Thursday, October 19, 2017

On bogus sexual harassment claims in rhode island government

Recently allegations of sexual harassment of rhode island government officals have surfaced spearheaded by state representative teresa tanzi, yet the fact of a substantial investigation appears to confirm the statements by ri democratic party second vice chair Joe DeLorenzo that nothing happened and statements were taken out of context, yet that has not stopped teresa tranny's asociates in government from following her lead
Most interestingly those people all attended a women's democratic caucus meeting the previous friday which was attended by peeny-boy ahlquist and other rhode island media slanderers who have been giving this excessive attention
In all probability teresa tranny and her fuckmeat associates fabricated claims of sexual harassment to go after people they do not like to mask their own failures as she and others who signed the letter against DeLorenzo, including kazarian, goldin, fogarty, quezada, ranglin-vassell represent areas in terminal decline which are a nightmare to live and work in because of their misrepresenting people in government.  Another excellent example of the fuckup that is rhode island.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Response to trump's threats to Iran

I see that trump has made his usual half-assed behavior as his threats to Iran during Ayathrim Ghambar demonstrate.  For while the Iranian community rejoices that america no longer wants to follow the deal which the nigger who previously occupied the white house forced through, trumps' calls to deny Iran the right to nuclear defense is nothing more than a deceleration of war. It is also the latest in a long line of american betrayals of a country which helped create america, which has become typical american policy over the past century.
We see trump forgets had carter not chosen to back the mullahs and the removal of Mohammed Reza Shah the american embassy would not have been taken hostage for 444 days.  He is busy making bloated speeches about the american navy on the anniversary of it's creation that he neglects to give support for those veterans who served alongside my cousin Artesbot Oveissi when they fought hezbollah in the 1980's, similar to how america did not provide sufficent assistance to Oveissi, habibollahi, and others fighting to remove jomhori mollah.  He also forgets that Iran had nothing to do with the saudi bombings in 1996 and not only never provided assistance to al-qaida has fought al-qaida.  He forgets that the use of lethal force in suppressing the green revolution which dick holbrooke created, and those americans who Iran has imprisoned have behaved menacingly.  Most importantly he forgets that pasardan/revolutionary guard serve jointly with Artesh Iran, which is still composed of officers who either served with or were trained by those who served during the reign of Mohammed Reza Shah, and who guarantee the safety of Iranians Worldwide which america and israel undermine daily.
The sanctions trump wants he can take and shove up his ass, his calls to stop Iran from nuclear arms, which Iran already has, are simply the calls of a suicidal president of a suicidal government of a suicidal country.  His pledge to support israel will only make the World less safe, as israel has committed one atrocity after another using lies about persecution as justification.  He calls to back up arab islamic fundamentalist regimes worse than jomhori mollah will simply cause more deaths, particularly among arabs too lazy to take care of themselves as their refusal to assist Palestine demonstrates.  If trump wants to support rajavi's resistance organization he will simply waste money, as he clearly forgets that less than 50 people showed up for rajavi's event at the un general assembly the day after he shot his mouth off at Iran, clearly the years liquidating companies like bonwit did not teach trump there are many important things money can not buy.  And if trump wants all out war over Iran then get ready to leave this planet, for when Damavand detonates the World will end.
If trump or anyone has a problem with Iranians chanting death to america and death to israel remember his words and every betrayal of Iran since frankiln roosevelt Iran has endured because of america, and remember america is nothing special.  This from an Iranian who's relatives Reagan brought to america in order to better resist islamic fundamentalism who is nearly blind.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Major watson weirdness update

I returned to the watson institute on the night of September 29/30 to observe the strange lights that appear there.  To my amazement one of the lights which was absent last year, and I noticed that they had changed the configuration of the mckinney conference center which was on, and my old department had been changed with a profusion of more electronic equipment.

Those beings mentioned that the middle light had returned as they have been pleased at how Russia and EAU have positively influenced america, and they mentioned to watch and prepare for a serious conflict with marxist countries and organizations, warning specifically of open war with north korea and china.  They also mentioned how marxist groups like the mojahaden will suffer too, however Russia and Germany will intervene to avoid open conflict with Iran and america.  They did mention that something major would happen to judaism, zionism, and israel as a result of something occurring in Germany which will bring about the marginalization of judaism, zionism, and israel.  They also to watch for major changes with black lives matter as incidents of police brutality/misconduct become more apparent, and to watch out for greater online surveillance and censorship.