Sunday, June 21, 2015

Major new french warship for egypt

The possession of this ship by egypt will alter the strategic balance in the region, as Iran, Turkey, saudi arabia, and israel would be hard put against this ship in a one-on-one situation
Even more concerning is that france would fasttrack this for egypt but withhold the helicopter carriers it built for Rossiya.

Update on Russian/french carrier dispute

That Rossiya would announce it will manufacture it's own Amphibious/Helicopter Carriers is no surprise and would explain the image of this construction in Sankt Peterburg's Admiralty Shipyards of objects similar in size to Mistral class Carriers
Even though Rossiya, or any nation, has yet to receive the Vladivostok and Sevastopol, the construction of the stern sections has been an excellent training experience for the workers at Admiralty shipyards, and the Voeno-Morskoye Flot personnel who trained aboard those ships have invaluable knowledge which can be used by the Voeno-Morskoye Flot gto make similar warships
Expect Rossiya to be operating Amphibious/Helicopter Carriers in the near future.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Zendran arrested/rights violated for Iranian activisim in watertown

Yesterday I attended the Iranian american picnic in Watertown, partly ensure that steve gillis and his workers world punks, including steve kirschbaum, who have threatened Iranians, including my relatives, did not show up per their invitation from mass peace action.  During the speeches when I booed those who supported the p5+1 resolution which would limit Iran’s nuclear program an off duty cop who was there, harold physic, of 731 belmont st, belmont, complained about my action. I told him I was exercising free speech and he needed to mind his business.  One hour later some troublemaker came speeding toward me on a bike, and I stopped him and told him to get away from me.  Within minutes of his leaving physic returned and said I needed to leave, and I refused.  He then got close so that he was physically touching me and blocking my movement, and I had to push him away, and he then called watertown pd.  When the officer arrived I told him I would gladly talk with him but not with physic, who kept physically blocking my movement to the point where I had to push him away, and when another watertown pd member arrived physc would still not leave, and I told them I would not speak with them when physic was present.  As physic kept making trouble the other pigs charged me with disorderly conduct and brought me to the station.  Once there they noticed my ID and $10 was missing, and they would not let me keep my matches on me to do my praying.  The next morning I was brought to Waltham District Court, where Judge Flynn dismissed the disorderly charge.
The fact was that I was targeted by this pig because of my political views, and he knew that I would not be allowed to pray while in jail as he is married to an Iranian woman rashin khosravibavandpouri, and is familiar with Iranians, including Zoroastrians, and his actions were done to menace the Iranian community, and by him targeting me for being a Zoroastrian and Iranian he has brought the wrath of Dadvah Ahura Mazda on him the way greg bolden and bob enos have done.