Saturday, October 29, 2016

On menace by new rhode island pig chief

I recently learned that rhode island state pig chief steve o’donnell has decided to retire, and for the time being kevin m barry, a  pig who has been making trouble for me since 2008.
This pig kevin barry of 220 steamboat ave north kingstown began his trouble by falling for leslie yeransian’s crank complaints about me, and when he tried to obtain my info for her via the Secret Service fusion program the agents he dealt with soon realized the bogus nature of their complaints.  That still did not prevent him tagging along with the feds to sneak into my place with the exterminator two days after the 2009 inauguration, and without federal aid he and his pigpals would not have obtained that address.  This donut fucker encouraged leslie yeransian to act out, including traveling around Asia pretending to be my wife and not admitting who her child’s father is, and it took working with the Secret Service and Homeland Security to put a stop to their actions in January 2011 when leslie made trouble for me during Prince Ali-Reza’s memorial, and his obsession focusing on me led to a crime wave in the providence neighborhood where my place was at the time.  At present it still requires federal intervention to make this pig and his pals respect the extraterritorial nature of this complaint.
This pig also took the post of acting Cranston pig chief to pursue his issues with me, yet he was unable to figure out the place I was staying at there, which was one block away from Cranston pd hq, with people I knew from my 2013 prison sentence until winquist became chief of that department.  Additionally, this pig is so hated he has to regularly move around, and has used bogus excuses, including recent bogus construction, to increase police presence where he lives.

If this pig is confirmed as the rhode island state pig chief we will have someone who respects nobody’s rights, and who epitomizes the reasons cops are the target of increasing fatal violence, which will increase with his activities.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Weather effects watson weirdness

This year, I was once again plagued by camera problems in my attempt to capture the objects which appear over the watson instiute every September.  However this year in addition to electronic the weather was also a problem, as the downpour prevented any sightings in the sky.  Clearly those beings were sending a message, the World is fucked for the next year.