Saturday, August 26, 2006

ALERT; Zendran harassed again by providence pigs

Yesterday afternoon the latest harassment incident by the providence police department against me occured which I am describing in detail below.Yesterday shortly after 3PM I was catching the Broad St. bus on my way to an appointment with my eye doctor when two ppd cars pulled up. One officer, badge # 467 asked me for ID. I showed my no fare pass and was asked if I had a problem with washington trust bank. Then the two other oficers in the other patrol car, savinsky, badge # 436 and slater, badge # 365 repeated the same question. I told them I had a dispte with that bank, which I wall describe more of below, and I asked each officer if I was under arrest and told I was not, that someone form washington trust had filed a complaint against me for spitting on a window for passing by on the street. I then was asked to get in the car with savinsky and slater and was driven to the station. On the way there both officers argued with me about the complaint filed about me and was told that I would be held for questioning. The argument continued as I was being processed at the station and from my meeting those three until I was taken to a cell I was at no point Mirandized. While being processed savinsky, upon learning I was half-Iranian, asked me if I supported going after Iran's President, which I refused to answer. While making a phone call to a friend to make my situation known savinsky interrupted my call to speak with the person I was calling and tell them his version of events. While waiting the duty officer from my arrival to 11PM, who was also on form 7AM until my release, made arrangements for me to pray as my faith requires. While in the cell two other officers who were out of uniform walked by, one of them who I recognized as schiavulli, badge # 651, who had falsely arrested me two years before, telling others I was making death threats to ppd officers. Later that night a detective stopped by my cell and told me that bank was filing charges in RI district court and I would be charged with disorderly conduct for spitting on the bank whenever I walked by, claiming they had filed numerous complaints against me. At no point when meeting with that detective was I Mirandized. Between 11PM and 7AM the duty officer made no attempt to let me speak with him in regards to my praying and I had to take that matter up with the duty officer who came on at 7AM who did allow me to pray. Later that morning I was informed the providence municipal court would be hearing my case and that I would be released. Around 11AM I was released without bail and told my trial for disorderly conduct was scheduled for September 21, 2006. I then got my belongings and was released.Several things to bear in mind.1. I am in the process of appealing the decision by the First Circut Court in the United States Supreme Court and am in the process of writing my Petition for Writ of Certiorari, which is due in two weeks. Had I been held longer I would have been unable to file my Petition and would have had to refile my case and the timing of this is a clear attempt to intimidate me from filing my petition, which I am still working on and is nearing completion.2. The fact that I was told I was wanted for questioning, taken to the station, and then charged instead of my being charged when confronted by those three. That they used this ruse to go with them shows they wanted to trick me into going with them by using the pretext I was not under arrest.3. The fact that savinsky asked that question about my political attitude toward Iran when he learned that I was half-Iranian and that schiavulli made that comment about my making threats which was baseless, was allowed. Was it done to harass me which would not have happened under normal circumstances?4. The fact that washington trust calimed to have filed numerous complaints against me but did not act on them until yesterday. My dispute with washington trust bank goes back to January 1992, when that bank helped my stepfather and his lawyer, f thomas lenihan, steal money and assets from me which I had inherited from my grandmother as per her will. These assets were worth at least $100,000 and I have recieved next to no assistance in dealing with this matter. A friend of my grandmothers who agreed to handle my case died in 1997 while investigating the case, when refered to jim hardy in 1999 through disability law center he refered my case to nancy chudacoff, who agreed to give me a free consultation. When I did consult her she was of no assistance in pursuing my case, was a customer of that bank, and demanded $150 for the consultation. Since those assets of mine were stolen I had lost my health, experienced homelessness, and spent 33 months in dcyf custody so my stepfather and his lawyer could steal my assets, and experienced numerous health problems, including visual imparement and stress related to this loss which I would not have experienced had my assets not been stolen. The washington trust bank has also pulled this kind of action on other individuals and at no point, even while I was in dcyf, was I offered any constructive legal assistance in pursuing this matter. I plan on counter charging washington trust and will mention their actions in my Petition to the Supreme Court since the ppd is claiming this as their latest excuse to harass me.Needless to say I will fight this charge and am exploring every legal option available. If any of you wish to assist me feel free to contact me on how you can help.Peter Z