Monday, June 04, 2007

Zendran case major update

Today I appeared in RI superior court. After my case was called inJudge Pfeiffer's court and he reviewed my case he said on the subject ofmy Discovery update and Motion to Proceed In Forma Pauperis that he hadto send my case to magistrate judge keough, as Pfeiffer wanted to hearPreTrials. When my case was brough before keough he was hesitant togrant my request to continue Discovery but when I explained I neededtime to copy and present documents and organize evidence, as I had onlyrecieved the state's Discovery packet the preceeding tuesday and onlyrecently had the means to copy evidence he gave me a 1 week continuanceto comply. On the In Forma Pauperis matter I explained it was for asubopena for new evidence. Nevertheless, he denied it after I arguedthat it was necessary. I have filed an appeal with the RI Supreme Courton thie In Forma Pauperis matter. As of now my next court date is June11. If you want to show support feel free to contact the RI Superiorcourt in regard to this matter.Peter Z


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