Thursday, November 16, 2017

On major Iran factor in Zimbabwe coup

At present members of the Zimbabwe defense forces have staged a coup and placed Robert Mugabe under house arrest, however the actions by these soldiers have caused massive confusion and it is not clear who is fighting who in Zimbabwe, particularly as the website for the Zimbabwe Defense Forces and most communications are down.
​What few realize is that Mugabe's personal security detail are Iranian trained, specifically by an Iranian officer I trained Mohsen Assadi
Notice his comment made to my private facebook page thanking me for my service to Iran.
Assadi was in charge of security for the Iranian embassy in Harare during the Ahmadinejad administration and thanks to my training him his proficiency impressed Mugabe, who had him train his own security forces.
These Iranian trained members of Mugabe's security are pivotal factors in the current crisis in Zimbabwe, and any loss for them are losses for Iran.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

The polish/jewish face of evil

Earlier this year a family member who had been missing for over two decades turned up with a stash of incredible info, specifically my father.  He turned in Central Vermont up shortly after my successful confrontation with trump’s national security advisor mike flynn, as his hearing about my taking out someone that powerful was a reason to end hiding, after all he had very powerful people out to kill him.  I was able to positively identify him as he had the only ReichsFurstenOrder which Kaiser Franz II/I had given to the family after Potemkin had forced us out of the Crimea when he annexed it to Russia and where the family had been exiled by our Safavid cousins, becoming the Crimean/Habsburg branch of that dynasty.  After informing my Gilanshahi relatives of this and giving them the means to talk to him they insisted on meeting him in person to find out his living situation, including if he had any more important relics.
As it turned out he had a stash of relics, but was living in rural squalor, knowing he had valuable items but not understanding how to handle them, partly because of a drug addiction I and others forced him to end after being addicted since the 1960’s.  He had been recruited by frank dilorenzo to run drugs for the genovese’s as those mobsters thought using a kid from an affluent family would avoid police suspicion, and my dad became so adept that meyer lansky’s syndicate recruited him.  However lansky’s people had my dad use the drugs, as their edge was to have the dealers use the drugs as persuasion to wary sellers.  However, my dad learned the workings of lansky’s syndicate, and when he noticed that influential people like alan greenspan and arthur sulzberger were connected to meyer lansky he learned how lansky’s syndicate operated and how to skim money from lansky.  However, he eventually was caught by lansky and fled to Vermont.
He was especially eager and unafraid to talk as I was not only able to handle any menace but upon learning and talking to our Gilanshahi relatives from Iran, who were equally excited to hear from him, and was impressed that I not only tracked them down but managed to reclaim many family relics which had been lost since the 1990’s when his mother died and her fortune hunting second husband, his lawyer, and washington trust bank looted the estate and had made substantial progress.  He was skittish about me going through many family relics, however I made clear after all this time I had to face the facts, and as many other relatives are either missing and may be at large I began an inventory.
One shocking thing became clear, that ever since leaving the Crimea the family had been repeatedly maligned by people who were either polish, like the fortune hunter who married my dad’s mother and looted the estate after her death, or jewish, like lansky, and the roots of the animosity the poles and jews had for our family were trivial in their origins.  As it was our family was allowed to settle in the Ruthenia section of the Habsburg Empire around the time we were made ReichFurst around the same time poland was partitioned and many jews were displaced, hence they wrongly considered us oppressors.  Rather than confront us directly the polish and jews used a tactic common against us which they repeatedly used against those they wished to ruin, subversion.
At that time indentured servitude was common, particularly after crackdowns on foreign slave trade and the abolition of slavery by Josef II, and many polish jews entered into indentured servitude contracts with Royal and Noble houses, including ours, however there were strict rules regarding daily conduct and strict records were kept.  The problem was the polish and jews acted in solidarity, and whenever one of them would achieve success or prominence they would use it to assist their own.  This included using their positions in government, particularly in judicial and clerical roles, to forge, vandalize, and destroy vital documents, positions in finance to illicitly acquire wealth by embezzlement and other duplicitous practices, and positions in media and humanities in order to brainwash people into dealing with them.  As such whenever some crisis would strike, such as Mayerling in 1889, they would use it to their advantage to further strengthen their position.  The fall of the Habsburg, Hohenzollern, Romanov, and Osmanli empires only strengthened the positions of the jews and polish as members of the Royal and Noble houses they had been fleecing suddenly found themselves out of positions of power, stripped of their wealth and authority and vulnerable to those they approached for assistance.  In such a position were the Crimean/Habsburg Gilanshahi/Safavids at that time.
At the conclusion of WWI we remained in Vienna until 1924, when Parissa brought the family to New York with the assistance of jews and poles who had entered into indentured servitude contracts with the family and had adopted the family surname.  At the time we assumed they continued to assist us out of loyalty, however as things turned out they only remained close to exploit and ruin us.  Parissa lived as a recluse while the children were raised by the servants and made to treat them as if they were blood relatives, with the children born after 1918 scarcely aware of their heritage.  Some of the children died, the girls had to marry americans to avoid deportation, while two of the boys had to enlist in the military as they would not be granted american citizenship, my grandfather having to seek ecclesiastical sanctuary to avoid being deported because of a crippling respiratory condition.  The eldest brother was KIA in 1944 where his godfather, Edward VIII, was in command, while the youngest brother was stationed at the Berghof in Berchtesgaden after it was captured from the Nazis.  In 1947 he was deployed to raj India and the Gulf, not realizing he had family there. After that deployment he was coerced into smuggling people designated as holocaust survivors into america and other allied countries as family members, being threatened with court-martial as a nazi sympathizer if he refused, and in his case he half complied, persuading the family servants using the name to smuggle those people out of america.  In such an environment was my father coerced into joining the lansky syndicate.
The stigma from the lansky association was such that my father went into hiding in Vermont, and was unable to persuade his mother not to remarry a fortune hunter who happened to be polish and knew the family servants, and it took five years for my father’s mother to finalize her adopting me from him.  With her death in 1992 the fortune hunter she married began looting family assets and relics along with the bank and her lawyers.  It was not until I was living on my own in 1997 that I began to experience fully the evil the jewish and polish community had towards my family and their associates, never missing any opportunity to make my life miserable at whatever cost.
To go into precise detail would require a tome of what I and my family have experienced.  That includes omer bartov stalking me at libraries and stealing research in order to know where to plunder vital info, dori blacker impeding investigations into abuse of children and whitewashing government corruption when I was a state official, david sissyweenie using his positions as providence mayor to criminalize me and other Zoroastrians in rhode island simply because I recommended him be prosecuted for rape, and letting his pig chief esserman single me out for legal harassment over trivial issues, which he did with relish as he had given bribes to my stepfamily when Stamford pig chief, elliott colla, david kertzer and barry posen using their positions in academia to slander me and sideline my work and thus censor truth, lee sohn and bill ottowicz using the legal system to compel doctors to induce torture when they know what they are doing is wrong, and worst of all dick holbrooke wo will work with people like that and coordinate their actions to crush people, and though I faced him down there is still damage he did that needs repair.

To deal with a jew and a polack is to deal with pure evil, and their kind must be culled, and if listening to those who have faced this evil does not enlighten you then you are just as evil.