Wednesday, May 10, 2017

On reza pahlavi on Iranian presidential election

Recently reza pahlavi has issued this statement urging the Iranian population to rise up to cripple Iran, comparing his partisans to Fereydoun and Kaveh, during the election next week
For him to make such a statement demonstrates lack of mental stability and absence of sound judgment, as any uprising, no matter the outcome, would end up brutally crushed as occurred in 2009, only this time it is possible Iran would be crippled as to leave itself vulnerable to a military attack from america or israel, and with new experimental weapons being tested by those countries in Khalj Fars region and the recent attack on Syria this is an outcome which must be anticipated.  The timing of this, days after Iranian currency printed with reza pahlavi's image on it, shows he wants to plan a mass uprising

It would also impede those in Iran who can remove jomhori mollah by causing this harjomarj, and reza pahlavi needs to remember that if an attack on Iran occurs because of an uprising he incites Artesh Iran may unleash the Damavand option, triggering a real life Zahak which will destroy the planet.