Monday, September 11, 2017

On mek terror presence in watertown

Recently rajavi's mek front group oiac opened up headquarters in watertown in the same neighborhood where Dzhokar Tsarnayev was captured at 43 irving street
That they do not mention any names for a contact demonstrates that this oiac chapter is aware that by associating with rajavi they are involved in terrorist activity, particularly as that location is government housing
Ey rajavi/mek talab, you can NOT fool everyone and you will NOT be permitted to engage in terrorist activity.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

On Berchtesgaden underground tunnels

When in Vermont recently I was going through some family items, including those from the military service of my father's uncle Harry Zendran.  Among the more interesting items was the briefing book issued to him and others serving in the american military who were posted to Berchtesgaden in 1945 in order to occupy it

Notice the mention of the underground tunnels and regions, demonstrating in all probability that the allied occupying forces had knowledge of underground areas in use by the nazis, which in all probability was the reason hitler had the berghof built at that location, and those underground facilities may be in use today, including by nazi groups.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

On crooked pig problems in providence

Over the past several years myself and others had noticed items missing or stolen as a result of mysterious thefts which the cops would not investigate.  What was most notable was certain items, particularly legal documents, were taken while more valuable items were left, and certain places were not getting robbed.  One of those not getting robbed was niggerbrain dana smith's 84 Yorkshire st place, the same pig who has attempted to ban me and other people from accessing courthouses and law libraries to uphold rights
Even odder was some legal documents missing from my case file showed up after my visit to his place
Proof that in america, particularly rhode island, you must be prepared to fight for justice and that government will not give it to you.

Monday, June 26, 2017

On Iran betrayed and menaced by reza pahlavi

The most telling thing about this clandestine meeting between reza pahlavi, rex tillerson, and john mccain is that while reza pahlavi and his colleagues in bahrain are eager to trumpet this meeting, and in the former's case he only mentions this on social media, mccain and tillerson's state department are not, demonstrating that they know they are planning to harm the Iranian community
Whenever someone states they want democracy it is a code to invite a foreign invasion, and this has occurred every time in Iranian history whenever the demand for democracy was met, as the anglo-russian partition during the Qajar era, stalinist incursions into Iran in support of their tudeh puppets, and the guadeloupe backing of khomeinei demonstrated.  It should be clearly noted that honky pig mccain has repeatedly called for Iran to be bombed, and tillerson wants to exploit Iran's Oil resources for his own personal profit.
Most disturbing is the fact that reza pahlavi is acting in lockstep with rajavi's pmo/mek/ncr islamic fundamentalists who practice a form of islam more radical than that practiced by jomhori mollah.  Those people reza pahlavi claims will bring change to Iran will only cause an instability which will leave Iran paralyzed for an invasion and destroy those capable of removing jomhori mollah while maintaining the integrity of Iran.  Apparently reza pahlavi ignores this and this action demonstrates he and his associates must be eliminated if Iran is to be strong and free.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Nesfe; On fallout of Iran's presidential elections

The outcome of the recent Iranian presidential election screams american backed interference, yet the fuzel bacheha who fell for it and helped rouhani get reelected do not want you to know this, mainly as they know that rouhani backs their fuzel lifestyle which his elitist american and zionist backers want as it would mean it would be easier for them to menace and invade Iran.
            Granted there were incidents of violence which the american backed pahlavi talab and pmo/mek/ncr of rajavi called for, but these were marginalized incidents which did not cause the destabilization america and the zionists wanted, thanks to the efforts of myself and other Iranians who, though we do not agree with jomhori mullah, understand that any internal destabilization will leave Iran vulnerable to invasion by any entity.  The failure of those american backed groups has demonstrated that;
1.  The followers of rajavi are marginalized malcontents who do not care for the welfare of Iran and will do whatever those who pay their bills demand of them.
2.  That reza pahlavi is no longer the leader of Soltani Talab.
The latter is important, as now the Gilanshahi have stepped into the leadership role of Soltani Talab who would fill any power vacuum, however reza pahlavi and his associates, including Arab monarchs who accept american assistance, continue to prop him up, and many are stupid enough to follow him.  One reason for this stupidity is interference by trump in Iranian-Arab matters, as his recent actions show.
            That trump timed his visit to saudi Arabia for a Muslim summit which Iran, and some of it’s close allies with Muslim populations greater than america like Russia, India, and Germany were excluded, when votes in the Iranian presidential election were being counted should be more than enough to demonstrate american interference, as the timing was meant to intimidate those in Iran into giving america a favorable election result.  The two things he did next more than demonstrate american/zionist interference conclusively.  The first was to found with the saudis the global center for combating extremist ideology, which in effect is an act to stifle dissent by claiming opponents are extremists when in fact trump and his saudi backers promote the very extremist ideology they claim they combat, while signing a major arms deal with the saudis.  The arms deal is important as the saudis lack an industrial base for their military, meaning they would lose any protracted war, and with Iran, Turkey, and israel stepping up their military/industrial capabilities, and france helping egypt and the emirates develop theirs, meaning some conflict appears to be imminent.
            The second thing was trump’s visit to israel to meet with netanyahyu immediately after his presence at the riyadh summit, incensing many Arab and Muslims trump had just met with along with the rest of the World community because of israel’s treatment of Palestinians, but also incensing Iran, as israel coerced the nuclear deal which rouhani wanted and which impedes Iran’s ability to defend itself and has forced Iran’s military to take extreme measures to prepare for an invasion.  It should be noted that one factor contributing to the removal of mike Flynn as national security advisor was Iran’s military confronting him prominently at his home, which was a factor in bob harwood not seeking the position offered him, as his fellow Navy SEAL’s fought alongside Iranian Soltani Talab, who continue to be the dominating presence in the Iranian military.
            Overall, all sides, including those manipulating Iran’s presidential election, got half of what they want.  The manipulators, namely america, israel, and their close allies got rouhani and his cronies elected, but they face a country and community that hates them.  The opposition who seeks a better Iran got an Iran prepared for conflict, but unsure how that conflict will turn out.  Overall, the outcome of Iran’s presidential election has left all sides wary of an inevitable fight.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

On reza pahlavi on Iranian presidential election

Recently reza pahlavi has issued this statement urging the Iranian population to rise up to cripple Iran, comparing his partisans to Fereydoun and Kaveh, during the election next week
For him to make such a statement demonstrates lack of mental stability and absence of sound judgment, as any uprising, no matter the outcome, would end up brutally crushed as occurred in 2009, only this time it is possible Iran would be crippled as to leave itself vulnerable to a military attack from america or israel, and with new experimental weapons being tested by those countries in Khalj Fars region and the recent attack on Syria this is an outcome which must be anticipated.  The timing of this, days after Iranian currency printed with reza pahlavi's image on it, shows he wants to plan a mass uprising

It would also impede those in Iran who can remove jomhori mollah by causing this harjomarj, and reza pahlavi needs to remember that if an attack on Iran occurs because of an uprising he incites Artesh Iran may unleash the Damavand option, triggering a real life Zahak which will destroy the planet.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

100 Jahre amerika im Erste Weltkrieg

On this day 100 years ago america declared war on Germany and it's allies, and it's military contribution which led to the anglo-allied victory has contributed greatly to the chaos the World has been in since.  Man Pedar Bozorg, Peter I, was born im Hofrat Wien two weeks before the Blessed Kaiser Karl I was deposed, as we had been exiled to the Habsburg domains since Potemkin removed us from our Crimean exile our Safavid relatives imposed on us, and I can attest personally the damage american interference has caused us.
​On this anniversary being in rhode island I noticed two things, it was raining, and someone appropriately vandalized the WWI american victory monument, which you can see below
"FUCK USA" is how the people of the World feel about what america has done to them the past 100 years, and america is reaping the harvest of evil it has planted.