Saturday, September 29, 2018

Major watson weirdnes update

Last night I returned to the watson institute to see if the strange lights would return and if there would be any odd phenomena in the sky. Even though the weather cleared, it was very cloudy to see those objects, however the clouds parted enough to allow the moon to be seen, however because starr plaza was a construction zone no proper viewing could be done, however the moon did appear directly over the construction zone in line with brown’s public safety complex, and the lights were on in fred fullerton’s old office where watson’s media is based as well as in my old department and in parts of the building that should have not been lit up

Those beings were giving four very specific warnings.
1.  There will be more violence and unrest throughout the World, with no nation being able to take a dominant position, mainly because of Marxist agitation, and to beware anyone/anything associated with Marxism.
2.  Beware of police agencies, for they will abuse their power in the name of safety it will reach a saturation point where people will no longer tolerate police abuses and physically retaliate in order to survive.
3.  Beware the media, for it will become so discredible people will stop using mainstream sources in favor of people with direct connections to facts and events.
4.  Beware of academia, for many in academic positions will abuse their knowledge for material gain to the point where they will debase themselves beyond all credibility.
It will be interesting to see what happens next year, if there is a planet left.