Saturday, August 20, 2011

Syria slammed by american hypocrites

Notice this is going on as american backed rebels in Libya advance
towards Tripoli, and at a time when american backed rebels in Syria are
causing disruptions in Syrian cities where there are major Syrian
military concentrations. Just another example of the military
industrial complex trying to create the climate to launch a war with
Syria and waste more lives and material.
Peter Z
Barack Obama calls on Syrian counterpart to quit

19.08.2011 13:28

Barack Obama calls on Syrian counterpart to quit. 45168.jpegPresident
Obama has now called on Syrian President Bashar Assad to quit. But if he
did, or if he is toppled, who would replace Assad?

There's no clear answer. Assad and his late father, Hafez Assad, have
ruled Syria for four decades and have not tolerated anything that
resembles a genuine opposition inside the country's borders.

"There is no opposition in Syria. There are opposition groups," said
Lebanon's Wissam Tarif, who has been a prominent campaigner for
democracy and human rights in the Middle East, says NPR.

But the diplomacy left many questions unanswered, including how the
demand for his ouster can be backed up in the absence of any appetite
for military intervention, and who might take his place.

The messages from Washington, London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels
coincided with a United Nations report recommending that Syria be
referred to the International Criminal Court for investigation of
possible crimes against humanity.

Much of Syria was quiet Thursday, although activists reported intense
shooting around noon in the flashpoint city of Latakia.

Syria's UN Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari accused the U.S. of waging a
"humanitarian and diplomatic war" against his country in order to
instigate further violence by sending "the wrong message to the
terrorist armed groups that they are under American and Western
protection", according to Detroit Free Press.

Mr. Obama also froze all Syrian assets under American jurisdiction,
barred Americans from doing business with the Syrian government and
called for sanctions by other countries.

Mr. Casey called for Mr. Assad to leave office at an Aug. 2 Foreign
Relations hearing.

"Our allies in the Arab League and Turkey have extensive diplomatic and
economic ties to Syria, and can exert a powerful influence on Assad's
regime," Mr. Casey said. "I strongly encourage members of the
international community to lend their voices to this growing chorus, and
publicly declare their opposition to the Assad regime and its brutal
treatment of the Syrian people", informs Scranton Times-Tribune.

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Friday, August 05, 2011

Another dangerous mousavi

With abdolrahim mousavi as the joint chief of staff to Iran's military
and seyeed mahmoud mousavi as deputy Navy commander, both related to mir
hossein who acted as an american provacetur, one wonders how secure
Iran's defense is.
Peter Khan Zendran

News - English
News numbre: 9004295689
2011-07-20 - 17:07

Navy Equips Logistic Units with Long-Range Missiles

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian Navy has equipped a number of its logistic
vessels and units with long-range surface-to-surface missiles, a senior
Navy commander announced on Wednesday.

"Missile frigates and destroyers have been equipped with these missiles
since long time ago and the surface-to-surface missiles of the logistic
vessels were successfully tested and assessed during the recent naval
wargames, dubbed as Joushan," Navy's Deputy Commander for Operations
Rear Admiral Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi told FNA.

The commander further announced that the Navy also plans to equip its
vessels with modern air defense systems.

"Right now we are mounting air-defense missile systems onto a number of
surface vessels. Other units will also be equipped with these systems
after final tests," he noted, adding that these new equipments are added
to the artillery systems that have already been mounted onto these

Mousavi also said that a comprehensive program is underway to equip
Iran's naval units with choppers, adding that the move will boost the
operational range of the country's naval fleets.

Last November, Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran's
Navy Rear Admiral Gholam Reza Khadem Biqam said that the Navy plans to
equip all its destroyers and military vessels with military choppers as
part of its broader plans for boosting the operational range of its

"To safeguard the security zone of the naval units when fulfilling
missions in vast areas, all the Navy destroyers and vessels that have a
flight deck should be equipped with choppers," he told FNA at the time.
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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Iranian nuclear progress, Bushehr to come online in days, other plants make progress

What is important is how Iran's neighbors will react. Despite the fact
that Iran's nuclear plants will provide an alternate to Oil, many people
want to use Iran's nuclear program to attack Iran. These include
zionists and whackos in the media like jeff kuna and joel skoussen who
advocate an attack on Iran if the Bushehr plant and other nuclear
facilities become fully operational.
Peter Khan Zendran

News numbre: 9005040887
2011-07-26 - 15:56

Bushehr N. Power Plant to Join National Grid Next Month

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's first nuclear power plant will join the national
power grid by the end of August, an Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman
announced on Tuesday.

"We hope that the Bushehr power plant would become operational by the
end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan (late August)," Ramin
Mehman-Parast said in his weekly press conference here in Tehran today.

Mehman-Parast added that construction phase of the plant "have almost
become completed and it is currently in the testing stage".

"Iranians would, by that time (late August), officially celebrate" the
operation of the Bushehr power plant.

Iran signed a deal with Russia in 1995, according to which the plant was
originally scheduled for completion in 1999. However, the project was
repeatedly delayed by the Russian side due to the intense pressure
exerted on Moscow by the United States and its western allies. Russia
finally completed construction of the plant last summer.

On October 26, Iran started injecting fuel into the core of the Bushehr
nuclear power plant in the initial phase of launching the nuclear

The facility operates under the full supervision of the International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
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News - English
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2011-07-28 - 15:44

Iran Not to Stop N. Program

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian top diplomat Ali Akbar Salehi underlined Tehran's
firm resolve to continue nuclear progress, and said Iran will never halt
its uranium enrichment activities.

"Everyone should accept the fact that Iran's nuclear program has reached
a point where it cannot be stopped or reversed," Salehi said in an
interview with Rusiya Al-Yaum Arabic news channel on Wednesday.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran will not halt its nuclear program," he

Salehi argued that nuclear technology in Iran has moved far ahead as a
fundamental and essential part of industry with centers spread all
across the country, and thus cannot be held back.

"After we have trained and employed thousands of nuclear scientists, how
could the West halt our uranium enrichment program?" the Iranian
minister questioned. "They should know that this is a fact."

Salehi described the West's pressure against Iran over its civilian
nuclear activity "as a test of patience and endurance" for the Islamic
Republic, and vowed, "No threat could shake and disrupt our independence
and sovereignty."

The Iranian official said the nuclear reactor in the facility in the
central city of Arak, Markazi province, was planned to be launched after
three to four years and would be capable of producing 45 megawatt

Regarding the nuclear power plant in the southern city of Bushehr,
Salehi said the facility would soon produce electricity in a trial mode
and join the country's power grid.

He hailed the cooperation by Russian experts and their efforts to start
the Bushehr power plant and expressed optimism on the future of
Tehran-Moscow ties.

Iran, a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and a
member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), insists that
its nuclear program is solely directed at the civilian applications of
the technology.
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