Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Truth about the armenian genocide

Recently I attended some armenian genocide and cultural events I was invited to. I went in a neutral frame of mind, as my paternal grandmother’s father served in the Ottoman military who’s service included killing armenians. If there was one thing that stood out at those events, and whenever armenians commemorate their culture and the genocide they infuse it with myths of their own making, even worse than the jews, and behave so insufferably that whatever feelings of sympathy one expresses come from coercion and one feels that the “sufferings” of armenians are their own fault, which they in truth are. Here I will clarify the myths of the armenian genocide which the armenians make part of their own culture.
One thing the armenians throw around is that they are persecuted because they are christian. Peope who know history know that the romans forced the armenians to convert to the evil that is christianity from Zoroastrianism when armenia was a roman vassal. When Shabour II reconquered armenian for Iran he encouraged the armenians to revert back to Zoroastrianism. Instead agitators like vartan mamikonian who had been brainwashed by roman christians agitated the armenians to revolt, and him and his followers were rightfully ahnilliated at the battle of Avariar. It wa sonly some 3 centuries later that christianity became widespread among the armenians after the Muslims conquered Iran. Had the armenians never adopted christianity their suffering never would have occurred, furthermore it set them up for their problems which began in the 19th century.
They began during the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, and it was with him and his armenian mother that these problems began. Throughout history the Ottoman Sultans had fathered heirs with women from countries and peoples they were at war with, be it Serbians, Italians, French, Russians, etc. However all were raised as good Ottomans. Abdul Hamid II’s mother had him baptized as an armenian christian with the name bedros, making him a freak before the House of Osman and scarring him for life. Even worse Abdul Hamid II, aka bedros, grew up during a time when England, france, Austria, and Russia were using the pretence of protecting Christians to invade Ottoman territory, a practice which continued once he became Sultan in 1876. He had to make a decision, and his decision was based on the treatment he received once he became bedros. What else could he do? The armenians were collaborating with the Russians, as so many had entered Russian service, even obtaining prominent positions in the Russian government, and threatening Turkish society as well. They collaborated with the French and british as well, the very foreign powers who were seizing Ottoman lands and threatening the lives of Turks and all Ottoman subjects. There was only one solution, get rid of the armenians, kill them, seize their property, do everything to make them so miserable they would soon not be around. And what did the armenians do? Sure they attempted resistance at first, but then once they realized it was hopeless it ceased and they died, fled, and began spreading myths about why they were persecuted.
If they thought this would stop when Abdul Hamid II was deposed in 1909 they were wrong. Here the armenians blame everything on Talaat Pasha, Enver Pasha, and Jemal Pasha, not realizing those three were merely disciples of the deposed bedros. It was Talaat Pasha who would legislate against the armenians, hoping to outdo the Sultan, the other two, along with the rest of the Ottoman government, simply went along, as it was the law to go after those subversive enemies of the state the armenians. Then came the war. Once Germany entered on the side of Austria-Hungary to defend it against Russia the Ottomans were sought as allies by both Germany and the allies of Russia. It was the seizure of Turkish goods by the allies of Russia that brought the Ottomans on the side of Germany and against the very powers the armenians had been collaborating with. Then came 1915 and the attempt by the british and French to force open the straits by occupying them from the Ottomans. People forget that on April 24, 1915 the Ottomans had been informed that the british and French were invading, something had to be done, and that meant going after the enemies of the Ottomans at the straits and elsewhere, including the armenians. This meant only one thing, kill them wherever they were, after all because of their collaboration they were the enemy. Had they never collaborated with the british and French during the reign of bedros none of their sufferings would have occurred.
What of them afterwards. Those who survived, instead of facing the facts about what had happened, began to create myths, claiming they were the victims when in fact their sufferings were as much their own fault. After all, the Kurds and Greeks had the same problems from the Ottomans yet they did not make the same complaints. Despite the fact that Germany and it’s allies, including the nations created out of the Habsburg empire, had been allied with the Ottomans many armenians fled to those very countries. In fact, when nazi Germany invaded Russia many armenians fought on the side of the nazis, including some who had briefly established an armenian republic around Yerevan, as they saw the nazis as liberators. It was also the nazis who provided the armenians with fodder for their own myths in the form of the jewish holocaust. Like the armenians the jews were persecuted by their own kind inside Germany, and to shame others into giving them what they wanted by claiming they were the victims, and also becoming like social vermin wherever they went. Like the jews they also use coercive education about their genocide to create awareness, presenting the facts so that when one expresses any sympathy it is often made out of coercion, especially as they exhibit the history of their genocide in the same way Norman Finkelstein has complained about how his own people misrepresent their holocaust.
Today it is what the armenians have done differently from the jews and other groups like the jews that stands out. While the jews have welcomed Germans who speak of reconciliation because of the holocaust, the armenians have used the events of 1915 to demonize people of Turkish ancestry in their past, the only ethnic group in history which makes hating another group of people part of their culture, even Turks like Orhan Pamuk have not been welcome by the armenians the way Benedict XVI and Gerhard Schroder has been by the jews. Not to mention those armenians presented as prominent only pollute their professions and societies, like dr kevorkian who kills patients, vartan gregorian who pisses cash into do nothing artistic and educational institutions, the kardashian jendeh who encourage dissolute lifestyles, kirk kerkorian who makes shark business deals, etc.
When one is looking at a person or group of people who claim to be the victims of a catastrophic occurrence one must consider if anything was done to precipitate that occurrence. In the case of the armenians the more one looks at their history the more one sees they have done everything to bring their problems on themselves, and one begins to feel like I have recently, the only bad thing about the armenian genocide was that people like that great-grandfather of mine who participated in it did not finish the job.