Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More on sissyweenie's crookedness

Recently I just found that the site had been messed with
I wonder the reasons why? I wonder if acorn, which sissyweenie has strong connections to, had something to do with it?
Also suprised nobody has contrasted sissyweenie to his uncle, J Clement Cicilline, who at least got services for people.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dishing the facts on sissyweenie's Ri congressional run

Those voters in RI’s 1st congressional district who think that they are doing good by voting for the sodomite who is in the mayor’s office needs to think again. Anyone who takes a hard look at his past deeds will realize they are voting for someone as bad as the devil.
As a RI state representative he only came out as being gay after investigations and inquiries regarding reports of him raping other men. During this period he also tampered with evidence in the operation plunder dome trial. As a lawyer he often dropped the ball on many cases, most of his courtroom victories the result of backroom dealings and press manipulation rather than courtroom litigation.
As mayor sissyweenie took providence straight to hell in a handbasket. He hired a police chief with no experience as a street officer who implemented aggressive policing tactics, which only increased crime by often mistreating people, innocent or guilty, and thus turning the city into a powder keg. Amazingly he and those at city hall ignored the fact that crime went down in the last city this person was chief, Stamford CT, once he took the job in providence, and his “reforms” in Stamford were undone. The Providence Firefighters had it bad under sissyweenie, for not only would he not give them a contract but he cut funding to the fire department and withheld essential materials and information from them. For instance, he felt it was unnecessary for them to know if habitual prank 911 callers had infectious diseases like AIDS. He gave bloated salaries to city officials who often did nothing at work, for example most of the staff at the providence public library not only did nothing but used their jobs to snoop on their patrons. This rot in city hall led to businesses not wanting to do business in providence, and the only businesses that have thrived are those few with a large consumer base or those that are corrupt. An example is sissyweenie’s alma mater brown university. During his administration brown brought up real estate for commercial use, expanded it’s medical program to include legalized medical torture of people in experiments, while gutting it’s academics and using it’s police and security to harass their opponents, particularly the poor in the area.
The poor of providence suffered the most during sissyweenie’s administration. Not only did he subject them to repeated police harassment and job discrimination, but social services have suffered, be it soup kitchens, food pantries, and drop in centers closing down or cutting back services and many housing developments have shut down. Despite this sissyweenie claims to be a friend of the poor.
If this piece of human shit gets into congress things will get worse fast for RI and for America, and even members of sissyweenie’s own party realize this. Hopefully, he will be stopped in time.

Monday, October 11, 2010

More news in Iran virus attack

This virus attack shoudl be treated as an act of war because not only
did this virus originate in israel but it was designed to target
computers with programing bt Siemens, a Grerman defense contractor which
israel heavily relies on and would know how to insulate against attacks.
Iran's defense ministry must look at which companies it deals with that
also deals with israel to prevent further such attacks and should take
whatever steps is necessary to stop these zionists.
Peter Khan Zendran

Coding of Virus Attacking Iran May Refer to Queen Esther
Tishrei 25, 5771, 03 October 10 09:26by Maayana
Miskin( Iranian Intelligence Minister Heider
Moslehi said Sunday that his country is under cyber attack, and blamed
the United States and Israel. Iranian officials initially admitted that
their country had been hit by the Stuxnet computer worm, but insisted
that the damage was minimal.

Iran has been forced to push back the opening of the nuclear plant in
Bushehr. Senior Information and Technology official Hamid Alipour
admitted that while Iranian officials had hoped to clean up the worm's
infiltration in under two months, that hope had been proven unrealistic.
“The worm is not stable, and since we started the cleanup process,
three new versions have been spreading,” he said.

Stuxnet hit Iran much harder than any other nation, affecting an
estimated 62,000 systems. A total of 100,000 computers are thought to
have been hit with the worm worldwide. The worm was designed to target
software created by the German company Siemens; Iran relies heavily on
Siemens systems.

Israel has been among the top suspects in the creation of the Stuxnet
worm, due both to Israeli opposition to Iran's unsupervised nuclear
program, and to the complexity of the attacker, which experts say could
only have been created by a team with significant funding, resources and

Stuxnet is uniquely dangerous in that it can not only cause damage to a
system, but can take control of facilities, producing physical,
real-world results to an attack. The worm also studies its targets,
determining which type of system it has entered before deciding whether
or not to attack. To date, it has entered primarily systems that control
critical infrastructure.

Even the worm's discovery has not stopped its destructive power.
Attackers remain able to communicate with infected machines using
peer-to-peer networking.

A detailed analysis released by security firm Symantec revealed two
clues that, according to, may indicate Israeli involvement in
the attack – or may indicate that another country is trying to
implicate Israel in the attack. Two file directory names, “myrtus”
and “guava,” could be an allusion to the biblical Queen Esther, who
intervened to save the Jewish people from destruction at the hands of a
Persian king. Persia is now known as Iran.

Esther was also known as Hadassah, a name which means “myrtle” in
Hebrew. Guavas are in the myrtle family of fruit.

A second possible hint at Israeli involvement is the halt marker
19790509, a possible reference to the date May 9, 1979, when Iran
executed Persian Jew Habib Elghanian, prompting the mass exodus of
Iranian Jews from the newly Islamic state.

The Symantec analysis was released in an attempt to get information on
what, exactly, Stuxnet is targeting.

Queen Esther seems to be a ubiquitous symbol, imagined or otherwise. Two
years ago, an Egyptian cleric called for a boycott of Starbucks' Coffee
after he claimed to have identified the image of Queen Esther in its

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More RI candidate cronyism involving chafee

If anyone still doubts that chafee is a crony then check this link
Notice the hypocritical headline, for under sissyweenie’s administration providence has become an international laughingstock and a localized hellhole. Plus despite them mentioning creating jobs the godawful truth is that the people that get those jobs do not hold them for long, and those that do only keep them because of connections. As usual neither linc or greg say anything about this, and politeness ain’t the case, as sissyweenie was hosted by wacri at the hope club in June 2009 under similar circumstances as this link shows
Also if one reads the November 2006 projo article on the front page showing linc in his Newport, RI senate office with the headline “Anger at his own party” one will see there he discussed the possibility of his running for mayor of providence. Notice that despite the fact many of his supporters hate the providence mayor linc has not come out against him during his campaign.
If anyone wants another example of providence being a laughingstock look at the speaker for this event greg chafee hosted
Thanks to mike kennedy not only is the watson institute another hokey new world order think tank filled with zionists which few take seriously but brown university continues to lose more than $1,000,000,000 from it’s endowment.
Speaking of zionists notice how linc chafee recently has become a supporter of j street, an organization which has principles he worked against while in the senate
I wonder what his first cousin Queen Noor has to say about this. Of note the head for j street in RI is linc’s watson institute crony nina tannenwald, I’m curious what linc has to say about her.