Friday, July 06, 2018

On byron preiss boston treasure box location

With the recent surge in attention that byron preiss treasure boxes have received because of the archeological hack josh gates I began researching the boston box which is described in verse 3 of preiss's "the secret".
As most believe that the back bay fens secition is the location, specifically mothers rest and/or the charlesgate circles as the prime location they are very off.
Last night and early this morning I visited the fens and made interesting discoveries.
When I visited mothers rest I noticed there is no way any treasure box could be there, as it had recently been turned into a children's playground, and the construction would have easily uncovered anything buried
The charlesgate circles were more interesting as I noticed not only are they located close to boston university and commonwealth avenue, the local homeless community has been digging there and in the fens, as the picture I took below demonstrates
Notice how the area not only has been dug up but also the debris left behind by homeless people using the area as a squat who have been digging there as they focused on the most obvious point, as the circles have fallen into serious disrepair, and had these people found the treasure box it would have made the news easily
To think these people looking for the treasure box can be so off, as I know the location of the real park the boston box, and the only clue I will give is that that park is dedicated to the person who first taught me to hate america when I was a child, and if you still can not figure it out then preiss really jewed you.