Sunday, January 27, 2008

Iran defamed by wikimapia

Today I learned some disturbing news. Some bigots on wikimapia have putup slanderous comments about Iranian Naval targets on wikimapia. Over ayear I have been on wikimapia removing false, racist, and slanderousinfo there, and yet I am harassed for my doing this. Only a day agothese freaks have blocked me from removing these false statements there,proving that wikimapia is run by racist bigots. Check the link below toview Bandar Abbas There they have put up harassing comments. Notice the false info theyput up there regarding the Ghadir SSK, calling it a toy and ignoring thefact it uses stealth technology, unlike american and most nato subs, andis the only SSK that can fire Missiles and torpedos simultaneously. Thesame goes for Iran's new FFG the Jamaran, there they falsely state ithas never put to sea and is useless, despite videos of it in actionbeing shown all over the web. Also they take issue with my identifyingwhat appears to be the raised wreck of the Sahand, and contacts of minein Bandar Abbas that it is the Sahand. Check the other posts there andyou'll see they have repeatedly refered to Bandar Abbas as the mainraghead navy base, and put up other nonsense about Iran's Navy there onthe other tags i created there to inform people that Iran's navy iscapable of defending Iran. In addition the creator of wikimapia has made defammatory statementsabout me on the wikimapia forum for my protecting Iranian targets fromslander there. This idiot , an alexander koriakine, sent the massagebelow koriakineJoined: 06/05/06Places: 127Userlevel: 22 days ago0 Just to mention - limits wont affect users when they are viewinginformation, so "screamings" will be minimized.Total users in database 153000.Level +2 users - 310. Level 2 users are the ones who do the editing and moderation work. Therefore 310 ignorant bigoted racists allow this slander to be put upand when someone removes this false info it is called vandalism. Inaddition this koriakine has a criminal record in his native Russia. Folks, we must not allow this to continue and to take action againstthis. For reference, my ID is PKZendran, that ID is banned there and asa result I can't protect the info there and defend myself againstslander there. Check the link, check what I have done, and when you seehow this cabal of 310 is allowing Iran to be slandered take action.