Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Iranian Naval Design Recommendations

In the past decade the Iranian Navy has made signifigant improvements to it’s Navy. This has included purchasing and constructing warships of sufficient strength to protect Iran . While this has helped bring Iran ’s Navy back up to the strength it had in 1978, when one considers the resources Iran has available it becomes clear that Iran can do more. Below are my recommendations for Iran ’s Navy.

Right now Iran ’s major Warship production facility is at Bandar Abbas. In viewing Bandar Abbas, including the nearby Qeshm port, one notices what I mean above, namely that Iran has the facilities to build larger and more effective warships along the lines of a Sovrmmennyy class DDG, Sachsen class DDG, Krivak class FFG, Shivalik class FFG, Meko 200 class FFG, Visby class FFG Shardul class LPD, Gotland class SSK, Type 039 class SSK, U-31 class SSK, in other words, warships of strength which commands international respect. Iran also has the means to develop Bushehr into a center of warship production, and if Iran were to do so it would be of strategic advantage, for Bushehr is far away from any potential naval combat zone, unlike Bandar Abbas.

The recent announcement in August 2008 of the construction of the Qaaem SSK is cause for wonder. From the descriptions it would appear that the Qaaem is of comparible size and capability to Sweden ’s Gotland class SSK, China ’s Type 039 class SSK, and Germany ’s U-31 class SSK. If Iran ’s Naval personnel are smart they would have observed the Gotland exercises conducted from 2005-7 and the incident where a Chinese Type 039 class SSK intercepted the USS Kitty Hawk, showing the superior capabilities of those SSK’s. As Iran has demonstrated the capability of the improved stealth technology of it’s Ghadir class and Nahang SSK’s it is to be anticipated the Qaaem class will incorporate these improvements, for if they do not it will be to their disadvantage. Furthermore, Iran should use the already developed technological improvements in weapons and stealth and incorporate them into larger SSK’s and should begin exploring the possibilities of SSN’s , SSGN’s, and SSBN’s for it’s defense.

At present the largest surface warship Iran operates is the Jamaran class of FFG’s. Though capable they are given the misleading title of “Destroyer” which overstates their capabilities, and the only other “Destroyer” of similar capability operated by any other navy in the World is the German Brandenburg class, and that is because it carries a reduced amount of it’s full missile payload capability due to legal reasons. Anyone who has ever viewed the Bandar Abbas drydocks and the nearby Qeshm port will immediately notice that those drydocks and port facilities can hold and produce a warship the size of a Sovremennyy class DDG, and those at Qeshm have the potential to produce ships comparable in size to Nimitz/Kuznetsov class Aircraft Carriers, seeing as how supertankers are produced at Qeshm. As with Iranian SSK’s the same principle of developing quality before quality should be applied. By producing ships like the Jamaran class FFG’s, as well as smaller warships like the Paykan class Corvettes, Iran has demonstrated it’s ability to produce ships of quality. However, ships as small as the Jamaran can not hold large weapon payloads and would have to make creative adjustments to it’s weapons arrangement to carry helicopters. Therefore it would be in Iran ’s best interest to develop at Qeshm and Bandar Abbas larger surface warships, using some of the foreign designs mentioned above.

In addition, the Amphibious and Naval Air arm of Iran ’s Navy should be strengthened. By now the Hengam class LST’s should have had ships produced to replace them, as Iran can’t operate forever ships of the Bandar Abbas and Charak class which possess rapid conversion capabilities. Though it would be smart to produce Logistical Support Ships with rapid conversion capability they should not be of secondary, not primary combat importance.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

MAJOR RI judicial changes involving Zendran

This has happened since judge gitmo williams resigned and these judges
have personal connections to myself. Judge DeRobbio was a personal
friend of mine and was the Judge who defended me in Feb 2003 when I was
charged with pepper spraying that junkie on a bus where the state
overrulled his act to throw the charges against me out, and his schedule
was messed with in the last 5 years. Those around in 2007 should know
that keough was the one who made things difficult for me during my Trial
that year and was the one who recused himself from my case sending along
to Pfeiffer. Of more recent note is the appointee for the Superior
Court, George Muksian. George was my Public defender on april 21 and
was the one who got the reduced sentence, acknowledging that I could not
bail myself out and were the bail not a problem I would have won my
case. His office was also robbed of the evidence I gave him when we
planned my appeal on the same day there was a power outting at the
howard center and channel 10 on the day we went forward with my appeal,
and George and I both agreed that judge ippolito's demands for my appeal
that I be held without bail. This timing is more than coincidental.
All these news pieces were in the providence journal.
Peter Z

By W. Zachary Malinowski

Journal Staff Writer

District Court Chief Judge Albert E. DeRobbio, 79, called a workaholic
by peers, died yesterday at his home. DeRobbio served for 32 years on
the bench.

The Providence Journal / Andrew Dickerman
PROVIDENCE — District Court Chief Judge Albert E. DeRobbio Sr., a
commanding presence on the bench who never gave thought to retiring his
black robe, died yesterday morning at his home, in the Pawtuxet Village
section of Cranston.

He was 79 years old and had worked a full day on Friday.

“Describing him as a workaholic was an understatement,” said Superior
Court Presiding Justice Joseph F. Rodgers Jr. “I think Al used to get
upset that there were only 24 hours in a day.”

Word of DeRobbio’s death quickly spread through the courts and judicial
system yesterday morning and several longtime court workers said that
DeRobbio had told them that he would never retire and that they would
have to remove him from the bench in “a body bag.”

It also marked the second death in three days of a state court judge. On
Friday, Family Court Judge Gilbert T. Rocha passed away.

Yesterday, Governor Carcieri ordered all state flags lowered to
half-staff until DeRobbio and Rocha are laid to rest.

“The passing of Judge DeRobbio and Judge Rocha, both dedicated public
servants, is a great loss for the judicial community and the people of
Rhode Island,” said Carcieri. “Judge DeRobbio has left an indelible mark
on our state’s court system.”

Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch called DeRobbio “a tremendous force
and presence in our justice system,” while Col. Brendan P. Doherty,
superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police, characterized the chief
judge as “a giant,” who was always willing to help law enforcement.

Doherty recalled that, when he was a young state police detective,
DeRobbio was never bothered by a knock on his door at 1 a.m. to sign an
arrest warrant for a drug sweep or mob raid.

Family Court Chief Judge Jeremiah S. Jeremiah Jr. described DeRobbio as
a “workaholic” who “really straightened out” the traffic court. “He’s a
real gentleman and a very knowledgeable guy,” he said. “He could quote
the law any time you needed it.

“Al was a personal friend of mine who got me started in Republican
politics” in Cranston in the early 1960s, Jeremiah said. “I will miss

DeRobbio, with 32 years on the bench, was the longest-serving state
court judge behind Rodgers, who has been a judge two years longer. Gov.
Philip W. Noel appointed DeRobbio to the District Court bench in 1976,
and two years later he was appointed to a seat on the Superior Court and
remained there for nine years.

DeRobbio never shied from using his high-profile appointment as a bully

In 1983, DeRobbio told an antinuclear activist that he had “spit” on the
U.S. Constitution by choosing to serve time in jail instead of paying $5
in restitution for participating in a demonstration outside the Electric
Boat plant at Quonset Point.

“I think you must know by now where my heart is,” declared the

DeRobbio interjected, “I want to know where your brain is.”

In 1987, Gov. Edward D. DiPrete appointed DeRobbio chief judge of the
District Court, replacing the late Henry E. Laliberte.

DeRobbio quickly made his mark as chief judge. In the early 1990s, he
consolidated much of the District Court system, shutting down small
courts in places such as Pawtucket, Cranston, Woonsocket and Warren. The
move, at the time, was controversial as police departments complained
that they had to transport prisoners to the Garrahy Judicial Complex, on
Dorrance Street in Providence.

Others, such as Judge Rodgers, supported the move because it made more
judges available in Providence to handle arraignments that might pop up
late in the afternoon.

A few years later, in the late ’90s, DeRobbio took over the troubled
Administrative Adjudication Court, otherwise known as the traffic court,
on Harris Avenue. At the time, the court was under siege over
uncollected fines, lengthy backlogs and allegations of ticket-fixing.
The record keeping was so woeful that the court’s computers listed $39
million in “uncollected” fines, but auditors could not determine whether
the $39 million represented unpaid tickets, or if some of the money was
stolen or lost.

DeRobbio seemed to relish the challenge of improving the traffic court
and its 80 employees, which nearly doubled the number of workers he
supervised as chief judge. Over eight years, DeRobbio professionalized
the traffic court and he was instrumental in converting the old
Administrative Adjudication Court next to a strip club to a sparkling
new Traffic Tribunal near the grounds of the Adult Correctional
Institutions, in Cranston.

Last year, the General Assembly removed the Traffic Tribunal from
DeRobbio’s jurisdiction and created the position of chief magistrate.
Legislators denied they were exacting revenge for DeRobbio’s failure to
pick magistrate candidates favored by Assembly leaders.

DeRobbio continued hearing a full caseload in his fourth-floor courtroom
in District Court, despite suffering from diabetes and worsening
eyesight. In recent years, he relied on a large magnifying glass to
review cases from the bench.

District Court Judge Michael A. Higgins will serve as acting chief judge
until a replacement is named for DeRobbio, who earned $181,121 a year.
The deaths of DeRobbio and Rocha leave six vacancies in the state
courts. Less than two weeks ago, Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank J.
Williams abruptly announced that he was stepping down after eight years.
And, earlier this month, Family Court Judge Howard I. Lipsey announced
he was retiring.

There are two other vacancies: another on the District Court following
Judge Walter Gorman’s announcement last March that he is retiring; and
last spring’s announcement that Superior Court Judge Vincent A. Ragosta
was stepping down.

Williams, the departing chief justice, said the deaths of Rocha and
DeRobbio “hit our justice system hard.”

“Both men were great leaders and hard workers, and shared our vision for
increasing access to justice and making our courts more user friendly,”
he said. “While they will be missed, they would be the first to insist
on the continuation of our justice system for the people.”

01:00 AM EST on Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Journal Staff

Joseph A. Keough has stepped down after 11 years as a special magistrate
on the Superior Court.

His retirement, effective Dec. 20, was confirmed yesterday by Rhode
Island chief court spokesman Craig Berke.

Paid an annual salary of $141,515 at the point he stepped down, Keough,
67, a former state representative, had been a magistrate since 1997.
Before that, he had been the chief judge of the Pawtucket Municipal

Berke said he did not know whether Keough’s position will be filled. The
appointment lies with Superior Court Presiding Justice Joseph F. Rodgers
Jr., subject to confirmation by the Senate, Berke said.

Magistrates are appointed to 10-year terms.

In just a matter of weeks, two judges retired and two died, expanding
the work of the Judicial Nominating Commission. (Superior Court
magistrates do not fall under that panel’s purview.)

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank J. Williams and Family Court
Judge Howard I. Lipsey have announced their plans to retire this week.
Family Court Judge Gilbert T. Rocha, 77, died Dec. 19 after a brief
illness, and District Court Chief Judge Albert E. DeRobbio Sr., 79, died
three days later.

01:00 AM EST on Monday, December 29, 2008

By Katie Mulvaney

Journal Staff Writer

In just a matter of weeks, the workload of the panel that selects candidates for state judgeships grew –– significantly — with the retirement of two judges and the deaths of two others.

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank J. Williams and Family Court Judge Howard I. Lipsey have announced their plans to retire a week from tomorrow. Family Court Judge Gilbert T. Rocha, 77, died Dec. 19 after a brief illness, and District Court Chief Judge Albert E. DeRobbio Sr., 79, died three days later.

Now, the nine-member Judicial Nominating Commission must begin the task of selecting finalists for the lifetime posts. Coveted in the legal community, judgeships carry salaries upwards of $130,000 and generous pensions upon retirement.

Stephen J. Carlotti, chairman of the nominating commission, was surprised to learn of DeRobbio’s passing but was already preparing for busy months ahead.

“Oh boy,” he said, adding “We’ll just keep running along. The Judicial Nominating Commission is going to be perpetually in session until the merry month of May.”

He expected to begin publishing advertisements this week for candidates for the chief justice seat, with an application deadline of Jan. 30. The remaining positions will run on roughly parallel tracks, with each ad being displayed about 30 days, he said.

The commission must then pore over the 18-page applications returned and select which candidates to interview publicly. It has 90 days to present a list of finalists to the governor.

In addition, a single vacancy each remains on the District and Superior Court benches after retirements last spring. Those two seats await nominations from Governor Carcieri after the commission recommended finalists for the posts several months ago.

In July, the Judicial Nominating Commission recommended five candidates for the District Court opening created by the retirement of Judge Walter Gorman last March. They include Joseph A. DiPietro, J. Terence Houlihan Jr., Laura A. Pisaturo, Margaret M. Lynch-Gadaleta, and Paul D. Ragosta.

That same month, the commission chose five finalists for the Superior Court vacancy resulting from Judge Vincent A. Ragosta’s retirement in May. They include Fausto C. Anguilla, Stephen M. Isherwood, Henry S. Monti, George M. Muksian, and James V. Murray.

Under state law, the governor should have forwarded a nominee for Senate consideration in 21 days.

Asked about the delay, Carcieri spokeswoman Amy Kempe said: “Choosing a judge is a very thoughtful and considerable process. The governor is still reviewing the nominations put forth by the JNC, as well as the list of available individuals from other nomination lists.”

Under a law he pushed for, Carcieri may also choose from any list of court finalists generated over the previous five years.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Culminating Repercussions of “Fallout”

Over the past 6 months the repercussions of my “Fallout” series have been evident. This has been shown in the locations uncensored and those who continue to spread misinformation continue their behaviors.
This was demonstrated in July 2008, when MSN finally uncensored Karlskrona. With Karlskrona uncensored, every great Naval base, with the possible exception of Donghae, is now available to be viewed on satellite. When one looks at the images of Karlskrona one sees Sweden’s best, and some of the World’s, best Warships. This includes the Uppland, Halland, Sodermanland and Oster SSK’s, 4 Visby class FFG’s, the Stockholm, Malmo, Goteborg, and Kalmar FF’s, and Various LS and PT like the Carlskrona and dozens of craft, including the ex Neptun and Najad SSK’s. Overall, a long overdue view of strength.
The second major uncensoring by MSN was that of Ferrol. There one will see the Juan Carlos I CV halfway through construction, the Alvaro de Bazan and Blas de Lezo DDG’s, the entire Baleares class FFG’s and various FF and PT craft. There one will see the Norwegian FFG’s Roald Amundsen and Otto Sverdrup fitting out and the Helge Ingstad under construction. Like Karlskrona, this view is one of strength long overdue, especially the view of the Juan Carlos I.
These are among the more prominent of the bases uncensored by MSN. Others include Lagos, Mina Salman to name a few, yet only a few continue to be shown. Perhaps MSN, like Yahoo, does not realize that unlike google/wiki their sites do not allow vandalism and misinformation.
This continues to happen on google/wiki. One good example is Yokosuka. There it has been updated to allow one to view the JDS Hyuga CV under construction, in addition to other of Japan’s best ships, as well as the USS Seawolf SSN during one of it’s visits. As usual the wikifreaks barely noticed it until someone like myself updated the information, and as usual the wikifreaks put inaccurate and wrong info up. The same thing is going on with China At Qingdao one will see the Xia SSBN and all five Type 091 SSN’s, along with several Type 039 and Type 033 SSK’s. As usual the wikifreaks put up the wrong info, labeling the Xia and the SSN’s as Type 039 class SSK’s. It is only a matter of time before the wikifreaks notice Ningbo is now fully uncensored and put up their nonsense about the Chinese SSK’s that are visible. The same is true for Singapore and Simonstown. In Singapore one will see the four new FFG of Singapore’s navy, at Simonstown one will see South Africa’s two new SSK’s as well as the Mendi FFG in drydock and an Amatola class FFG in port. As usual the wikifreaks are not letting anyone put up accurate information.
All the more noticeable is that most locations on google/wiki have not been updated. That these locations are updated less often is a sign that the providers of these images are becoming conscious of the misuse that would occur should they make them available. That other servers including Yahoo and MSN update and add new images is good, yet more could be done.
One other thing should be noted here. Recently MSN has set it’s site so that you can no longer print out Birds eye view satellite images. In doing so they have unnecessarilly censored an excellent feature of online satellite imaging.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Zendran vs. the nigger

This is an account of the reasons the new american presidential administration has threatened my life and that of that of my family. At first glance the incoming american president and I seem to share certain qualities, yet it is the differences regarding those qualities among other things which has caused the new american president and his administration to menace and threaten me. Those who know me assume this has to do with their stance on Iran and Iranian affairs, but it goes more deeper than that.
Much of the menace occurred during the presidential campaign. When the issue of his citizenship was brought up, as he does not have an original birth certificate, his campaign team claimed that it was impossible for someone to have more than one birth certificate. People like myself who do not have an original birth certificate soon proved them wrong. In my case immigration proved that not only I but my paternal grandfather, his mother, and his siblings did not have original birth certificates, as they were smuggled into america in 1924 illegally.
The issue of Iranian affairs is just as pressing and older than the election campaign. My taking issue with him and his associates supporting sanctions against Iran, and as a result creating further ethnic/racial tensions, is old news, few realize the impact his wife michelle has on Iranian affairs. The law firm she is involved with, sidney & austin, is also patronized by shahbanou farah and reza pahlavi, who have long schemed to provoke american aggresion against Iran to restore themselves as rulers of Iran. I have already described from what those who have felt the aggression of farah and her backers know, that farah and her supporters are ruthless and have long plotted to exterminate the Pahlavi family and other Iranian aristocratic families who successfully oppose them, mine included. Since their exile they have long backed the republicans in attempts to do this, but recently they have decided to make a hedge by backing the democrats. This connection means that the nigger is considering invading Iran for this purpose, using issues like Iran’s Nuclear program or establishing peace as a smokescreen for this purpose, and possibly to further balkanize historical Iranian territory.
Those who criticize my referring to the new american president as a nigger need only look at his black supremacist connections. The news about rev. wright is old news, as most people do not notice that his brother in law took the job at oregon state, where he personally sent me menacing e-mails in september 2008, to leave the black supremacist brown university, who’s president, ruth simmons, has packed that university with fellow black supremacists like her chief of police, mark porter, who has been instrumental in arming campuses, including brown, and in arming them teaching them methods in which to violate people’s rights particularly by using the fact that campus police are private law enforcement and therefore not accountable directly to the public, and her vice president of administration walter hunter who is literally a homeless man who was given a cushy job, which has included spying on people, just because he is a black african. People like this are living definitions of the word nigger. The activities of that nigger porter parallel those of biden, who along with his son have used creative menacing tactics to violate people’s rights. This has come in handy for their new world order cronies as they seek to oppress those who oppose them, as I will personally attest to later. The connections shit like this has needs to be explored.
By associating with black supremacist brown one is associated with goldman sachs, the same corporation that constituted itself as a bank in order to swindle american taxpayers out of their money so goldman sachs could enrich itself. It would not have been able to do this were not the treasury secretary a former goldman sachs executive. People associated with goldman sachs have been invited to deal at brown, to help brainwash students and to illicitly enrich itself. Then again, it should be old news and obvious that by appointing the president of the federal reserve bank of New York as treasury secretary, with the federal reserve responsible for helping goldman sachs constitute itself as a bank then engineering the bailout which helped goldman sachs along with 6 other major banks enrich themselves, that the nigger is playing the game of the federal reserve and it’s rothschild backers by such behavior.
One needs to pay attention to another cabinet appointment, that of hillary clinton. Despite her image she is very much a puppet of others, including dick holbrooke. Through him I have been personally menaced when he was at the watson institute at brown university, as he was the one who made the crank complaint to the brown pigs about me on april 17, 2008 claiming I was menacing him just by walking into the building where his office is. The real reason for his feeling menaced in all probability is my exposing his work for the evil it is. In 2007 when he gave a lecture at brown on global affairs he mentioned in his speech that plans to make kosovo independent were being concocted in america, not in kosovo, and by his mentioning this was demonstrating complicity in this violation of foreign sovereignty. I took it upon myself to e-mail copies of the video of his speech to Serbian Prime Minister Kostunica and Croatian Premier Sanader. If holbrooke would fear me for something like this then this action shows that him and his associates have something to hide that they did wrong.
One other little dirty trick I had managed to expose was the jewish immigrant scam, which had targeted myself, john kerry, madeline albright, to name a few. This scam involved some unknown source claiming someone in a position of influence had mysterious jewish origins, and would usually be revealed at a crucial time as was done to albright and kerry. In my case these rumors had been kicking around and when I was in New York in June 2008 I finally took the opportunity to silence those rumors once and for all by catching slip ups in immigration and other government records.
If anyone wants to contact me further on this feel free to contact me. I know there are others out there that have had similar experiences and by publishing this I encourage others to speak out against further american government abuses and not allow them to continue.

Peter Z

Monday, December 08, 2008

Open letter to leslie yeransian

I have spent the past few months wondering if my assisting you in you in your troubles since August, and now I am not sure if I did the right thing.

Regarding your being dropped from wjar as bad as the station behaved towards you you were not so clean yourself. You did not prepare for such an incident, and when it did happen you depended on everyone lese to do everything for you. You forgot that defense is a partnership and as a result you were not straightforward with those who worked with you, and could not act coherently. Small wonder you were not a hot topic and you got knocked around.

Even if you were in the right as far as that story was concerned you were not in the right on some of your other stories. Looking over some of them it becomes apparent you did not always realize when those you were interviewing were misleading you, you did not always search for other perspectives and double check your work, and you made slip ups in some of your work. Therefore you did not always work hard and your work deserves criticism. I even wonder the real reasons you did not last long at your other jobs.

Consider yourself as a person. You have trouble taking criticism from others and assume you are right when you are not. You do not consider others around you. You play headgames with those who are serious and sincere to you. You demand behaviors of others, like politeness and consideration, that you do not always demonstrate yourself.

Why do I say this? Because I was one of those you behaved this way towards and who you snubbed. I am not sure if you were ever honest with me, as I was always honest and straightforward with you. I thought you were sincere, but instead you turned out to be a twofaced, classist, idiotic bitch and a waste of time and money.

To think I actually cared about you.


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Zendran legal/financial situation update

I just found this out last night.
The branch of washington trust that filed the bogus charges in 2006 of which I was found Not Guilty in 2007 has been forced to close down. That bank is maintaining a presence in providence however with a new branch in the old federal reserve building, however it is not clear if that new branch is renting space at that location. What is clear is that washington trust's business is taking a hit as people are beginning to wake up to their tricks.
Peter Z

Friday, December 05, 2008

Who is Worth Saving?

Over the past few years I have tried to be optimistic about things. Living in the most oppressive nation in the world, america, where I dealt with with people who said they cared about making things better helped keep up this optimism, after all why shouldn’t I be optimistic wehndealing with people who want to do something positive. The events of 2008 have been an all too realistic reminder of the worst in america and humanity, as people allowed themselves to make changes for the worse, contradicting what they know to be right, making me question this optimism.

Politically, this is most obvious. In 2008 the people of america had a chance to make some changes for the good by either putting people into elected office or rising up against their corrupt government. Instead of taking this chance and acting on their pent up frustrations they instead helped to put in power candidates more corrupt and evil than those they had complained about, for the nigger who won the presidential election did it by more devious means than any candidate in history. The promises of change were pitched in a way to appeal to people in the same way hitler pitched his programs to the people of Germany, by appealing to their worst senses and confirming their worst vices, with the same effect of people falling hook, line and sinker for the nigger’s lies, for his change is a change for the worse. Then again, the people who welcome this change are not only the corporate leeches listed below but your average mass of thoughtless sheepole who think nothing of what really makes the World around them. The change will not include the elimination of homeland security, the patriot act, and other government acts that have turned America into a dystopia in which any punk with a badge will use that badge as an excuse to rob, shoot, beat, kill, maim, imprison, or deprive anyone of their rights. Nor should we forget that in the new administration everyone between the ages of 18-25 will be required to perform government service, and in doing this not only is bringing back the draft but slavery. Despite promising to fix the economy the only people who are benefitting are his federal reserve, goldman sachs, sidney austin, and other wall street cronies who financed the nigger’s campaign while american’s struggle with daily expenses. For members of his government some of the worst people who have exploited the human race in america and abroad are being chosen. And to make things worse dialogues with foreign leaders are being established, including with countries like Iran and Pakistan who are threatened with american aggression.

The case of Iran is most interesting. While Iran’s president sent his congratulations, as did many other world leaders with optimistic expectations of the nigger, Ahmadinejad sent his usual lecturing message along with his letter like the ones he has sent to bush in the past. While this may seem prudent to Ahmadinejad his letter is in fact naïve, sent to a person who will pretend to be welcoming while plotting the destruction of the very person he claims to be a friend of. Notice how the nigger’s backers include sidney and austin law firm, the same firm employed by reza and farah pahlavi in their plotting to reestablish their control over Iran, and their plans include collaborating with the mullahs in control of Iran. Four years ago it appeared they would not succeed. Today the Iranian community in Iran and abroad has largely shown itself to be as lazy as the cat called persian and largely unable to focus on real action. I should not have to repeat how most Iranians are unwilling to show up at anti-war demos where they are misrepresented, or overconcentrate on the issue of the name Persian Gulf but do next to nothing about being defamed elsewhere, or confuse political, legal, and cultural issues, but it bears repeating. One example of overfocus is on stories of abuse of women and children in Iran, you have people like jendeh ebadi and jendeh nazanian who repeat scripted accounts of dubious abuses, which make things worse for those suffering real abuse and ignoring the root of the problems. Much like America Iran’s population has issues with it’s government, but largely falls for the same spin their politicos tell them or are too lazy and apathetic to get involved in economic, military, and cultural affairs. Now that America is stepping up aggression in Pakistan, in addition to Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Caucasus, all historic Iranian territory, people in Iran should care, but by their actions they are saying they do not.

The same is true around the World, be it in Asia, Europe, Africa, or Latin America. People in countries Worldwide are either blissfully ignorant, complicit, or too lazy to do something about the oppressive regimes which effect them daily. That leads to the question, who is worth saving? As harsh as the criteria may sound, the answer is those who are willing to take constructive action against those who oppress others. As it stands, there are too few people like that around. Most people fall for the very people who oppress them as history has demonstrated all too well, and once again the people of the World are allowing history to repeat itself. For those in America that constructive action means not getting involved with the criminal government that is oppressing people and ruining the live of people in America and the World, and to fight back by any means necessary and not shirk extreme measures to ensure one’s survival. The rest of the World, particularly non-English speaking cultures, has realized this, everyone else should to. Our survival and lives are ours to loose.