Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Busting Iranians and hackers in bestial sex trafficking

Yesterday decided to censor me in regards to my showing proof of prominent persons promoting bestiality, namely roxana shirazi and marjan faritous/persia pele. What they forget is that many sex predators use the internet to act anonymously and for plausibility, and the best way to catch these people and prevent them denying their actions is to show firsthand evidence, be it visual or text. The former person is important as they promote themself as an advocate of animal rights, yet roxana only wants the animals alive to have sex with them. Clearly the people at neglect to understand this. Additionally, I received messages from the hack group anonymous against me.
Make sure to boycott, they are a front for the hack group anonymous, and support sex predators.
If one doubts what I have said check the links below.  Here is a link roxana shirazi made on her facebook about saving animals
Despite this she has posted pictures of sexual activity involving animals, which has caused previous facebook and myspace pages of hers to get terminated
Another Iranian involved in the sex business who has recently promoted bestiality, marjan faritous/persia pele
These behaviors are shocking and intolerable, and this information posted here is done so that these individuals may be properly identified and be prevented from denying their actions.