Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Zendran inheritance dispute update

Recently some pieces of news regarding the status of washington trust and it’s behaviors have surfaced.
First, the location washington trust vacated at 180 washington st during December 5-8 2008 has now been purchased by Coastway. That is the same location which pressed charges against me in 2006, the proceedings of which I have detailed too well. Oddly enough, washington trust does not put the details of their dropping that location on their site.
Online discrepancies led me to investigate washington trust’s Wellesley MA asset. In 2005 washington trust acquired Weston financial, however their website does not specify what kind of services they offer so I went there in person to find out. Oddly enough they had no washington trust paraphernalia there, despite the fact that washingotn trust owns them outright, as they told me. When they asked me the purpose of my wanting Zendran inheritance dispute update
to know more and mentioned my inheritance/trust dispute and current judicial probe they first thought I was joking until I showed them the contact info of the Judge investigating my situation and the file numbers for the court cases from 2006-7, which they claimed they knew nothing about. Oddly when leaving I spotted a Wellesley pd car at the corner of Worcester and William Sts. which was not there when I first entered the business park where Weston financial is located.
Another reason for my visit, which I did not mention to them at the bank, was learning of an incident in December 2009 leslie yeransian, who I was close to, had $1000 stolen from her in a bank transfer in Wellesley Hills, details of which can be found here
What is most noticeable when one looks closely is that those two locations are close by, and the fact that Wellesley is where washinbgton trust decided to begin expanding into Mass. Everyone in the legal situation I have mentioned this to believes this was no coincidence, noting that not only did this coincide with washington trust’s move from the abovementioned location but with the open letter I put on my blog to leslie, namely whoever was responsible for messing with leslie’s finances there is also responsible for messing with me, and it points in the direction of washington trust. I even paid the people at bank of America Wellesley hills a visit, they were so nosy, knew their regulars well, and many people there didn’t know simple banking like how to make change.
Peter Z