Thursday, April 06, 2017

100 Jahre amerika im Erste Weltkrieg

On this day 100 years ago america declared war on Germany and it's allies, and it's military contribution which led to the anglo-allied victory has contributed greatly to the chaos the World has been in since.  Man Pedar Bozorg, Peter I, was born im Hofrat Wien two weeks before the Blessed Kaiser Karl I was deposed, as we had been exiled to the Habsburg domains since Potemkin removed us from our Crimean exile our Safavid relatives imposed on us, and I can attest personally the damage american interference has caused us.
‚ÄčOn this anniversary being in rhode island I noticed two things, it was raining, and someone appropriately vandalized the WWI american victory monument, which you can see below
"FUCK USA" is how the people of the World feel about what america has done to them the past 100 years, and america is reaping the harvest of evil it has planted.