Thursday, May 29, 2008

Zendran UFO disclosure

UFO/ET incidents at the watson institute

This is the account of the UFO/ET incidents I witnessed at the watson institute in 2006 and 2007. As the first incident occurred while I was accompanying a member of the us army on business I had not disclosed the full details of the incidents as I was under specific instructions not to do so. Recent incidents have caused me to disclose the full facts publicly. This is the result of brown university, which is the parent organization of the watson institute, has threatened the use of lethal force against me if I am seen on their property as the result of a legal dispute, and the state of rhode island has court ordered me off brown property. After meeting with that particular army personnel who ordered me not to disclose and explaining to him the circumstances he gave me full permission to disclose, particularly as these ET’s had set a return date and the legal circumstances make it difficult for me to witness the return of these ET’s. Below are e-mail transcripts I sent to others, including a leading UFOlogist, unedited.

The first incident occurred on the last Friday night in September of 2006. There are several things to bear in mind. The watson institute’s entrances are sealed by a time lock, denying people admission after 10:00 PM, and none of the windows can be opened from either the inside or out. Instead of using glass a polymer is used in single sheet form for the doors and windows. Were someone to break in or make unauthorized access security would be alerted and the break in would be noticeable. The fact that there was no sign of a break in was the first sign of something otherworldly. The second was the fact that certain specific lights were on, as well as the glowing object in the office of Dr. Thomas Biersteker. Dr. Biersteker is a member of the council on foreign relations, works with the un and many foreign governments. His office is of particular note, as it ‘s former occupant was former President of Burundi Pierre Buyoya and that office has been given to people of standing involved at the watson institute. The third was that the ET’s and the UFO’s were moving in specific locations, communicating using geometry and telepathy. Fourth was the fact that what we saw in the sky was moving in a way no celestial body or earth made object could. Fifth and most ominus is the e-mail conversation I had with that UFOlogist, as the day he replied I was arrested on bogus charges and did not read his reply until the next day, demonstrating some interception was going on. Sixth is the locations inside the watson institute the ET’s visited. They were moving around the conference areas and the receptionist area but not inside the offices of certain professors, even prominent names like Khrushchev were ignored by the ET’s. Lastly these ET’s told us they would be back in one year on the last Friday in September at the same time. Below is the e-mail transcript of the 2006 encounter.

Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 1:13 PM
From: "patrick oconnell"
To: "Peter Khan Zendran"
Subject: Re: Zendran UFO encounter

I believe your information:

IF you like, I can have a friend contact you... He used to work with the likes of the CIA, FBIK-- and he does NOT trust them AT ALL!

He knows a lot osf stuff that you can get some idea of .... as in that movie:

A Clear and Present Dangert... or most episodes of X-Files, for example....

Anyway.. he can adivse you re: any sort fo of feedback...etc...

IF you want I can have him email YOU!

He doesnt want me giving out his email address routinely to folks...BUT... letr me know if it is ok to send along your email to him.

He can be trusted..... He knows a lot of stuff about the UFOs, the so-called aliens, the agenda of the NWO crimials.. etc, etc..
MORE than most poeple know or could "believe"..

The Truth is pretty "unbelieveable"...

abdusctions, and all that stuff....

the cattle mutilations are but a tiny piece of the "action"..

Let me knoiw.

I need to know if you want me to delete your name or go ahead and share it on my website:

If people knew "The Awful Truth" of some of these things, they would freak out.

Dont have time to do much more than post omn my yahoo blog.. dont have a U Space web site...

I think you know a lot about the NWO.. it is not going to be a pleaseant future... unlesss we can somehow put sane folks (as in Loving and Tolerant) into positions of leadership on this planet..

Your friend with specail status at the UN: Can the UN do anything???


Peter Khan Zendran wrote:
Just to put in perspective check my site and the Watson Institute's
On my site the place where my book was premiered was the place over
where the first UFO occured. The news about Biersteker, the new
Director, and the associate Director speak for themselves. Watson has
special status with the UN. Please let me know where you will publish
this. The experience is below, which I archived.
Also do you have myspace? I'm on that as well. Also do you know of any
radio stations I could get news like this on?
Peter Z

This just happened last night and I am bccing this to the person who saw
this with me.
Last night me and a friend who is a scientist were walking around the
east side, as I was showing him around Brown. We stopped at the starr
Plaza at the Watson Institute around 11:45 PM so I could pray. I
immeadeatly noticed that the lights in the Director's suite, Dr.
Biersteker's ofice, and on the balcony were on, which they should not
have been. As we were talking around 11:50 PM we noticed a stationary
circular blinking object right above the confrence center part of Watson
up in the sky. A few minutes later we noticed another object right
above Biersteker's office up in the sky. We then noticed the first
objcet was moving slowly west. We then noticed the second object was
moving slowly north. We then noticed a third such object up in the sky
over the watson Library, which remained stationary but kept blinking.
Around that time the second object began shooting out red beams. At
that point I noticed shadowy figures moving around starr Plaza and the
first floor of Watson. The first object then began shooting out red
beams as it moved. I then noticed shadowy figures moving around the
Director's suite. Around 12:10 AM we got up and left. We went down
Charlesfield st. before going north on Thayer. As we went north we
noticed the second object was still there and the light in the Assistant
Director's office was on, which was off when we walked by before we went
to Starr Plaza.
I thought I'd share this with you, any opinions please.
Peter Khan

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Patrick O'Connell
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Below is the transcript of the 2007 incident. As they said they returned on the last Friday in September 2007. Once again they demonstrated what they were. The first thing was amiss was the fact the lights were on in one of the lounges and in the director’s suite and there had been no response from security. The second thing was that once again objects inside the institute were tampered with. Third, that particular office came into play again. This time the occupant was Richard C Holbrooke, who had received that office after Dr. Biersteker had left. Fourth, these UFO’s were using telepathy, geometry and weather manipulation to deliver their message. Below is the e-mail transcript of what had happened, unedited.

Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 3:00 PM
From: "Peter Khan Zendran"
Subject: [kuriltai] Zendran UFO encounter

Some of you may remember how on the last Friday of September 2006 I and
a friend spotted 3 UFO's and had an alien encounter at the Waston
Institute Starr Plaza. Last night I headed up there, being exactly one
year ago that it happened, to see if anything had happened since there
had been changes at Watson. Below is what happened.
I arrived at Watson from the North around 11:40 PM. I noticed that
someone had lef tthe lights on in the lounge underneath the library,
which should not have been on, and the lights throughout the hallways
were on. I went to the same bench I sat on at Starr Plaza and noticed
the lights were on in the classroom next to the boardroom as well as in
the receptionist's office of the Director's suite. There was an UFO
above the office next to Holbrooke's formerly Biersteker's, office and
one directly above the library. I noticed the first spotted UFO began
moving north. Soon I noticed the EXIT sign in the McKinney conference
center began going off and on. Several minutes later some of the lights
in the hallways went off. A few minutes later a bright reflection
appeared in Holbrooke's window. I got up and noticed the Moon suddenly
appeared. Within a few minutes it had disappeared and the first UFO had
progressed further north. A few minutes later a red cloud formation
suddenly appeared over Watson from the North, and progressed south
across the building, blocking out the UFO's at one point. As it got
near the office before the walkway to the McKinney conference center the
UFO's reapperaed, the first one aboue another office. As I looked south
I saw a faint flashing orb in the sky which resembled the 2 UFO's.
Right after the clouds dissapated I got up and left as I did last year,
noticing none of the other offices had been disturbed.
Peter Z

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These beings had told me they would return on the last Friday in September 2008. However, due to the abovementioned legal circumstances I may not be able to witness the return. I am disclosing this to alert people to the fact that ET’s are here among us, have visited us, and are dealing at the highest levels of influence.

Peter Zendran II

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update on Bandar Abbas Navy base situation on wikimapia

Once again the freaks who run wikimedia are at it again.
Earlier today after I broke this news they put up their false info about Bandar Abbas and Iran's military equipment. Check the link below.
The mistakes include misidentifying the 4 SSK's, which are clearly 2 Ghadir class and 2 Yugo class, refering to the Bayandor class Frigate as a Corvette, despite the fact that the same ships that are used by Thailand and are little different are refered to as Frigates, using the false term PB, including for the Sina class Corvette, and the false terms used for all Charak class ships, as the Charak class are based on a German design where a Logistical Support ship can be rapidly converted into an Amphibiuos Assault ship.
Once again wikimedia demonstrates it's ignorance of Iranian matters and is refusing to allow people to right their wrongs.
Peter Khan Zendran

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Iranian Naval base at Bandar Abbas updated on google/wiki maps

I just got this today, as this only happened a few hours ago.
Google maps and wikimapia have recently updated the satellite images for the Iranian Naval base at Bandar Abbas. Check the link below to see.
Not only does it show Iran's new Warships, including the Jamaran FFG and Ghadir class SSK's active, this update shows that Iran's Navy is active and strong, contrary to what the american media is saying.
Peter Khan Zendran

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Words to live by as I do

I finally found this online. In these times these are words I live by
and I have added them to my e-mail signature.
Peter Z

"History will burden those leaders with blood guilt if they do not act
according to their professional and statesmanely principles and
knowledge. Their soldierly loyalty must end at the boundary where their
knowledge, conscience, and sense of responsibility forbid the execution
of an order. In case their advice and warnings fall on deaf ears in such
circumstances, then they have the right and the duty, before the people
and history, to resign their offices. If they all act together, then it
will be impossible to carry out military action. They will thereby saved
the Fatherland from the worst, from total ruin. If a soldier in a
position of highest authority in such times see his duties and tasks
only within the limits of his military responsibilities, without
consciousness of his higher responsibility to the whole people, then he
shows a lack of greatness, a lack of comprehension of responsibility.
Extraordinary times demand extraordinary actions!"
Generaloberst Ludwig Beck

Thursday, May 08, 2008

UPDATE; Now brown tries to hush up Zendran incident

This was brought to my attention recently.
In releasing their crime statistics brown is omitting the 2 incidents I had with them, most likely out of fear of the reaction their acknoweledgement would cause. Notice the incident of April 22, where 2 people were harassed by the brown pigs for making a demonstration at an event. Here is the link below.
I guess brown and the city of providence feels if the public knew that one man beat up 3 of their pigs in a brawl it would encourage others with grievances.
Peter Z