Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Iran menaced by google over nuclear deal

This month google has updated satellite images of Iran's Naval HQ at Bandar Abbas three times, which is unprecedented for any military location. Bandar Abbas controls the entrance to Khalj Fars, and anyone seeking war with Iran would have to neutralize it for a successful invasion. In the images you can see the progress made on 2 Jamaran class FFG's, on Iran's ever increasing fleet of Ghadir class SSK's, and the Aircraft Carrier sim elation which is being used for training purposes.
You can see the three updates for August below with the most recent image first

It should be noted that google's chief business officer is omid kordestani, who is a backer of the nuclear deal which will bring war with Iran. In all probability this frequent updating of Bandar Abbas is being done to prepare targets for attack in an invasion, and kordestani should be shot as a traitor to Iran.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Is peeny-boy ahlquist planning to kill pope francis?

It costs less than $150 to travel to the cities pope francis is planning to visit, so there is no need for peeny-boy ahlquist to set up a account to finance any trip there, as any panhandler could afford that travel.
In all probability he would take the money he raised and blow it on something to kill the pope as part of his twisted agenda, and blow whatever cash is remaining on his gay prostitute associates before his encounters with the pope.

As much as I hate pope francis, I suspect ahlquist might be doing this in order to frame someone or to incite violence.

Iran menaced by ri senators on Iran nuclear deal

There are few Iranians in rhode island outside of the students attending the laughingstocks called colleges and universities in that state, and the only people in ri taking an interest in the Iran nuclear deal who would say anything come from the usual government/elitist backed groups like amnesty international, united for peace and justice, international action, usw.  Additionally, reed's 82nd airbone bitchboys and whitehouse's skull and bones cronies enjoy making trouble for Iran
I wonder how reed would react if an Iranian or someone else he has menaced by this action showed up at his place at 13 Bow St. Jamestown, or how whitehouse would react if an Iranian or someone else he has menaced by this action showed up at his place at 32 Elmgrove Ave. providence and let them know the real consequences of their actions.
After all, they spend most of their time avoiding issues and people they are supposed to handle.