Saturday, March 18, 2006

Iran misrepresented by the american anti-war movement

Iran misrepresented by the american anti-war movement

This month Iran and Iranians in america will be on the recieving end of a mojor insult from the american anti-war movement. This month the troops out now coalition will be holding demonstrations against america’s criminal invasions and against american aggression towards Iran. This may sound good except there is one problem they are not telling the general public about these demonstrations. That is that Iranians and people involved in Iranian affairs will not be allowed to speak at these demonstrations and many Iranians have been harassed by the troops out now coalition who oppose american aggression against Iran.
That this can be done is a greater betrayal from america since the american government helped support the Iranian revolution against it’s most loyal ally up until that time, Iran. If anything the people who these demonstrations are in support of should be allowed to speak and actively participate in these events. Instead, this is not allowed and gives credibility to statements that the american anti-war movement is made up of government collaborators intent on controlling dissent in america.
How did this happen? The early anti-war protests since 9/11, which were composed of peoples from all walks of life, had come under the dominance of many leftist/socialist groups including international answer, iso, iww, etc. who chose to wallow in their ignorance of Middle Eastern and Central Asian affairs and force their views and lifestyles on others who did not agree with them. In doing so many demonstrators were put off by the dominance of these groups, some were outraged and made their feelings public, causing problems for many of the groups putting on these demonstrations in late 2003 when these facts soon became public. The american anti-war movement was further hindered by the military families for peace and gi resister movement. Never was a more obvious government trojan than those two movements put into the american anti-war movement, for although many government and military members would spy on anti-war groups by spinning the lies that they did not want to go to war, had executed orders they did not want to, and had opposed the war from the beginning they played upon the pacifist tendencies of many in the anti-war movement to gain acceptance and helped the troops out now movement coalesce.
Some of you may wonder how this is an insult to Iran and Iranians. First, the fact that Iranians are marginalized from events which are nominally put on in support of them speaks for itself. If these anti-war events in america were truly in support of Iran this would not happen, period. Consider how anti-war events outside america in support of Iran do not marginalize Iranians from their events. Second, many of these groups would not allow those who’s actions threaten the safety of Iranians, namely american military and government, to attend these events and would allow the crowd content of these demonstrations to remain as it was in the months after 9/11. By allowing people who’s aims are questionable and who have victimized the very people the demonstrations are in support of the troops out now coalition are acting dishonestly and hypocritically. If the people in the military did not want to go to war they would have left the military one way or another or refused to obey orders as many in nazi Germany did. Instead, they make obvious lies claiming they were forced to commit their actions. People like this can not be trusted.
Compounding this further is the fact that many members of the Iranian community in america have done very little in terms of being involved in the anti-war movement. Those few Iranians who were involved either acted out of ignorance of the nature of these groups putting on these demonstrations or willingly with these groups. Yet on the whole the Iranian community in america has acted on the whole selfishly, not getting involved or taking more active stands for themselves. Instead of taking stands early on so that they would understand the necessary skills needed to resist an oppressive government Iranians in america are more concerned with putting on No Ruz parties or on how much they earn at work or where they live, ignoring the more pressing issues as those who ended up in nazi concentration camps did decades earlier. Now that the american threat is materializing and some Iranians are taking action they lack the large scale clout due to years of inactivity when they should have been active making connections and attending important events.
The answers to the problem are simple. It should go without saying that Iranians in america need to take action against american aggression for we are directly effected by it. We should not hesitate to confront groups like the troops out now coalition, whether in debates or in counterdemonstrations. After all, we are the ones being effected and should not have to tolerate misrepresentation by some collaborating limousine leftists.

Peter Khan Zendran

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Case update

I just recieved an order in regards to my Appeal a few days ago.
A three judge panel of the First Circut Court of Appeals reviewed my case and decided unanimously that oral argument would not be necessary and they would use the Briefs I filed as well as the defendant's Brief as testimony. When I called the clerk's office they told me that I would have to wait until I recieved further notice from the Court.
Peter Z