Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Recieved from Iran's President

This is a copy of what I recieved from iran's president.

Email to President

from: peterkhanzendran@fastmail.fm
name: Peter Khan Zendran
No: 128440
Recv Date: 1385/07/03
Print Date 1385/08/09

Subject: Salaam/your UN event

Presidnet Ahmadinejad I congratulate you on your speech at the UN. There is something I think you should know about your UN trip. On 14/9/2006, my 28's birthday my friend William Beeman mentioned to me about your coming to the UN to speak and asked me if I was interested in going. As much as I wanted I could not go due to the following reason. I could not make it since I had to appear the day after your speach in court for a charge which is for something that was not a crime and motivated by political harassment. That harassment included a police officer in providence, rhode island, where Dr. beeman and I do most of our work, ask me if I was going to help america get you after he found out I was half-Iranian. Not only did I refuse to answer that question, which is illegal for a police officer to ask but many people in RI were outraged and the ACLU even has complained about that officer's remarks. The full details of that incident are available on my blog, which is linked below this meggage. Remember, this is the kind of government that exists in america. Also are you on myspace? There are a few pages on myspace claiming to be of you but which appear to be impersonators. Zende Bash Peter Khan Zendran http://www.peterkhanzendran.com http://peterkhanzendran.blogspot.com http://www.myspace.com/peterkhanzendran -- http://www.fastmail.fm - A no graphics, no pop-ups email service

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Final Reply : Dear Peter Khan Zendran

We beg to inform you that your E.letter date 2006/09/25 was received.

with regard

The Islamic Republic of IRAN presidential site

End of Message

(C) 2001 http://www.president.ir

Zendran legal update

Just giving an update on the latest developments in my legal situation, things are moving real fast.
Thursday I sent out letters to Judges Rodgers, DeRobbio, and Ippolito about the report that was read at my arraignment being missing from my case file. When I went to drop off a copy of that letter to the Providence FBI office I was met with an odd response. I was told a copy of my letter would not be necessary to update my complaint, and that the FBI Civil Rights office would only investigate actively if something drastic happened or once my criminal trial was over, not considering that I have a case that has been going in federal court since October 2004 against those officers who have continued to harass me. I was told that the local authorities would be given precedence by the FBI agent, who interestingly enough was wearing a counterterrorism division shirt.
On Friday I visited the RI ACLU office and spoke with them about my case. Since I was arrested after I had stopped by to drop of my authorization for the ACLU to investigate the ACLU would allow me to add that incident to my complaint and they will investigate it.
On monday I recieved a letter from RI Superior Court at my old address which was passed on to me, informing me I have a January 3, 2007 Determination of Attorney appearance, which is on Maidyarem Ghambar and as a result I can't attend. I stopped by the Clerk's office and gave them my correct address and was told i would have to meet with the RIAG's office to have the date changed.
Today I stopped by the RIAG's office at the courthouse about having the date changed and I was told I would have to file a Motion to have the date changed.
How things will go from today remains to be seen, but I will keep things updated.
Peter Zendran

Sunday, October 22, 2006

RI nwo candidates

I think I better get this out before the election is over. These are some candidates who should NOT be in any office.
Running for RI Governor, charles fogarty. This bastard and his family have pumped millions of dollars into abusive state run facilities like harmony hill where children are abused, in some cases causing lifelong damage. He has also helped ensure that social services for people in RI are ineffective wastes of money by helping only those that are selected, making a big publicity stink, and ignoring those screwed over. Has packed law enforcement agencies with personal friends to hush up dissenters and supported more oppressive prison programs. Plus a major fema supporter, partly responsible for distrubiting incorrect disaster relief info this summer and someone who has repeated the same abuses at guantanamo by ensuring more troops from RI were stationed at guantanamo and putting a spin on it to encourage popular support..
Running for RI Lt. governor, reggie centracchio. Former ranking officer in the RI national guard, this bastard is one person responsible for stationing more RI troops at guantanamo, encouraging the abuses suffered there by detainees. Another individual responsible for fema's actions in RI.
For US Senate, sheldon whitehouse. F A member of skull and bones who as RI attorney general was responsible for oppressive weapons laws which have encouraged abuses by RI law enforcement officals , unconstitutional actions, and a backlog in the RI legal system.
let us not forget that sicko who is running for mayor of providence, sissyweenie. This asshole has through his actions increased police brutality in providence, keeping providence second in incidents of police brutality in america, has encouraged corrupt businesses to move into providence, costing the losses of many jobs, and ensuring action groups are ineffective. let us not forget before getting into the mayors office he raped, and continues to rape, men for pleasure and manipulated evidence in the plunder dome trial.
Needless to say, people like that should NOT be in any elected office.
Peter Z

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Zendran-9/11 connection

Just recently when searching for an old friend, Jim Olive, the son of my
former tutor Norton William Olive, I made a startling discovery.
Remembering that Jim had graduated from the Coast Guard Academy, and
that his parents among others had pressured me to enter the Coast Guard
Academy as well, and that he had a distinguished career in the 90's,
being last assigned to the nyc port authority in the late 90's, I did a
google search on him. What I found was shocking.
On 9/11 Jim, then a Lt. Commander in the Coast Guard, was Chief of the
Surface Forces Branch at Activities New York. This meant he was in a
command position during the 9/11 incident. What is even more
signifigant is that his father, Norton William Olive, the same man I
have quoted in articles published on David Icke's site and the Hidden
Mysteries site, is a former business partner of the Rothschild family,
personally knowing Victor and Jacob Rothschild, among others. This was
the same man who educated me about the shadow government, money and
financial manipulation, correct history, among others. I have even
saved the letters I shared with Norton William and his widow, Julia, in
which we talk about those subjects back in 1997-8. If anyone is
interested in seeing copies of those letters let me know and I will copy
and mail to whoever wishes to see them.
Peter Z

Update on Zendran court situation

I just paid a visit to RI Superior Court Clerk's office. It turned out
they recently recieved my case but the report that was read at my
arraignment was not included in my case file. Also the ppd is not
releasing the report to public records.
I have also spoken with the RI Attorney General's office and they are
also looking into my situation as well and taking a complaint from me as
Peter Z

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tightening the Screws

Today as I write this it seems that american plans for launching some strike against Iran are being put into place. If anything american actions recently show that war is on it’s mind for Iran. If you doubt this consider how america’s forces are behaving recently.
In early October the new aircraft carrier uss george h w bush was launched, somewhat ahead of schedule, and plans to build the next carrier, the uss gerald r ford, are being put into place. Just two weeks before the navy also launched it’s first littoral combat ship, designed to deploy troops to shore positions faster and to handle and assess threats from foreign combatants. Already the uss dwight d Eisenhower has been ordered to deploy with it’s battle group to the Persian Gulf. This is to augment the iwo jima strike force, consisting of three amphibious attack ships and their support vessels. The Eisenhower has been undergoing refit, meaning it’s structure is more vulnerable, and the crippling of the ins hanit by Hezbollah used Iranian technology in July 2006 has shown that american warships in carrier battle groups, which are similarly built in hull structure, can be easily taken out by Iranian technology. Also the american military has retired the F-14 Tomcat fighters from service, in all likelihood an attempt to free up money to be spent on the F-22 and other new fighter aircraft the ameircan military is producing. Considering how many of these ships are old and american air and ground forces in Afghanistan and Iraq are short on material this assumption is a logical one.
Should the american military attempt such an attack in all likelihood it would be a failure. The american government is unpopular and it knows it. Judging by the domestic steps it is taking one can only conclude that some sort of crackdown is being prepared. In late September congress passed a bill granting the government the power to detain anyone indefinitely who it suspected of being an enemy combatant. Though similar laws since 9/11 have been passed the timing of this is a sign that something is being considered, namely a crackdown on American citizens who oppose their government’s criminal actions. Consider also how communications lines with the representatives of governments who question American acts and preparations for aggression are occurring. For instance the Russian ambassador to the UN’s e-mails are frequently blocked, as are the Chinese ambassador to the UN’s e-mails. Such an act is done to prevent representatives of foreign governments from hearing how people in america really feel about their government. Such blocking of communications sparked former Iranian President Khatami to tour america so that he would be able to more directly communicate with america to prevent aggression against his country. Hopefully the representatives of Russia, China, Germany, France, and Britain will remember this when they meet to consider action to be taken against Iran, since such actions occurred three years ago when the issue of Iraq was at stake. Already american bakdealing has helped cause a rift in the Shanghai Cooperative Organization nations and China and Russia are taking little action to heal this rift. They would do well to remember that after Iran's defeat over Herat in the 1830's as the result of western manipulation China and the rest of Asia soon feel under western influence. Today, these Asian nations should unite instead of allowing divisions to form.
Khatami’s tour of america showed much of how the american government is planning aggression against Iran. For one, the american government financed demonstrators who protested Khatami’s speeches throughout his american tour. This would have gone unnoticed had not the demonstrators themselves bragged about how the american government was financing their protests. Even more noticeable was what happened when Khatami traveled to the Boston area. The governor of massachusetts mitt Romney ordered all law enforcement agencies to refuse Khatami protection, casting the specter of some act of violence, possibly american backed, against Khatami. In response to this the mayors of Boston and Cambridge ordered their police departments to provide protection for Khatami’s visit. They not only did this but in doing so they prevented any act of violence from occurring. Just as alarming was the fact that many Iranian groups and groups who oppose american aggression did not plan to take action to protect Khatami. Case in point; the Nation of Islam would not plan any actions in support of Khatami for his Boston visit, citing the guarantee of security by those aforementioned mayors as a reason not to mobilize. Their refusal was flawed for several reasons. First, it deprived Iranians of extra support to counter the government backed protesters and since groups like answer and ufpj would not mobilize many in the anti-war movement were deprived of extra support to attend Khatami’s event. Second, if the security forces arranged for Khatami’s visit turned on him or someone made an assassination attempt there would have been extra people to take retaliatory action. This is something people should bear in mind for future occurrences.
Just as alarming is the treatment of Iranians and of those who oppose american aggression. Once again these people are on the receiving end of harassment, be it arrests on false and frivolous charges, harassment by electronic surveillance, wiretapping, mail tampering, and stalking. Unlike three years ago there is a clear lack of leaders and many in the anti-war movement and other dissidents are too scared to take constructive action. Even worse is how today Iranian groups and other so-called dissident groups are encouraged not to speak out and are rewarded by the government for it, and some groups even placed in situations where they are provoked into action. One instance occurred in January 2006 at MIT. Throughout that month several Iranian studies groups held lectures which were open to the public. What most of the attendants were unaware of was that in the building next to where the lectures were being held the nanotechnology lab, where work on american military projects occurs, was left unsecured. Had some attack on the nanotech lab occurred most certainly the Iranian student groups would have been blamed. Also noticeable is how Iranian groups at colleges are discouraged from inviting speakers who express dissenting and anti-war views to speak at campuses and from being involved in social justice events. Even more alarming is how Iranian organizations are often discouraged from getting involved in social justice and in supporting Iranians who are on the receiving end of government harassment, let alone organizing any event more controversial than a No Ruz celebration. Such behaviors are the signs of groups that either accept their persecution or are too lazy to do anything about it.
During times of crisis people should never hesitate to resist any attack against themselves. In this day and age the majority of Iranians in america appear to be tolerating, or too weak to do anything about, the persecution they are receiving. This behavior must be reversed if Iranians, let alone any ethnic group, in america are to avoid the fate of similar groups in nazi germany.

Peter Khan Zendran

Friday, October 06, 2006

Watson guantanamo event

If some of you wonder why I was busy thursday it was because I was this
event below most of the day.
One thing they don't mention is that the participants were not properly
linked up so people at Watson could not send questions to the panelists.
Plus Sarah havens even previewed some the lyrics of a rap song written
by a guantanamo detainee from Yemen which she said Eminem will be
Peter Khan Zendran

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ALERT; Zendran again harassed by providence pigs

This just happened yesterday one half hour after I had a document notarized authorizing the RI ACLU to investigate harassment I was recieving from the ppd.
Yesterday shortly after 2:00 PM I was pulled off the #66 bus by two ppd officers, one badge # 628, the other san antonio badge # 604 who I have named in my federal lawsuit against the ppd for violating my rights. My backpack was searched without my consent and my 2 inch buckknife was stolen. Later two more ppd officers arrived, a sergant, badge # 55, and slater, badge # 365 wo I also have named in my federal lawsuit against the ppd for violating my rights. All four ppd officers were not wereing their nametags on their uniforms. I refused to say anything other than that I was being harassed and my property was stolen and was led into the back of a ppd car and # 628 transported to ppdhq. While being processed # 628 called me slurs including retard, freak, and hippie, threatened that if he saw me on the street he would make up charges against me to arrest me and also threatened to break my teeth and pull out m hair if he ever saw me. While my property was being inventoried the duty officer stole a pool ball which he found in my backpack and # 628 said he refused to return my buckknife. I was led to a cell after a phone call I made reached an answering machine and was denied the right to make a call later, and the phone in the cell I was in was broken. Around 3:00 Pm a detective approached my cell, asked me if I had any serious medical conditions, to which I said no. I then refused to make any further statements and when he said I was being charged for disorderly conduct for spitting on washington trust bank on washington st. in providence he refused to tell me for which incidents I was being charged with. I replied that spitting on a bank was not disorderly conduct nor any other criminal violation and when I asked for that detective's name he falsely replied he was colonel esserman. That same detecive had harassed me in downtown providence monday which I filed a complaint with the RI ACLU about. Later that night when taken to be photographed and fingerprinted i said I was doing so under protest, and was told that I was the first person to be photographed with the ppd's new irisscan.
This morning I was brought to sixth district court and arraigned before judge Ippolito. The report was read and i was accused of spitting on washington trust bank on washington st. at times and dates which I did not, particularly on the day I was stopped by those four when I did not walk by washington trust at all during the day and the time coincided when I was at the RI ACLU office. I did not point this out to the judge but when asked if I had a record the case I had in providence Municipal Court in May/June 2004 was brought up and I explained to the judge that case was dismissed. Even though judge Ippolito admitted he was a washington trust customer he released me on $1,000 Personal Recognizance and placed a no contact order on the washington st. branch of washington trust bank after I pled Not Guilty, asked to have the case heard in RI Superior Court, and asked to appear Pro Se. I was later released and soon contacted the FBI, informing them of this latest incident and the harassment I continue to recieve from the ppd. Needless to say i will fight this and any assistance is appreciated.
Peter Zendran