÚ ÔæäÏ. ÇÓÇãی
˜ÓÑی ÔÑÝی - ãÈیäÇ ÇÍÊÑÇãی - ˜ÇãÈیÒ
ÔÚÇÚی - ãÍÓä ÇیãÇäی ãی ÈÇÔÏáØÝÇ Çیä ÎÈÑ ÑÇ
Èå åãå ÈÝÑÓÊیÏ ÊÇ Èå æÔ ÎÇäæÇÏå åÇی ÂäåÇ ÈÑÓÏ Çیä


TaraneH n (15/6/09 12:44 AM): ÂÊÔ ÒÏä ی˜ ãÇÔیä áیÓ ÏÑ

TaraneH n (15/6/09 12:44 AM):

TaraneH n (15/6/09 12:44 AM): ÊÕÇæیÑ Íãáå ÏیÔÈ Èå ˜æی:

TaraneH n is typing...
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Following up my open letter to leslie yeransian

Your recent reaction to my being on the news, namely on your old station, shows you have far to go as a person and makes me wonder about your mindset. Yes, people made trouble for us and eventually got theirs. However you were not completely honest with me and you still are not, and you must realize your actions have consequences as life is not the game you treat it to be.
You whine to me about taking down that letter. Can you change the past? Fuck no. What has happened has happened and we must face the past, for it effects the present and future. Furthermore I see you have the video of that news story you did which caused street people, some of who I used to help get services for, turn my doorstep and area into a place as filthy as the same abandoned squat building after they saw us in the news in August, thinking I coached you to say nasty things about them. Sure, the 501c3 crowd may be forgiving to you, but those who have to live in those abandoned buildings were effected by what you did, and many of them knew me. After all, when is the last time you ever experienced hardship?
How could you not think I was being honest and nice in sending you news about what happened to those who made trouble for us? After all, lisa churchville, jim taricani, the phoenix and prov urinal and their cohorts made as much trouble for me as they did for you. Had people not noticed that wjar would have not had to cut their employees as the staff from Fox news told me Friday, or the urinal nearly not gone under, or people would have avoided the providence library after I confronted the staff about their using online spyware to spy on our conversations. Or did you think you are the only one who has problems and can be affected?
Then again judging by how you act I really wonder about you. I’ll bet the reason that people gave you attidudes recently was that you gave them trouble and grief without ever considering their own situations and feelings. You complain about the bad behavior of others yet you demonstrate the same behaviors you complain about. Instead of facing the real world you hang out with phonies like the fuckheads at the algonquin club or in hollyweird, people who bring their problems upon themselves like the fuckheads from the fitzgerald novels you like, people who by their behavior goad clark rockefeller into doing what they do. In short, you behave like the rest of the sheeple that are ruining things in america and the world. I bet you never once thought about other people or considered things from the perspective of others. Nor would you recognize honesty from people like myself.
Peter Z