Monday, June 30, 2014

Major factors behind Juan Carlos abdicating in Espana

The sudden abdication of Juan Carlos from the Spanish throne has shocked many, particularly those who understand that the major source of discontent with Juanito and his consort, Sofie, comes from the british Royals, who have been longtome antagonists of the CasaReal Espana.
 Few realize that Juanito’s father, Juan III Conde Barcelona, had been educated in the british navy, and that he shamed Juanito into learning English by making him sit next to queen elizabeth at official functions knowing Juanito could not reply to her as he then spoke only Spanish.  Additionally Sofie, prince phillip’s first cousin, has been outraged at her british cousin’s inability to restore her family in Greece and in neglecting to help other Royals and Royalists around the World.  Bear in mind that Juan Carlos became King only because Franco prepared the way for him, as Franco did what Horthy was planning for the Habsburgs, what hitler was supposed to do for the Wittlesbachs, Hohenzollerns, and other dispossessed German Royals had he n ot gone rogue after his occupation of Holland, and what Norodom Sihanouk did in Cambodia, and we are seeing this same formula being repeated in Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Iran, and elsewhere. Additionally, Juanito and Sofie have been very respectful to many non-European disposed Royals.
            The two excellent indicators that something was afoot against Espana having a british source can be seen in two important areas, the military and economy.  One must notice the unusual deal the australian navy made with Navantia in ordering two Juan Carlos I Aircraft Carrier/Amphibious Assault Ships and three Alvaro de Bazan class DDG’s for their navy.  As part of the british commonwealth they could have easily obtained the Invincible class Carriers, instead of letting them get sent to Aliaga to be scrapped and studied by anyone.  However, the british Royals know that Spain opposes further military action against Iran and in Khalj Fars, and australia is the biggest proponent of such action, and that by ordering these designs for their navy Iran and any potential opponent would have to pick apart the design weaknesses of those ships.  More telling that something sinister was afoot was the fact that the Canadian Navy was considering ordering French Mistral class Amphibious Assault Carriers, but cancelled when the Russian deal went through, and the Canadians are considering acquiring two Dutch Karel Doorman class Amphibious Assault/Logistical Support Ships for their navy, as well as the fact that the Alvaro de Bazan class DDG is based on German and Dutch designs.  Apparently the british want the German, Dutch, and Spanish navies weakened but not the French.  This was clear as Spain’s economic problems became critical after the second of the Juan Carlos I class Aircraft Carrier/Amphibious Assault Ships ordered for australia was launched.  So far there are two other countries interested in the design, Germany, which has been unable to do anything because of budget constraints, and Turkey, which has started work on a Juan Carlos I  class Aircraft Carrier/Amphibious Assault Ship variant, at a time when it’s fleet is in a state of flux, and it’s two biggest antagonists are Russia and israel.
            Additionally the new british supercarrier to be launched, the hms queen Elizabeth, is like the Armada Espanol’s Juan Carlos I, named after the reigning sovereign.  Prior to Juanito’s abdication the Spanish navy had both Aircraft Carriers named after the reigning sovereign and heir to the throne.  The two british supercarriers under construction are named after the reigning sovereign and heir to the throne, something which according to naval tradition must NOT be done.  Interestingly enough when Juanito abdicated he said he did not want his son, now Felipe VI, to end up like Charles, the current Prince of Wales.  100 years ago the navies of britain and Spain, as well as Austria-Hungary, Germany, Russia, Sweden, had warships named after their reigning sovereigns.  Do not be surprised if these new british ships, the first to be launched shortly, are doomed.
            Additionally Spain was in the process of planning their own precious metal bullion coinage, and when one looks at the issues of Spain shortly before and after the Euro, and compares it with the post-USSR Russian coinage issues this becomes apparent.  In post-USSR Russia in order to train their workers to make precious metal bullion coinage they began issuing precious metal commemorative coinage to the same specifications as precious metal bullion coinage.  Within years of Putin taking charge in Russia the Bank Rossiya began issuing precious metal bullion coinage, which was first ignored as many investors thought it was more precious metal commemorative coinage from Russia.  However Russia continues to produce the St. George Gold and Silver Bullion coinage, it simply lacks the foreign distribution to make it popular, thanks to british commonwealth interference.  Spain has been following the same procedure, and it must be noted that the only European countries that issue bullion coinage are Austria, Holland, France, and britain.  The French la semeusse coins are not made in proper fractionals, and the Dutch Ducats are viewed as collector coins, making both issues ineffective.  The Austrian Philharmonics, in Gold and Silver, as well as the Franz Josef/Maria Theresa restrikes continue to dominate the World precious metal market, and are the only issues that can challenge british commonwealth coinage, which is already entangled in economic war with America and China.  Any Spanish issue would present further problems, however like Russia Spain lacks the means to distribute their products overseas.
            One thing is clear, with Juanito no longer in charge in Espana and elizabeth still reigning in britain things can and will get tense fast.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Der Erste Weltkrieg; 100 Jahre Einmal

This June 28 is the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of the Habsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire, and his pregnant consort in Sarajevo, which led to the conflict commonly referred to as the First World War.  This was a conflict that had a profound effect on the World and which is still effecting the lives of everyone on the planet, and effecting them in such a way to make people realize that the wrong side won the conflict.  Here I shall go into why this is the case.
            Upon reading this many may wrongly assume I am a nazi.  Far from it if the Habsburgs and their allies had won hitler and those who formed the nazis would have had nothing to fight about, hitler would be another marginalized malcontent who few would have paid attention to.  That would have meant that communist elements inside the Habsburg Empire and it’s allies would have been under control as well, seeing how the workers in those countries were treated better than those in Britain, France, Russia, Italy, and any of the other countries, and would have remained confined to Russia, and possibly snuffed out there.  These same people who cry Nazism forget it was the British who invented the concentration camp for use against those in rebellion in their African colonies.
            That brings up another point, had the allies lost colonialism would have ended sooner and would have been less violent.  The Deutsches Reich only grabbed foreign colonies to prevent Britain, France, and other countries from seizing all territory for themselves, and the indigenous peoples in German colonies had the best treatment out of all the colonial powers, partly because the soldiers who comprised their military focused equal attention to protecting indigenous peoples as to their own countrymen.  Additionally, the Habsburgs and their allies favored ending colonialism, which meant Raj India, Khalj Fars and the Indian Ocean, Indochina and East Asia, Africa, and the Pacific would have been independent per a victory by the Habsburgs and their allies, and because advanced armaments were not available to the peoples in those regions any ensuing conflicts would not have been so violent and many people would not have died.
            Though it must be admitted the Habsburgs and their allies would have lost some colonies and territory, however in the case of the Habsburgs and Germany they still would have retained those territories as trading partners, in the case of the Ottomans the loss would have been through their own mismanagement and radical nationalism, as the cases of the Arabs and Armenians demonstrates.  It must be remembered that in 1913 Germany was producing better quality products than the British and their allies, and were selling them for less.  People need to remember that although the British and their allies won that war they were weaker, being dependent on American products.  If the Habsburgs and their allies had won the economic situation in the World would be similar, however without the bloodshed over the past 100 years.
            Overall, if the Habsburgs and their allies had won WWI much of the unnecessary suffering that has occurred over the past 100 years would NOT have happened.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Zendran inheritance/fortune case; MAJOR update

Earlier today in RI Superior Court Judge Brian Van Couyghen granted permission for me to proceed against washington trust company, the bank which embezzled my family's fortune in the 1990's.
The clerks of the RI Superior Court had trouble understanding the nature of the filing, however once I produced the criminal cases related to this matter back in 2006-7, namely State of RI v. Zendran and City of Providence v. Zendran, all of which resulted in my being found Not Guilty as a result of my Pro Se action, RI Superior Court Judges Pfeiffer and Keough, and Providence Municipal Court Judge Graziano ruled that the washington trust company had been profiting at my expense and needed to negotiate with me.  Since this ruling on February 14, 2007 the washington trust company has not complied.  Additionally, the RI State police finance crimes unit has refused to investigate the matter when it was brought to their attention in 2009. 
Over the past five years Providence Municipal Court Judge Graziano and I had been working on how to best proceed against the washington trust company, and as the washington trust company and the law firm responsible for executing the trust, lenihan law of 6 Canal St. Westerly, RI have refused to negotiate and have stonewalled efforts at negotiations, Judge Graziano and I had decided on filing in RI Superior Court.
Additionally, the washington trust company has expanded, including putting a branch in Stamford, CT, where my family members they embezzled money from had extensive business dealings, and members of the washington trust company have been stalking me at events sponsored by the Greater Westerly=Pawcatuck Chamber of Commerce when I am on the guestlist for those events.
If the washington trust company does not negotiate civilly they will have to face criminal action.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

The importance of Richard Frye’s death

Few outside the Iranian and Central/Western Asian community, and even many within it, understand the significance of the death of Professor Richard Frye.  To many another academic, albeit one who embodied the stereotype of academics, has died.  What many, myself included, understand, is that positive and impartial presentation of Iranian history and culture is in danger.
            The memorial for Professor Frye was an excellent microcosm of this.  The memorial was arranged on short notice, and included many of his colleagues and many luminaries of the Iranian and Central/Western Asian community who live in the area.  However, there were many notable absences, particularly Frye’s colleagues outside of Harvard who lived in the area, did not attend.  At first it might seem disrespectful, however when one looks at the reasons why those were there attended and did not the reason becomes clear, Iranian studies is in danger in the academic community.
            To understand the attendance we must understand Frye. Frye was not some nerdy academic, in fact he was a polymath who used his knowledge of various disciplines to benefit others.  In his field research he was like Hiram Bingham without the dashing veneer and like Sven Hedin without the bigotry.  He was instrumental in founding two departments at Harvard and in the creation of the National Association for Armenian Studies and Research.  In doing so his achievement may seem towering for others to live up to, however his most important achievement was to bring others together who otherwise would not deal with each other and who needed the contact.  His death happened so suddenly, when New England was experiencing extreme inclement weather, and so many events had been planned the week of his memorial, that they could not be cancelled.  Many colleagues who were friendly rivals did not attend as they felt their presence would be seen as gloating.  The suddenness effected the Iranian community in the region and Worldwide as well, and only few Iranians of prominence attended.
            In terms of Iranian scholarship the only academics who could match Frye were J.M. Cook and William Beeman.  Though the former has been long dead the latter did not attend Frye’s memorial, mainly because it fell on his birthday, and he felt that his attendance there would be seen as gloating, instead letting me deputize for him.  Cook, Frye, and Beeman were all friendly rivals who were effective in building academic departments, in bringing knowledge of Iran to the masses, in getting members of the Iranian, Central/Western Asian, and academic community who would otherwise never meet to collaborate with each other, and who could use their knowledge and influence to get the administrations of academic institutions, and other people in power, to listen and follow their lead.  The latter is critical at a time when academic administrations have been using their security forces to stifle dissent and to act as personal praetorian guards rather than to protect academics from real criminals, and had people like Frye been taken more seriously by law enforcement sean collier, bob enos, and other campus cops would still be alive.  All this is critical as many experts in the field of Iranian studies, including colleagues of Frye’s who were in attendance at his memorial, do not have all of these qualities.  That is why Iranian studies is in danger.
            Let us look at non-Iranians in this field.  Among Frye’s colleagues at Harvard, many who were in attendance at his memorial, all of them are in his shadow, lacking the name recognition and the ability to buck Harvard’s administration.  If anything the two departments Frye helped found at Harvard, the Center for Middle east studies and the Inner Asian and Altaic Studies departments are rivals, the former busy living off Frye’s reputation with students and professors who behave little more like a high school club, the latter well concentrated but small compared to other departments.  Frye’s pupil, M. J. Connolly, chair of the Slavic and Eastern studies department at Boston College, while an expert on Iranian and Armenian history and culture, lacks the energy to stand up to BC’s administration.  MIT’s John Tirman, who has been successful in bringing many prominent Iranians to MIT, likewise lacks the ability to buck MIT’s administration, and shows much of the influence of his mentor Howard Zinn in viewing Iran.  No other academic institution in the New England region has any Iranian studies and scholars of consequence, including Yale, and Columbia’s Gary Sick is too biased and disrespectful to be effective in handling Iranian studies.  The rest of academic America lacks any Iranian studies concentration of consequence by non-Iranians, with the exception of Stanford the University of Minnesota where Bill Beeman teaches.
            In terms of Iranians who have a presence in academia the two most prominent, Abbas Milani and Vartan Gregorian, are elderly and limited in activity at present.  Though Vartan identifies more with his Armenian heritage he is not involved with extremists like Armenian revolutionary federation and has been instrumental in educating prominent Iranians and promoting Iranian studies, his only flaw is that once he leaves an academic institution all the work he has done gradually becomes undone, which is happened once he left Brown.  In Milani’s case he as to deal with a young generation who is more responsive to the spin history of Zinn than the hard truth Milani writes.  At Harvard there is Roy Mottahedeh and  Habib Ladjevardi, however the more one looks at their work the more questions than answers it raises.  While Boston University’s Houchang Chehabi has done excellent scholarly work, he is little known outside the academic community, while Bostoon College’s Ali Banuazizi’s work is overly sycophantic to administrators, while Northeastern’s Bahram Shafai, while helping Iranian students organize, has often cowed to the demands of administrators there in order to enrich himself.  While young Iranians like Pedram Riahi, Ali Mostashari, Slater Bakhtavar to name a few have been active in organizing Iranian studies while as students, once they left academia their work began to fall apart due to a lack of people willing to continue where they left off.

            Lastly attention must be paid to Frye’s widow, Eden Naby, who has been content to live in the shadow of Richard Frye.  This is evident in how she edited the video of Frye’s memorial and facts about his life, editing some of his achievements and tributes from others, including rivals and members of the Iranian community.  This is a microcosm for why Iranian studies is in danger after Frye’s death, people who choose to edit facts to suit their views.  If Iranians and those who respect Iran really want to honor Frye’s work they would continue their work honestly in the face of all opposition, which is what Frye did all his life.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Woman dies in jail over child's truancy

What people need to realize is that incidents like this occur often in america because of horrible prison conditions.  This is another reason violence against america law enforcement has increased as well as violence in america in general.

Impoverished Mother Dies In Jail Cell Over Unpaid Fines For Her Kids Missing School

By Alan Pyke June 12, 2014 at 9:25 am Updated: June 12, 2014 at 9:33 am

A mother of seven died in a Pennsylvania jail over the weekend while serving a two-day sentence. Eileen DeNino, 55, was put in the cell where she died because she could not pay thousands of dollars in fines relating to her children’s truancy from schools in the Reading, PA area.

The cause of DeNino’s death is not yet known, but investigators “found no evidence that the death was suspicious,” according to the Eagle. She was reportedly on medication for high blood pressure and other health issues. “Prison officials said they issued no medication to DeNino before her death,” however.

DeNino had been cited 55 times since 1999, according to the Reading Eagle. On top of the individual fines for truancy, the Pennsylvania courts applied a variety of fees that amplified DeNino’s debt. “DiNino’s court file shows a laundry list of court fees for one case alone: $8 for a ‘judicial computer project’; $60 for Berks County constables; $10 for postage,” the Associated Press writes.

The two judges who preside over truancy cases in the county where the DeNinos live expressed regret and frustration over DeNino’s death. “She didn’t have a job. She was living in a house owned by a family member. She was on welfare. We sat and talked for a long time in my office and I could see that she couldn’t pay the fines,” Reading District Judge Wally Scott told the Eagle. “I cleared all her cases last year.”

District Judge Dean R. Patton sentenced DeNino to 48 hours in jail after she failed to produce documentary evidence of her inability to pay the more than $2,000 in accrued fines and fees. The sentence could have been as long as 45 days of jail time. “I bent over backwards for this woman,” Patton told the Eagle, “but I can’t just dismiss her cases without justification.”

Thousands of people have been jailed over truancy fines in the county since 2000, and two in three of those jailed have been women, according to the AP. But the criminalization of poverty is a much broader national phenomenon, with court costs and fees magnifying the statutory penalties for a variety of minor infractions such that the financial penalty snowballs into an unpayable debt for low-income people.

The results, as catalogued in a year-long National Public Radio investigation, are staggering: a 19-year-old jailed for three days after catching a smallmouth bass during rock bass season, because he couldn’t pay the fine; a homeless man sentenced to a year in jail over $2,600 in penalties incurred by shoplifting a $2 can of beer; a recovering drug user sent to jail three times for being unable to make payments on nearly $10,000 in court costs.

Criminal justice reform advocates and civil rights groups say these practices amount to a revival of the sort of “debtor’s prisons” that are supposed to be a relic of Colonial-era history. At the federal level, jailing someone for unpaid debt has been illegal since the 1830s. A Supreme Court decision 30 years ago reaffirmed that judges must determine that an offender is able to pay overdue fines before jailing her, but some states appear to be breaking with that requirement.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Peter Khan's interview with Barry Chamish about Princess Leila's murder

Listen to me talk about the murder of شاهزاده خانم لیلا/Shahdokt Leila/H.I.H Princess Leila with Barry Chamish, as well as about Russia's carrier program
I did not have enough time to elaborate on more suspicious details of her death.  That included how dr. klein waited 15 minutes to report her death after entering her hotel room, when if she was dead or dying he should have immediately called for assistance.  I also did not have time to describe how she never stole drugs during her lifetime, nor was she under investigation by any law enforcement agency for stealing or trafficking of drugs.  Or that no member of her d=family attempted to have her detoxed from the drugs she was on.
Additionally I did not have time to elaborate on the fact my modar bozorg helped the Pahlavis find a place to live in Greenwich, as I knew Leila and the family as a small child, and that the Pahlavis never owned property in Greenwich, always living on the largesse of others there, while Peter I and his family owned property in the Glenville secton of Grenwich from the 1960's-1980's.  It was an article I collaborated on with David Icke in late 2000, including how Mohammed Reza Shah was murdered by his doctors in July 1980 in Cairo, which helped me and Leila reconnect. Between January-June 2001 Icke's website was repeatedly hacked before the article could be published, so I e-mailed the text on June 7, 2001 to several of Icke's contacts, including the person Leila was with who helped me and her reconnect, and who informed me of her proposal and that she was traveling to the Northeast US to meet with me.  I have to intentionally withhold this person's name as this person also has passed me info on how Malekeye Soraya and Bijan Bakhtiari were murdered in Paris during October 2001, among other pieces of information.  Additionally if anyone thinks a lawsuit to prevent the film or to claim damages is unsuccessful they should check the case of Yusupov vs. MGM, in which Knyaz Felix Yusupov successfully sued MGM for false information.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Major mistakes in planned Princess Leila movie script

Recently Sharon avrahami has announced plans to make a movie about Princess Leila of Iran.
The storyline he plans to use is based on the incorrect wikipedia version which they refuse to correct.
In the avrahami/wiki story here are the following mistakes.
They say that Leila was nine when the Imperial family was exiled from Iran and HIM Mohammed Reza Shah died of Lymphoma, when in fact she was eight, and the doctors who operated on him in Cairo were responsible for his death by rupturing his liver.
They say she graduated from brown university in 1992, when in fact she was hazed out of brown as many of the faculty, students, and people in providence rhode island thought she was a mental patient, brown simply refers to her as class of 1992 despitte the fact she never graduated.  Additionally avrahami/wiki is unable to name any of her professors, nor have they tried to contact Vartan Gregorian, who was president of brown when Leila was a student there.  Also in her memoirs Farah deliberately does not mention where Leila went to school.
Most importantly avrahami/wiki report Leila’s death in the following way;
“On Sunday 10 June 2001, Leila was found dead in her room in the Leonard Hotel by her doctor. The princess was found to have more than five times the lethal dose of Seconal, a barbiturate, which is used to treat insomnia, in her system, along with a nonlethal amount of cocaine. The princess was found in bed, her body emaciated by years of anorexia, bulimia and food intolerances. According to a report on her death, which included information from an autopsy conducted by the Westminster Coroner's Court, she stole the Seconal from her doctor's desk during an appointment and was addicted to the drug, typically taking 40 pills at once, rather than the prescribed two.”
The truth was that Leila was that dr. lewis klein was sent by Shahbanou Farah to check on Leila, after Leila had told Farah she did not want to see her and left instructions to the hotel management not to let anybody in to her room.  Fifteen minutes after entering Leila’s room dr. klein reported to Farah that he found Leila dead, which is clearly stated in Farah’s memoirs. 
Leila was found with the phone cord wrapped around her neck, and the story of her overdosing on drugs was a revision to conceal the true nature of her death.  Additionally had she had the drugs in her body reported she never would have survived the flight from Paris to London she made on June 8, 2001.  Also no police force of investigative agency had any files or investigation going into Leila stealing drugs when she was alive.
Additionally avrahami and his team only have an e-mail address and several social media sites for contact information, but no physical address or phone number.  Perhaps they are afraid of a lawsuit because of their script, which they certainly deserve.

Friday, June 06, 2014

Russian/French Carrrier deal continues

What they forget to mention is that Russia is building their halves of
these ships faster than the french can, as this satellite image from my
project linked up below of the stern section of the RFS Vladivostok
complete in Sankt Peterburg shows
The Russian military/industrial complex has no shortage of workers who
can build warships as fast, even faster, than their nato counterparts. 
This deal has given these workers the knowledge to build an Amphibious
Assault Carrier, and to handle building an Supercarrier.
Also if France were to sell these ships, as they do not have the money
to incorporate them into their navy, they would be purchased by an ally
of Russia, and Russia could easily acquire them secondhand.
Peter Z
 6 June 2014 Last updated at 03:54 ET
France defends sale of Mistral assault ships to Russia

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius has confirmed the controversial
sale of two warships to Russia will go ahead, saying many jobs are at

"The contracts were agreed in 2011, they represent many jobs and they
will be carried out," he said in a tweet.

US President Barack Obama has said he is concerned about the sale, in
light of the crisis in Ukraine.

Both he and Russian President Vladimir Putin are due to attend D-Day
events in France later on Friday.

French President Francois Hollande has come under sustained pressure
from European allies over the Mistral-class helicopter carriers, which
are set to be delivered to the Black Sea ports in Crimea, annexed by
Russia in March.

The first carrier in the 1.2bn euro (£1bn; $1.6bn) deal is due for
delivery this year.

Mr Obama said while he recognised it was a big deal and important for
French jobs, "I think it would have been preferable to press the pause

Pro-Ukrainian bloggers reacted with anger to the tweet by Mr Fabius.

"Life/blood of non-compatriots are cheap," wrote one on Twitter, while
another remarked "so French jobs more important than Ukrainian lives".

Sunday, June 01, 2014

Major incitement fact regarding Tsarnayevs

Recently I learned that in Middlesex county Zoroastrians, along with Wiccans and Pagans and other similar groups, are not allowed to practice their faith while in jail or prison.  This was brought to my attention by people who had served time in billerica prison and other Middlesex county prisons and jails over the past few years.  This is something the current Middlesex county sheriff, peter koutoujian, has done NOTHING about, choosing to whitewash this in a bid for higher office.
As Islam is essentially a renegade sect of Zoroastrianism this not only justifies what the Tsarnayev's did, it also provides incitement for future similar actions.