Saturday, June 17, 2006

Zendran trial update

I just got this in from the first circut court of appeals yesterday.A three judge panel composed of chief judge boudin and circut judgeshoward and torruella made a judgement in a closed door hearing. Theyhave upheld judge lisi's ruling and denied me the right to reopen mycase or grant me a new trial. I will be appealing this ruling to theSupreme court and can use all advice I can get.Peter Zendran

Monday, June 05, 2006

Staking aggression

Once again aggression by the american government is being directed towards Iran. This may seem old news to some, however so much is going on which the general public is unaware of. As usual while no threats of war are being made openly everything that is going on hints of aggression.
A good gauge of this is the way the media reports on american government attitudes towards Iran. Tales like how Iran is giving weaponry to the Iraqis who are fighting against american occupiers and that Iran is supporting terrorism may be old news but when spread at the right time can inflame popular opinion into supporting aggression. Stories like the capture of suspected terrorists, like the ones captured in Caada are just as effective, as well as rumors of attacks like those circulating for June 6 of 2006. Just as effective is how foreign media outlets like Tehran Times and al-Jazeera are being censored, not to mention foreign news outlets that talk about what is really going on with the american government and military such as Pravda and the Guardian are either blocked, downplayed, or ignored. Also publications like Jane’s Defense and Soldier of Fortune which give uncensored news about american warfare are being pulled from public circulation. Most telling is how many american military publications doctor facts regarding deployments, productions, and soldier’s statements, a sure sign of a destructive rot which all regimes on the verge of collapse show, as Soviet Russia demonstrated dramatically.
If one is to understand the real intentions of the american government in terms of aggression we must look at the actions of the american military and not the words from american propaganda. Many may be familiar with the air forces purchase of F-22 raptor fighters around the time Iran unveiled production of it’s Shafagh fighter. Few may also be aware of how the navy has launched new lpd ships in New Orleans, including recently the uss new york which is made from the steel from the world trade center, showing that the shipyards in Louisiana and Mississippi where navy ships are being built that hurricane Katrina went by in 2005 were not affected and giving substance to stories that the disaster was manmade. Also news about the submarines uss texas and uss hawaii and their true capability is being kept from the public, as well as that of ships like the carrier george h w bush and other surface warships, since though the official story is they are not ready they are. Most telling is the behavior of american ground forces. Tales of atrocities by american forces are nothing new. What is most telling is how the marines, army, and national guard have had trouble meeting recruiting goals and that recruiters often ignore criminal background and citizenship requirements in order to get new recruits, showing that the military is stretched thin and becoming more composed of people who would do anything criminal as new announcements that the army will ignore parts of the Geneva convention when treating prisoners. And as if to emphasize that aggression against Iran may happen the reagan carrier battle group just left the Persian gulf, the same group which was involved in exercises with the Gotland, a Swedish sub with stealth capability, in 2005, showing that they may have been monitoring Iran’s fleet, particularly it’s stealth subs, to test them out and asses Iranian defensive capabilities. Let us not also forget american black ops and support of rogue states like Israel who have harmful intentions to Iran. In other words all signs of rot that nations like nazi Germany, imperial britain, and Soviet Russia showed before they collapsed, which is something to bear in mind with american negotiations going on.
On the reverse side Iran has been doing what any nation being threatened with foreign aggression would do. As usual it has increased readiness of it’s military. However, Iran’s political leaders have announced what they would do in case of an invasion in the media, which while it may be good for morale can lead to sloppiness in preparing to defend itself. Furthermore, Iran has been focused on making missiles and developing weapons for it’s Air Force and Army but the only major weapons made for the Iranian navy have been the new stealth submarines, effective but not enough to cause major sea denial in the Persian Gulf. Diplomatically, Iran has received support from the non-Aligned nations and has managed to keep an open dialogue in terms of diplomatic negotiations, though smart enough to emphasize that it will not fall for american provocations. Just as important is how Iranian groups outside Iran that are involved in Iranian affairs are behaving. Recently the idea of Iranians from all backgrounds uniting to act in support of Iran, something I have advocated for five years, now that idea is being advocated by reza pahlavi, someone who has undermined Iranian resistance efforts and who’s actions have only harmed Iranians worldwide by collaborating with the american government. Any person who gives reza pahlavi credibility as well as any other Iranian who sells out their people to Americans who have aggressive intentions towards Iran. Even worse is how anti-war groups in America have been focusing away from Iran, either giving Iran a passing mention or focusing on issues like Darfur or Venezuela rather then on helping Iran. The same mass actions planned for Iraq are not being repeated in support of Iran and this is telling news.
Before anyone decides how to think or act on Iran they need to take a real good hard look at what is really going on. If they do they will see that things are not always as we are told to believe and that we can do something to stop aggression. All it takes is correct knowledge to take correct action.

Peter Khan Zendran