Friday, April 24, 2009

Odd occurences around me

Recently two odd things have happened regarding my sentence. First, someone involved with my probation had items stolen from their car in east providence recently. Second, the Pawtucket public library is implementing a card log-in system, one week after I ran into brown/watson's jim blight using the computers there. hardly a coincidence.
Peter Z

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finishing sentence/message to phonies

As of today I have finished probation. It has been a trying year but it is through. Oddly enough lately some folks from shit u are trying to act nice to me, be it when they see it on the street or by event invites. Those assholes I say "Fuck you you spawn of nigger bitches". You pretended to be my friends when you wanted something from me, then turned on me at the first sign of trouble. Now that you realize that I can make you're lives miserable as your enemy you think you can kiss and make up as if nothing ever happened. Well, you are living in a dreamworld. Your problems are of you're own making and if you have the intelligence you claim to have you will realize that this mess is your fault. Fuck off.
Peter Z

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Iran targeted for israeli attack.

This may sem like old news but for the following current events. First, it is not clear whether Iran's new weapons contracts with Russia have been cancelled, and so far Iran's military has shown no signs of being on alert or an increase in material production. Nor has anyone been able to confirm Iran's navy acquiring ports for Naval use on the Red Sea, where it can seriously impede israel's capabilities. This must be called into question as Iran has made offers of concessions on it's Nuclear program and it's military, the same mistake Saddam Hussein made in 2002 before he was invaded. Second, notice the current zionist leadership, graying old farts who would be willing to run the risk of a last desperate gamble. Third, notice how Iran's Latin American allies are trying to warm up to america now, VERY bad timing and showing a lack of solidarity and giving rise to the belief that Chavez, morales, and their pals are pawns of international bankers like soros like hitler, churchill, and stalin were. Overall, Iran must plan against this attack.
Peter Khan Zendran

Israel stands ready to bomb Iran's nuclear sites

Sheera Frenkel in Jerusalem
The Israeli military is preparing itself to launch a massive aerial assault on Iran's nuclear facilities within days of being given the go-ahead by its new government.

Among the steps taken to ready Israeli forces for what would be a risky raid requiring pinpoint aerial strikes are the acquisition of three Airborne Warning and Control (AWAC) aircraft and regional missions to simulate the attack.

Two nationwide civil defence drills will help to prepare the public for the retaliation that Israel could face.

“Israel wants to know that if its forces were given the green light they could strike at Iran in a matter of days, even hours. They are making preparations on every level for this eventuality. The message to Iran is that the threat is not just words,” one senior defence official told The Times.

Officials believe that Israel could be required to hit more than a dozen targets, including moving convoys. The sites include Natanz, where thousands of centrifuges produce enriched uranium; Esfahan, where 250 tonnes of gas is stored in tunnels; and Arak, where a heavy water reactor produces plutonium.

The distance from Israel to at least one of the sites is more than 870 miles, a distance that the Israeli force practised covering in a training exercise last year that involved F15 and F16 jets, helicopters and refuelling tankers.

The possible Israeli strike on Iran has drawn comparisons to its attack on the Osirak nuclear facility near Baghdad in 1981. That strike, which destroyed the facility in under 100 seconds, was completed without Israeli losses and checked Iraqi ambitions for a nuclear weapons programme.

“We would not make the threat [against Iran] without the force to back it. There has been a recent move, a number of on-the-ground preparations, that indicate Israel's willingness to act,” said another official from Israel's intelligence community.

He added that it was unlikely that Israel would carry out the attack without receiving at least tacit approval from America, which has struck a more reconciliatory tone in dealing with Iran under its new administration.

An Israeli attack on Iran would entail flying over Jordanian and Iraqi airspace, where US forces have a strong presence.

Ephraim Kam, the deputy director of the Institute for National Security Studies, said it was unlikely that the Americans would approve an attack.

“The American defence establishment is unsure that the operation will be successful. And the results of the operation would only delay Iran's programme by two to four years,” he said.

A visit by President Obama to Israel in June is expected to coincide with the national elections in Iran — timing that would allow the US Administration to re-evaluate diplomatic resolutions with Iran before hearing the Israeli position.

“Many of the leaks or statements made by Israeli leaders and military commanders are meant for deterrence. The message is that if [the international community] is unable to solve the problem they need to take into account that we will solve it our way,” Mr Kam said.

Among recent preparations by the airforce was the Israeli attack of a weapons convoy in Sudan bound for militants in the Gaza Strip.

“Sudan was practice for the Israeli forces on a long-range attack,” Ronen Bergman, the author of The Secret War with Iran, said. “They wanted to see how they handled the transfer of information, hitting a moving target ... In that sense it was a rehearsal.”

Israel has made public its intention to hold the largest-ever nationwide drill next month.

Colonel Hilik Sofer told Haaretz, a daily Israeli newspaper, that the drill would “train for a reality in which during war missiles can fall on any part of the country without warning ... We want the citizens to understand that war can happen tomorrow morning”.

Israel will conduct an exercise with US forces to test the ability of Arrow, its US-funded missile defence system. The exercise would test whether the system could intercept missiles launched at Israel.

“Israel has made it clear that it will not tolerate the threat of a nuclear Iran. According to Israeli Intelligence they will have the bomb within two years ... Once they have a bomb it will be too late, and Israel will have no choice to strike — with or without America,” an official from the Israeli Defence Ministry said.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The polish jew genealogical scam

There is nothing worse than to be called a liar when you are correct, especially when it comes to your family. In this day and age it happens to people more than ever. Lately people have been targeted by people who will state their family’s heritage is false, when in fact they are on the receiving of a scheme to defame them. Interestingly enough many people who pull this scam are polish, jewish, or a combination of the two. Often it happens to people in positions of influence, and the people who perpetrate those actions claim to be geneaologists. Yet often they do not show their work, delay in showing their work, or demand ridiculously high fees for their time and in doing so demonstrate a malicious.

This is something that I can speak of since I have had to deal with this problem and successfully silence those who made those claims. What essentially started out as ad hominem rumors began to circulate more frequently. To defend myself I thouroughly researched and obtained documents on my family to back myself up and quiten those spreading the slander. As it turned out the rumors and attacks were baseless, the truth being that the rumors were based on the facts that certain vital stastics and information on my father’s family were missing from immigration and that none of the facts were consistent on any government documents, which was common before WWII regarding immigrant families in america. When those doing the slander could not do as I had done they showed themselves as the liars they were. And as it turned out most of the slander came from people who were polish jews. As in investigating any case, it is the fine detais that are important.

Unfortunately, others have not been as smart and tenacious, and many of those targeted have been those in politics and positions of influence. Take john kerry for example. During his presidential campaign geneaologists claimed that kerry’s father’s ancestors were polish jews and he was distantly related to george bush. However, the only proof the researchers did was th hawk a genealogical software, not to show hard documents. The old story of jews adopting Irish names and behaviors is an old story which has circulated among many people, which though true for some people was never positively proven for kerry. Consider also this was brought up in an election, and had the effect of calling kerry’s character into question. Had this been brought up before the election it would have been believable, however since it occurred during an election year the credibelity and motivation of this geneaological scheme must be questioned. If one doubts this look at how similar accusations effected george allen in 2006, damaging his credibility and costing him his senate seat.

The case of madeline albright is another example. Though not seeking office she was appointed secretary of state under bill clinton to succeed warren christopher while she was serving as ambassador to the un. Right before her appointment rumors circulated that most of her family were in fact jews, most of who were killed during the holocaust, and this had been unknown until just before her confirmation. Though this did not effect her being appointed it called her credibility into question at a time when america was entangled in sensitive foreign issues. This was particularly noticed by those in the Balkans and Middle East, and also caused problems for bill clinton’s reputation.

If one thinks that this polish jew genealogical scam is confined to america one needs to look around the World more thouroughly. Take the example of israel’s current eternal enigma, the definite biography of ariel sharon. Of all of israel’s political leaders he is the only one without a definitive biography of his early years, as various sources place his year of birth from 1915 to 1928 and the location of his birth in poland, Russia, and israel. Or look at Iceland’s Dorrit Moussaieff. The fact that she is of Bukharan jewish ancestry is not in question, the claims made by some of her being related to Genghis Khan are. As it is her ancestors were among the artisans Genghis Khan kept alive to work for him, however with that other genealogical scam, the one where sloppy DNA work is used to claim that one-tenth of Asians are descended from Genghis Khan without properly testing it against known descendants of Genghis Khan, kicking around those rumors circulate, and without proof.

Lest you think this is confined to the realm of politics look at other prominent individuals. In April 2007 shortly after his death someone put up on wikipedia that Mstislav Rostropovich was really a polish jew, when in fact his heritage was Belarussian, Russian, and Azeri. Or how Shura Cherkassky has sometimes been labelled as jewish, when in fact his family were Iranian royals who settled in Russia and the Crimean Khanate during the 17th century, and the sole criteria used to label him as jewish was the fact he was born in Odessa. Or how Johann Stauss and other prominent people from Vienna and Austria are sometimes labeled as jewish, partly due to sloppy genealogical research.

I could go on forever listing individual cases, but my point is clear. Even today people are still falsely labeled as jewish in attempts to slur their character, including as polish jews. Do your own research and use reputable info instead of believing everything you hear. If you believe everything you hear you are as stupid as those who believe what the bank of poland said in 2007 that the polish settled jamestown instead of the english, or trust a military like israels that uses the motto strength through deception.

Peter Khan Zendran

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tracking shit u viewers

Recently I noticed people at shit u have been checking me out online as usual, and yes I have noticed them and yes I have watched back. It doesn't matter whether it is nigger brain hunter at 32 beaumont st in east providence, or chicken shit kennedy at 326 lloyd ave in providence, or fat fuckface enos at 11 milburn rd in east providence, or heebtards colla at 50 boylston in providence and tannenwald at 167 medway in providence, or lying cunt hanni at 47 nelson st in providence, you watch here, you are being watched. I mean, your life must suck to check out my blog and my sites outside of work. And don't think I know you are among those leaving anonymous harassing messages here and elsewhere for me. You watch me, I watch you, don't fuck with me.
Peter Z