Thursday, April 26, 2007

Zendran pmc case settled

I just came from the providence municipal court this morning. They made an agreement to settle my case out of court. This means that my case with them is for the most part over, and I still have to take care of the other matter in RI Superior court.
Peter Z

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Zendran trial update

This morning I appeared in providence municipal court for the August 2006 incident. When my case was called Judge Graziano had asked me about my progress with the trust dispute with the bank that had filed the charges. I showed her the envelopes containing the estate and trust info that the state had turned over to me. I was then offered an Not Guilty filing on condition that I pursue the dispute with the bank legally. I said I would consider that offer if constructive assistance was offered to me. Then the details of the case were discussed. It was broguht up that the charges filed in State court were seperate, and when it was learned that I was charged in municipal court under state law a motion by the prosecution to ammend to city ordanince was accepted. I also brought up how I had recently learned that the witnesses that had been intended to be called in February may have lied about their excuses for not testifying but the court chose to disregard it. The subject of legal referrals was returned to and the court offered me several lawyers, as well as contact info for the RI State Police Finance Crimes unit. I will continue to keep updates on this situation.
Peter Z