Saturday, September 27, 2008

Zendran return to watson/weirdness video

I only took this video last night, as I returned one year to the day of that ufo encounter at watson to see if anything would happen. Notice in the video the lights are on there as they should NOT be at that time of night.

Even odder was the brown pigs stopped me as I was walking back downtown on power st., claiming I vandalized the brown president's house. Not only was no evidence found that I did NOT vandalize the place but when the bupd member ordered to search me turned out to be a former member of the charlestown ri pd who remembered me and the inheritance dispute but he even talked the other members of the bupd present to back off on me once he realized who I was, and I went on my way.
Peter Z

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Iranian solidarity, for who?

Recently I have learned about the September 27, 2008 event in Boston. When I saw that the group sponsoring the event is IAC based out of 284 Amory St. I became concerned, for back in 2003 and 2004 when International ANSWER was based there, and from the photos of IAC I see some of the same people from International Answer with IAC, solidarity with Iran was NOT a priority.
As a man who has an Iranian father who is an aristocrat and who opposes American action against Iran and other historical Iranian territory like Afghanistan and Iraq I have been very active in the anti-war movement with people in America and abroad. When I attended the September 25, 2003 Boston anti-war demonstration sponsored by International Answer I received complaints only from 2 anonymous demonstrators and some Zionist pig involved with International Answer because I brought the Iranian flag. Not the flag of the mullahs of Iran’s government who were put into power with American backing in 1979 to destabilize that region and to give the American military/industrial complex and Rothschild backed bankers another target, but the Shir-O-Korshid flag which the Iranian community Worldwide recognizes as the rightful Iranian flag regardless of their political beliefs of ethnic background, and which my fellow Iranians who demonstrated against American aggression in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America used that same day. In October I received a message from International Answer not to bring that flag.
In September 2004 when I met with Dr. Pedram Riahi and members of the Iranian community in Boston as well as members of the Iranian Association of Boston were threatened by members of International Answer into not showing up at events where International Answer would have a presence, despite the fact that International Answer claims to oppose war with Iran.
If this IAC I am addressing is simply International Answer Boston under a different name, as it has the same address and apparently the same membership, I ask you this. You claim to oppose war with Iran, yet you exclude members of the Iranian community, all of who oppose war against the land their ancestors came from and a war which will spark ethnic discrimination by the American government such as was shown to the Germans, Japanese, Russians, and every ethnic group the American government has had conflict with? If this discrimination is based on political and ideological divisions then why have you not considered this, or decided to demonstrate against war and keep silent on all other issues? Or is it IAC is acting as a government backed provocateur? After all, every time I have attended an event sponsored by International Answer or IAC or where they have a presence the local police know too well who the demonstrators are. As one who has done time for his political beliefs in America and have friends like Amer Jubran who have had similar experiences the idea of having the police, who have committed acts of misconduct and brutality towards people under the guise of public safety, knowing my moves is repellant, especially in a city like Boston where the police department is the most corrupt and brutal in the country.
If you truly stand in Solidarity with Iran and the Iranian community Worldwide then I hope you will allow all Iranians to show up at these events, if not then I ask you, why should the Iranian community stand in Solidarity with you when you discriminate against us?

Peter Khan Zendran

Monday, September 22, 2008

Piecing the Pahlavi puzzle, unveiling Iran's past

Recently a chance contact from a daughter of Mohammed Reza Shah that I have had has shed some new light and confirmed much of what I have been saying. In checking what she had told me I found not only much of what she told me to be true but much of it facts that once revealed fill in the pieces of the puzzle that is Iran’s recent history. She contacted me in regards to the article I published on the Iranian on march 27, 2008 about Princess Leila being murdered. Not only did she confirm what I had published but knew exactly how Leila was murdered, something I had not publicly stated to better determine people who had knowledge from frauds. Most compelling was the reason for her half-sister’s murder which she told me since June.
Leila was present throughout her father’s ordeal and was only one of two members of the immediate Pahlavi family who knew that Mohammed Reza Shah was murdered. The other was Farah, and as it turned out she had a hand in his murder. As it turns out the official story of farah Diba’s family was false. Farah Diba’s real birth name was Jamileh Jabarzadeh, her parents Jafar and Tahereh Jabarzadeh, who are distant relatives of Mirza Kuchak Khan and the Diba and Ghotbi families, and to the Khomeini’s and Zahedi’s as it would turn out. Her parents persuaded Sohrab and Farideh Diba to adopt her, as Farideh could not have children due to a hysterectomy and due to the fact that the Jabarzadeh’s were living in poverty in Azerbaijan as they had been supporters of Mirza Kuchak Khan and who hated Reza Shah for his seizing power and depriving the Qajar dynasty of their power base, and Jamileh Jabarzadeh was raised as Farah Diba.
Those who are familiar with the reign of Mohammed Reza Shah know that from his ascension on that he had to deal with those who wanted to replace him as Shahanshah. The british had considered a Qajar restoration, but getting Iran’s Majils to remove the restrictions on the Qajars becoming Shahanshah and the fact that most qajars spoke little Farsi were major impediments. Fazlollah Zahedi, after Reza Shah the most important man in 20th century Iranian military affairs, had considered deposing Mohammed Reza Shah and establishing his own dynasty, as he was a descendant of the Safavid and Zand dynasties and felt his family should be restored. Teymour Bakhtiar, the cousin of Soraya, Mohammed Reza Shah’s second queen, had conspired with john f kennedy and other World Leaders during his tenure as chief of savak to overthrow Mohammed Reza Shah and had been involved in a Bakhtiari and Kurdish independence movement, partly because he knew that Soraya’s health had been interfered with by the enemies of the Pahlavi’s and Bakhtiar’s. Hassan Pakravan, who came from an aristocratic family and who’s mother was a Habsburg relative, had also considered overthrowing Mohammed Reza Shah and even toyed with the idea of an independent Azerbaijan. Into such an environment was this Farah Diba thrust in the 1950’s along with her plotting relations.
In the 1950’s Mohammed Reza Shah was looking for a replacement for Soraya, who’s health problems meant she could not produce the male heir he needed badly. Here the Jabarzadeh’s and those around Mohammed Reza Shah who were his enemies saw their chance. During the reign of Reza Shah those Iranian aristocrats who had lost power because of him gathered around those who still retained their positions in Iran’s government, and those who did hold those posotions did so as Reza Shah needed them to maintain things in Iran. They simply played subservient to him and bidded their time. When he was forced to abdicate on September 16, 1941 and his son Mohammed Reza succeeded him his enemies saw their chance.
The role Farah Diba and the Jabarzadeh’s, along with their allies of convenience, played was a sinister one. Farah was set up to marry Mohammed Reza Shah so that her and her family and allies would be in a position to manipulate Mohammed Reza Shah. As it was she was introduced to Mohammed Reza Shah by Ardeshir Zahedi, Fazlollah’s son, and who occupied a prominent position in Iran’s government. Farah would cement her position by having numerous pregnancies. The pregnancy in 1960 remains controversial, for she maintains even in her memoirs that she was pregnant with a girl and as she was heavily sedated during delivery she was unconscious during birth which gives credibility to the Fumika Pahlavi story that Reza Pahlavi is really a boy who was switched at birth for the Pahlavis to provide the heir sought for. His appearance and behavior seem to suggest that as well. During the 1960’s the Farah and those who sought to undermine the Pahlavi’s made their move. First through Teymour Bakhtiar then Hassan Pakravan would savak gradually slide into degeneracy, partly packed with members who were loyal either to Bakhtiar or Pakravan and the other members trained in brutality tactics by the cia, mi6, and mossad, which included lying to Mohammed Reza Shah about their real activities. Bakhtiar’s dismissal because of his collaboration with john f kennedy prompted kennedy to pressure Mohammed Reza Shah to introduce his “White revolution” in order to continue to receive american support. This in turn prompted Mohammed Reza Shah, as well as Fazlollah Zahedi, to become involved in the assassination plot to kill kennedy. With the reforms implemented khomeini began his anti-government activities. Despite Monarchist and government sentiment wanting khomeini dead it was his distant relatives Pakravan and Farah who kept him alive.
With Farah marrying Mohammed Reza Shah and her relatives packing Iran’s government their hold over Mohammed Reza Shah was becoming great, as through positions in savak and the Islamic clergy they could influence events. They were able to target women who had children by Mohammed Reza Shah from his extramarital affairs, as he had an idea of what was going on and had hoped to produce an heir as he would then be in a better position to divorce farah and reveal what was going on. The woman who mentioned many of these facts to me was herself the child of Mohammed Reza Shah from an affair he had with Googoosh and who was kept as a savak hostage until the revolution. That the revolution occurred in 1978 was necessary to Mohammed Reza Shah’s ebemies, for with the successful war against Iraq Iran’s military was overly loyal to him giving him a strong power base. This meant his enemies had to act. No matter who won the revolution, be it Mohammed Reza Shah or khomeini, the jabarzadeh’s and their allies stood to gain. What their gains under a successful Mohammed Reza Shah would have been can only be speculated at. Under khomeini they secured the deaths of their enemies, including a few of their own like Pakravan in the revolutionary euphoria. Most telling that Farah and many Monarchists were secretly collaborating with khomeini and the mullahs was the selective body count. Mohammed Reza Shah was killed by medical malpractice while in Cairo in July 1980. Shahriar Safiq was killed in Paris in December 1979. Shabour Bakhtiar was killed in paris in mysterious circumstances in August 1991. Nelson Rockefeller, the man who tipped of Mohammed Reza Shah as to what was about to happen in early 1978, died mysteriously on January 26, 1979. Nor should we forget that the Rex Cinema fire which was really started by one of khomeini’s agents who escaped with the help of cia and mi6. Yet once khomeini was in power the real threat to Farah, her kids, and the Jabarzadeh family and their friends ceased.
Once in america and the west they began to make use of the “ratlines” they had made in the Iranian community abroad. They were able to establish enclaves in countries which were monarchies as well as in Germany, France, and several Communist countries including Czechoslovakia and Poland, as well as in america. It was in california that they began to concentrate. Other parts of america they could only establish enclaves. In New York and it’s immeadeate metro area they could settle but not establish positions of dominance, partly as the result of families like mine who had been around for a long time and a well entrenched government/social infrastructure. This applied as well to areas like Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Florida, Texas where they could establish positions of prominence but not dominance. California, with it’s favorable living conditions and vulnerable political system, was different. Here many Iranians and their ethnic counterparts had settled, including many involved with Farah and the Jabarzadeh’s. One of those involved with the jabarzadeh’s was California governor Deukmejian, who had been heavily involved with savak and once he was governor began to pack California’s courts with people who had affiliations with savak. If you think this sounds absurd notice how during the revolution only the leaders of savak were taken out but most of the actual field agents remained untouched, and many of them continued their lives in america and the west, including in government jobs.
At present the position of farah, the jabarzadeh’s, and their family and allies is precarious. The position of their allies in Iran and abroad is precarious as many more continue to sympathize with Mohammed Reza Shah and the jabarzadeh’s and their allies are neutralized in the Kalabalik of Iranian affairs. It is in america that the jabarzadeh’s are at their most influential. The contacts they made with the cia and with the bush family have ensured they are in a position to continue their activities politically, and though they often back the republicans their dealings with the law firm sidney and austin mean that they have a presence in the democratic party. At present the goal of the jabarzadeh’s is to start a war or to place someone immediately related to farah on the throne of Iran and effect a monarchist restoration. However as of late their plans have come unraveling, as the murder of Princess Leila demonstrated.
Among other things this daughter of Mohammed Reza Shah and Googoosh told me other than her knowledge of Leila’s murder, the real identity of Farah Pahlavi, and the true nature of the Iranian revolution which made me believe her was when she mentioned the fact that savak and the jabarzadeh’s had employed polish jews and other eastern Europeans to do their dirty work. This might sound far fetched, however one must remember that aristocratic Iranian families like the Zendran’s and Cherkassky’s had settled in areas like the Crimean Khanate during the Safavid era and ended up settling in the Habsburg and Romanov empires where they were ennobled and employed many local inhabitants. Such Iranian cultural and ethnic pollenization helped pave the way for future Iranian dealings which would be used up to the present day. Overall, what this woman had to tell and the facts above she helped unravel are very valuable.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Zendran and Icke censored on coasttocoastam radio show

Last night george noory had David Icke on his show, live from Croatia, talking about his work. Among other things Icke discussed how when he was in Croatia he met with people who witnessed hw a small few manipulated the wars in the former Yugoslavia. Needless to say I stayed up to listen and call in, putting the wild card line on my speeddial. I finally got through at 4:20 AM, and when producer tom danheiser asked my name he cut off my call, refusing to let me on despite the fact that I had published articles on Icke's site from 2000-3.
Had I got on I would have disclosed the following.
1. Recently I made contact with one of Princess Leila's half sisters who lives in california who can not only prove that Leila was murdered but that khomeini and empress farah are relatives and their family has been involved in satanic ritual murders, including that of Leila, and I could have given her contact info to Icke.
2. On october 15 2007 I was at brown university when dick holbrooke made his lecture there. In it he stated that the Yugoslav conflict was engineered and that he had a hand in engineering the kosovo "independence". They edited the q&a including where I put him on the spot about his statements. As soon as the video of holbrooke's lecture was released I sent it over the net, including to Serbian Prime Minister Dr. Kostunica and Croatian Premier Dr. Sanader, both of who I know, the site even preserved Kostunica's original myspace page where he, Sanader, myself, and others discuss policies which helped peoples lives. This summer I learned from a friend of mine at the watson institute who is adjunct with harvard, that the person responsible for making the crank call to the bupd on April 17, 2008, which I have detailed on my blog was holbrooke. As I learned he got wind of what went on with me at brown on April 14-15 2008, called the bupd and gave them permission to use his office as an observation post claiming I was menacing him. As certain details were mentioned in the report read in court could only have been obtained by someone who was observing me at watson this statement holds up.
Here is the link to the video of the lecture where dick holbrooke made those statements and which had I got through on the show would have shared with Icke.
This video is on google as well and if the link above does not work try this
Also I am giving out the phone for tom danheiser. This zionist pig has censored much on coasttocoastam radio show and needs to be called out. He can be reached at 818-831-5313.
Please send this around.
Peter Z

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Euology for Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

Today it still is hard to believe that it happened, so hard that I leave open the one page article in Time so that I can use it as a reminder. Solzhenitsyn, the greatest writer who ever lived, is dead.
Though our paths crossed we were scarcely aware of it, our lives took similar paths as we bisected each other. The day I was born he was in the same town. We both experienced the worst of the systems of the countries we lived in and served in one capacity or another, either by working or by not practicing our work. During the first days in August 2008 I suddenly felt my heart racing for no reason, or so I thought until I saw the news on August 4. Bolshoi Zek uzit. At the time it seemed that as his work finished mine had begun. Or had it?
The occupation we were thrust in to is one you can never quit, for even dead you still are working as you are influencing others lives. When you are alive you do your work in such a way that others will strive to emulate you and effect others, in death you will be glorified as someone who set the standard for performance. Such a man was Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn.
Those who decry his work complain it is monotonous and overbearing, that it hurts to read his writings. Those who say this are often those who have never been in a situation where they needed to cry out for help, but could not, and as a result suffered for their actions. Once Solzhenitsyn was thrown into the Gulag Archipelago of the very system he once served he came to his senses then he began to act. Through his writings he was able to take the pain and suffering he had experienced and project it onto others. The left complained about him with the ignorance of those who believe but who have never experienced. The right feted him as one who had a common enemy with them, yet one who would not hesitate to complain about their flaws. Everyone else knew him as one who spoke out against injustice and through his example encouraged them to do the same.
When he died it seemed that many had forgotten who he was and what he had done. To most he was a curiosity. Curious was his death. Though he was 89 when he died his hair and beard were still the same brown it had been throughout his life, with scarcely a touch of Siberian frost on him. Only the old and weak let their hair discolor, what killed you Aleksandr? Those who showed up for your funeral behaved as at some spectacle. What was gorbachev doing there? He who ushered in the reforms which should have been done long ago and who precipitated the very chaos that ensued during Solzhenitsyn’s return. How could he not use the same foresight, knowledge, and wisdom which Aleksandr taught others to use? What was bush, the man who’s country gave Aleksandr shelter and visited on the World a system worse than the one Solzhenitsyn escaped, doing there? Did his lips tremble as he went near Aleksandr’s body, as they did when I came near bush with a crowd of protestors a year before, or when my dad approached him with a bat when they were in high school? For their kind only they can truly answer. Where were those who Aleksandr stood up for, though he had not seen it all, experienced it all, or remembered it all but did all he could for? Well they, including myself, had problems of our own which prevented most of us from seeing you in the flesh one last time, you who showed us how to be great and continues to be so.
I write this on this day for 2 reasons. The first was the full impact of what has happened had yet to set in when I first heard about what had happened and one day after today is Paitishahya Ghambar, a holiday for my faith lasting for five days, including my birthday, those dates on which more people have died than on any other and those who have effected the World the most were born on. The second is that this day is an important anniversary of loss, not the date on which America received it’s stripes from the World that had been warmed by American wrath, but the day the man who gave Aleksandr his first break died. On 11 September 1971 Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev died. In life he leaned on Aleksandr for support to do the right thing, and for it he suffered. In this day and age his son Sergei Nikitiayevich is my friend, and like his father did with Aleksandr he leans on me, not just for moral support but also because he can’t always walk down the stairs by himself.
The greatest way to honor one’s memory is to take their works and apply them. Let us do so with Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn’s works.
Proschai Bolshoi Zek.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nonaligned resurgence

The recent conflict in Georgia has demonstrated beyond doubts truths that are good to some, disturbing to others. Over the recent conflict in Georgia Russia has once again demonstrated it is a modern military power which can project it’s power abroad. During this conflict it was the EU and nato which brokered the ceasefire when America could not. By America being unable to broker the ceasefire America showed that it is no longer all powerfull and is in serious decline. The reason for this decline is that the nations America has victimized have united together against America acting on the old principle of Nonalignment.

With Russia this revival in their military power should come as no surprise to those in the know. For those who have believed the western pundits that Russia is incapable of using it’s military have been proven conclusively wrong, as Russian forces easily subdued a Georgian military advised by American and Israeli military experts who brought their equipment. That Israel ran as soon as things got tough and America could not broker a cease fire and prevent Russian backing Georgia’s separatist provinces successfully confirmed this. Ultimately nato and the EU had to be called in on this conflict. By doing so America acknoweledged that EU and nato nations have equal and superior military equipment and that America is not all powerfull.

Had America used direct force it would have faced massive retaliatory attacks on an unprecedented scale. Furthermore America could not press further aggressive aims towards Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Serbia for had America attacked any one of those countries the others would have responded, and with American forces overextended America can make only limitd attacks. This is demonstrated as American forces could only make small, limited attacks into Pakistan recently but nothing major and decisive.

As for the countries mentioned above consider the damage they could do over america’s motivations to attack. Iran could use it’s ICBM’s and conventional forces, many of which are equal and superior to American equipment, to wipe out, or at the very least destroy a sizeable amount of American forces to render America unable to defend itself. With North Korea America would face a similarly armed foe, only this one with clear nuclear capability and one who could call in China as an ally should America choose to attack alone or with allies. Venezuela could embroil America in a protracted conflict in that country’s tropical and dangerous terrain and unite Latin America against America. Serbia could also embroil America in a similar war and is in an excellent position to both summon Russian aid and split the EU and nato over how to deal with any conflict.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s Tito, Nehru, Nasser, Sukarno, and Nkrumah worked together to form the Nonaligned movement based on cooperation and defense so that the World could flourish without outside imperialist aggression. Now with American imperialism in full force these nations are using the Nonaligned philosophy and movement to defend themselves in the face of a common enemy and are succeeding in the face of western imperialism. How they will flourish and continue to exist from here on is anyone’s guess, but hopefully they will flourish so that they need not be menaced again.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Update on probation

I just met with probation this morning. Depite my serving more thana third of my sentence I was told there were concerns that I am a potential threat to authority by my actions. Looks like I'm getting the Chaadayev treatment.
Peter Z