Sunday, November 23, 2014

Big dirt on little gina raimondo

Few people in rhode island realize they have elected a governor who wants to make a profit at the expense of anyone and who will do anything to make a dollar.
When little gina became RI General Treasurer she was simply a board member of crossroads, formerly known as travellers aid, an organization which claims to help homeless people get their lives together, ie find housing, work, medical treatment, usw.  Instead crossroads has case workers and staff which keep people homeless by promising their clients to get them those very things simply so those people will keep returning to crossroads, so that crossroads will get federal funding, which is based on the number of people who visit crossroads, instead of on successes by crossroads staff which many homeless people have complained about for years.  Now she is one of the vice chairs of crossroads
Notice her fellow vice chair is washington trust president ed handy, the head of an organization which makes profits by stealing people's assets and which has kept people poor, something people in Washington County RI other than the people at the warm shelter can tell you about, and who's corporation I got in trouble for not paying money from my trust fund, as washington trust has admitted my trust was looted, and now try to claim my family had no assets there despite my having a hard copy of the trust document from 1992 with the signature of washington trust's vice president on it.
Another board member there is snotball seth magaziner, the elitist who used dirty tricks to become RI's new General Treasurer.  Also crossroads is located one block away from the law firm of donna nesselbush, a RI  state senator who intimidated RI into legalizing gay marriage weeks after I was incarcerated for what I did to providence city hall knowing she would lack real opposition to her actions as her bill took effect the day I was released from jail, and lawyer who's services include charging high rates for people to begin receiving social security checks as does former RI state senator myrth york and her husband dave green do.  If one doubts donna nesselbush's support of little gina check the picture below
You can see her in white on the left of little gina, I bet she wants to do more than nessle in her bush.

Major new Warship for Algeria, Africa, and Arabs

At present this ship is still undergoing sea trials and has yet to be handed over to Algeria, however it's configuration is essentially a smaller version of the French Mistral-140 and Singapore's Endurance-160 Carriers, though it's flight deck is 50 feet too short to launch fighter jets it can deploy 6 attack helicopters like it's Italian San Giorgio class counterparts
Upon delivery to Algeria this will be the most combat capable warship in Algeria but in Africa, though Nigeria and Morocco each have one DDG each, the NNS Aradu and Mohammed VI respectfully, which are more powerful than any surface combatant Algeria has, and the most combat capable Warship in the Arab World.  It will also bring the Algerian navy to be the fourth most powerful in the Muslim World, behind Iran, Indonesia, and Turkey, and equal to Morocco, Pakistan, and Malaysia.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Major new Russian Carrier development

I recently obtained this. The size and configuration of this ship under construction in Sankt Peterburg are similar to that of the Amphibious Assault Carriers built jointly with France
If this is so this means Russia is proceeding to acquire Amphibious Assault Carriers without outside assistance, and the french program was to give the workers training in how to build these ships in Russia.  It also means Russia is preparing for the contingency of losing the two Carriers in france and will proceed on their own.  Despite the fact that france and nato can't incorporate those Carriers into their forces, the only foreign country america will accept a French sale of those Carriers to is Canada, as India and Brazil will turn those ships over to Russia, and South Africa and Sweden lack the drydock facilities to handle those ships.
Right now the only shipyards in Russia which can build and drydock Fleet Carriers and larger are in Sankt Peterburg. Severodvinsk, and Murmansk/Kola Peninsula.  With Turkey beginning construction on their own Aircraft/Amphibious Assault Carrier in Pendik and the two australian Aircraft/Amphibious Assault Carriers becoming operational, Russia needs those type of ships.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Zendran-Tsarnayev connection to Mass bomb threats

Around the same time a status conference was getting underway at the Moakley Courthouse on the Tsarnayev case, which I was attending, several schools in Massachusetts were receiving bomb threats.  While some were unrelated, others were.
As I told reporters and others at the status conference the main motivation was the deplorable prison conditions in Suffolk and Middlesex counties and in Worcester, as well as in Rhode Island.  Out of the seven that received the threats two were not located in those areas.  Of the five in those that received the threats two have connections to me, boston college and natick high schools.
The former is affiliated with a college which had me trespassed in April 2014, despite objections from the head of the Slavic and Eastern studies department there who I have worked with for nearly a decade , on a suspicious person complaint.  The latter is located in an area where three entities have issues with me.  One is the people doing research on the stealth combat suits, as I have found ways to detect people wearing those suits.  The second is the yeransians, and recently I have had issues with their associate, carolyn raffelian, and the dispute between me and her has been responsible for killing vincent "buddy" cianci's political career.  The third is Iranian resistance hack shahrbanou asadi, an active partisan of reza pahlavi who's actions have made effective resistance difficult.
Overall, many got theirs that day.

Monday, November 10, 2014

More fallout from Peter Khan's un 2014 protest

On October 23 I left the annual meeting/125th anniversarry celebrations of Kensico Cemetery. The notable absence were the members of the mek/ncr Iran and members of the Association of Iranian-Americans in NY and NJ who declined my invitation to meet with them.
Not only did they miss a wonderful event, they showed they are nothing but ignorant suskimargi living in a dreamworld who only associate with their fellow marginalized malcontents.
Those particular Iranians owe whatever benefits they have to man Pedar Bozorg and his family, who were among the first Iranians to come to New York in 1924, and who made a major impact on the region.
On October 30 the trumped up charges brought against me in an vain attempt to prevent me from protesting rowhani at the un were dismissed.
In the dismissal the judge noted the complaint was baseless, and had I been stopped that day of the alleged incident no charges would probably have been filed.
And to top things off hasan al-sawaf, the provacetur backing anti-assad forces who has complained about my un protests, lost his electioon for RI state senate thanks to my efforts.
More proof I, one man, am making a difference.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Recent Naval satellite censorship, the folly and prejudice behind it

Recently satellite image providers have been regularly updating satellite images of Bandar Abbas, Bushehr, Khorramshshr, Bandar Anzali, Karachi, As Suwayq, Izmit, Aksaz, Mersin, Tartus, Latakia, Alexandria, Port Said, Massawa, Limassol, and other similar hotspots regularly, the bases of certain nations have either not had their images updated or use censorship.  In doing so they only show how stupid they are.  Below are bases which use censorship and why they are NOT fooliing many.
Portsmouth, UK, image on google continues to show HMS Invincible, which has since been scrapped in Aliaga, Turkey.
Rosyth, UK, images either show HMS Illustrious or partly completed bow section of HMS Queen Elizabeth.
Toulon, France, Bing/MSN has blurred out the image of the base although one can clearly see the outlines of the FS Charles de Gaulle, FS Mistral, FS Tonnerre, and FS Dixmude, and one of the Mistral class Carriers is clearly underway.  The google image shows decommissioned ships which have since been sold to South America.
Note; France also uses similar censorship tactics on it’s European bases but NOT it’s bases overseas.
Wilhelmshaven, Bing/MSN has blurred out the base, though one can clearly see outlines of the ships, google simply has an old image, as the decommissioned FGS Lutjens is still visible, despite the fact is is currently being scrapped.
Kiel, Bing/MSN has blurred out the base, though one can clearly see outlines of the ships, google simply has an old image, as the decommissioned Israeli Tanin and Rahav SSK’s can clearly be seen, as they also are in the Bing/MSN image.
Note; Germany also blurs out Rostock and Hamburg on MSN/Bing, however it sporadically allows Emden, Bremerhaven, and google’s images of Hamburg, though we have yet to see images of the Baden-Wurttemberg class DDG’s.
Karlskrona, Bing/MSN has blurred out the base, though one can clearly see outlines of the ships, though the Naval Museum is not censored.  Other Swedish Naval installations are not censored.
Lisbon, The Portuguese Navy has added the NRP Albacora SSK is now a Museum Ship, which no satellite image provider shows.
Melbourne, Bing/MSN shows the HMAS Canberra fitting out, while google shows the HMNZS Otaga and HMNZS Wellington fitting out, when in fact both the HMAS Canberra and HMAS Adelaide are fitting out in Melbourne.
Note; Australia keeps old and blurry images of Sydney and Garden Island on google, yet does not use other censorship.

Interestingly enough the two countries who have practiced censorship for a long time, The Netherlands and Israel, have stopped censoring on google, though some blurring occurs on Bing/MSN.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

How vincent cianci turned out to be nobody's buddy

Having supported vincent "buddy" cianci I expected to be welcome after his post-election party. The reception I recieved there was anything but welcoming.
First, providence sgt. kevin lynch said there was a dress code, namely jackets, and ties required, and I decided to wait for the next bus leaving the area. However, I noticed some drunk homeless panhandlers who hang out in downtown providence ...being allowed in and others who did not conform to the dress code, were allowed in. Additionally, a providence pig who was wearing a coat to conceal his badge, told the the other two ppd members on detail out there, badge numbers #207 and #363, about my knowing the Tsarnayev brothers and falsely claimed I made threats against cops, and once he left they identified him as william dickie, who had robbed me of my cell phone, Iranian flag pin, and money during a stop on May 2, 2014 on a crank complaint. When I asked to speak to sgt. lynch again those two threatened to taser me if I did not leave. Seconds later the bus arrived, and I took it to cianci's campaign hq. I explained what happened, but they would not clarify if providence was acting on orders from cianci or their own initiative.
Here vincent cianci has shown that he truly is nobody's buddy, and the World would be better off without him.
 Lest anyone think my support for vincent cianci was only recent consider the following.
 In 1999 While Treasurer and Finance Chair of MHCA-RI, a subsidiary of RI-MHRH, I worked with his office to put together the first fundraisers the organization ever had in providence
 In 2002 I published on David Icke’s site “Operation Plunder Dome; A loss for the people of Providence” decrying the true nature of the convictions of cianci and others in June 2002.
 In June 2007 at the urging of Walter Miller I was the one who notified cianci about how his cousin David Baccarie had been thrown out of his 6th floor apartment window in providence the day cianci was released from federal prison. Not only did I let David Baccarie’s family in to his apartment to show how he did not commit suicide but was thrown and died of lack of proper response time. This was confirmed by colleagues of mine at MIT, Harvard, and Boston College I met before I went to XV Beacon, who all said neither the fall or impact killed David Baccarie.
 Additionally in February 2008 cianci cussed out dean esserman on his radio show hours after Leslie Yeransian got me on video making esserman run at a protest in downtown providence and aired it on NBC10 news.
 In 2010 when they had the mayor’s debate at the Regency Apartments in providence cianci gave positive coverage to how I acted in defense of candidates when members of the audience acted out.
 In 2012 when I smashed up providence city hall cianci did not air that story on his show.
Additionally, I warned about how the providence pigs would screw him over, and of people like jewelry Nazi carolann rafellian who would harm him by closely associating himself with them.  Yet he ignored me and paid the price.
 Hardly the actions of some flash in the pan supporter.