Friday, May 29, 2015

Update on Zendran inheritance/washington trust case

I just left superior court in regards to my case against washington trust.
At today's hearing washington trust provided affidavits in which they stated they had no records of my family's assets, citing federal regulations regarding statue of limitations regarding information of inactive accounts.  As a result Judge van couyghen dismissed my case, claiming I needed to file suit against my stepdad and lenihan law, now margaret steele law, as they were the ones who drafted the Will and Trust.  The Judge additionally noted in dismissing the case if any of my family's assets are uncovered after his dismissal they are to be put into the trust for me.
This dismissal is a surprise, as both rogrean makowski and betty ricci of washington trust repeatedly lied on their affidavits and nothing was noted about the lack of effort on the part of washington trust to contact me in regards to the trust.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More on my book which inspired Tamerlan Tsarnayev

In putting that copy of my book which Tamerlan Tsarnayev read up for sale I should clarify why it is not "murderabilia" as some claim.
The ninth chapter discusses the origins of the hashishim, the followers of Hasan-I Sabbah, who's attacks, like the October 16, 1092 assassination of Nizam al-Mulk, set the standard for Islamic jihadi attacks, and that chapter analyzes why the hashishim were not more successful. The Thirteenth chapter goes into the treaties of Gulistan and Turkmanchai, where Russia forced Iran to give up territory in the Caucasus, including Chechnya, which is when the Chechen wars against Russia began.
I had met with the us secret service, department of homeland security, fbi, us marshals, and state police of massachusetts and rhode island and not once would they even read those crucial chapters which influenced Tamerlan Tsarnayev, let alone check for his fingerprints and dna.
It should also be understood that the writings and works of noam chomsky, puff diddy, wu-tang, insane clown posse, judas priest have inspired more acts of violence than mine, and the writings and works of karl marx, emma goldman, richard wagner, fredrich nietzsche, malcolm x, jackie robinson, and howard zinn, continue to inspire more acts of violence than mine. 
Not only the Tsarnayevs but Man Harmon Monis, the Kouachi brothers, and Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi each did their acts based on my writings and works, yet I do not run when others use my work as inspiration for acts of violence, I confront them head on. 
Those acts and the opinions I and others express are not incitement, they are expressions of reacting to persecution. If you want to understand further then get this copy at my price, while you can.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Book which influenced Tamerlan Tsarnayev for sale

Pictured below is the one of the copies of "Iran; The Lion of War" which Tamerlan Tsarnayev read when it was carried in stock by harvard book store, still retianing the harvard usb label on it, and the same copy I presented to the feds and had with me during the confrontation I had with the feds at the Tsarnayev trial. 

As Dzhokar Tsarnayev has now been sentenced I am now putting that copy up for sale. As this is no ordinary copy the sale price is one of the following options below.
1. $500 USD
2. Make an offer I can't refuse
3.. The best description of what you would do to avenge your comrades being maltreated in prison, as Tamerlan did for me and his other friends.
Please get back to me here on this.

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Personal property stolen while in prison

Today I finally got to my friend’s place where I checked my mail, particularly as when I was released Saturday I was told my stuff had been mailed out and that “someone had picked up my stuff, despite the fact that no property inventory list was done of my belongings as was done with all others who were held.

Once I opened the package of what was mailed out all that was inside were hand wipe packets, business cards, various paperwork, and my cell phone charger.  The items missing included

All my ID’s, including my Munze Osterreich ID

My keys

3 Central Asian Silver coins

Copies of my books “Iran; The Lion of War” and “Victimization of the Farsi, Arab, Turanian, and Central and Western Asian Peoples”

Copies of all articles I published on PersianMirror

The White Central Asian fur hat given to me by Captain Lawrence Gemma USN shortly before he died

My watson institute pen

Medical paperwork from L and M hospital regarding recent treatment for a heart condition

A change of clothes

My Kensico Cemetery bags

My two cell phones with the personal numbers for

My Gilanshahi relatives who were members of the Imperial Iranian court

My contacts in the Iranian and American armed forces

William Beeman PhD

Marjan Faritous/Persia Pele

Melody Damayo/Mimi Miyagi

Barry Chamish and his producers

Ryan Noah Shapiro

Johnston RI IAFF 1950

Det. John Finnegan

Col. Frank Lennon, USAR

I have already changed the locks on my storage unit and checked it with the management, while nothing was missing the manager did mention some cops had recently been at the place using suspicious pretexts to enter the premises, and the lock on my mailbox is being changed.  I have already spoken with the lawyers who handled my case, and they are looking into this theft, as they told me all my property was being held until I was either released or one of their people came to retrieve it.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Facts of the armenian genocide

That people with affiliation with the armenian revolutionary federation/dashank organization could use influence with the corrupt rhode island just us system to have me held shows that not only are they lying about what really happened in regards to the 1915 massacres but they are nothing more than a terror group.
The truth is that the so-called persecution of the armenians began because the armenian mother of Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II baptized him as a christian, and wanted him to convert the Ottomans from islam to christianity. Had she not done this the armenians would have had few problems. The actions of Enver, Jemal, and Talaat in 1909 and onwards were under the influence of Abdul Hamid II.
During the First World War the armenians l fielded a force 200,000 strong under the command of andranik ozanian which served under the Imperial Russian Army when it invaded the Ottoman Empire, and that combined with the anglo-french Dardanelles campaign prompted the 1915 massacres.
During the Russian revolution the armenian revolutionary federation/dashank organization, set up the armenian republic , which attacked ethnic Turanians in the Caucasus, including Enver Pasha's Pan-Turanian movement. Once the communists occupied armenia, with the assistance of the mikoyans and hamazaps, fighting stopped and the armenian revolutionary federation/dashank organization went abroad and underground.
With the breakup of communist Russia the armenian revolutionary federation/dashank organization once again organized an armenian republic at the expense of ethnic Turanians, and conflict continues to this day with the armenian revolutionary federation/dashank organization using lies to obtain foreign assistance which is the only thing keeping armenia stable.
If you really want to do something positive about the armenian genocide take this advice.

Zendran political prisoner for pro-Tsarnayev anti-dashank views

On April 1/2 I woke up around midnight to find someone in the act of smashing up the place I was staying at on the cranston/providence city line. This had been going on for months when I was not around, however that night that person was continuing to vandalize the place I was at and was carrying a container of gasoline. I promptly responded by picking up a 2x4 and beat up the vandal within a minute, immobilizing him. Some people across the street called 911 and the vandal and I were detained by both providence and cranston police. After talking with both forces providence told me that vandal, paul goulart, was pressing charges on me for assault, and I told them I wanted to press counter-charges for his vandalism and his attack involving gasoline.
On April 2 judge ippolito refused to allow me to enter any plea and had me held for competency, setting no bail on the charge. Once brought to jail they refused to allow me to have copies of my books I had with me, as well as a copy of the doctor's report from March 30 which stated I was being treated for heart problems from my December/January detention, and I was held in isolation. I was found competent within days and brought back to court on April 10. During the negotiations with the ri attorney general they were insistent on jail time citing "radical social and political views" I had expressed. I was then brought before judge christine jabour who gave me 30 days to be followed by 11 months probation. After talking with the lawyers I was given I learned there were two factors behind my sentence.
1. That leslie and luke yeransian, who are close friends of judge jabour and her brother ri state senator paul jabour, and other associates of the jabours who are arf/dashank members including the zobians, claimed they were in fear of their saftey because of me, and afraid of any protest I would do regarding the 100th anniversarry of the armenian massacres.
2. That I knew Tamerlan Tsarnayev and my actions and writings inspired the actions of the Tsarnayev brothers in April 2013.
Not only was I held for 30 days in isolation, were not only I could not do my prayings but could not even call a lawyer. 
I was released yesterday and not only have I contacted the owners of the place I was staying at regarding countercharges and lawyers regarding the use of irrelevant socio-political issues to detain me., I am contacting my own doctors as well.