Thursday, February 28, 2008

War between Iran and america, ours to lose

In December 2004 I predicted in “2007, Time for War?” that if America is unable to invade Iran by the end of 2007 it never will. The incident in the Strait of Hormuz this January where Iranian PTÂ’s got within weapons range of 3 american warships, dropped boxes in the water nearby, and sped off before the American ships could get a weapons lock on them proves not only what I said those years ago is correct but that my work has influenced others.
At present Iran has been able to prevent invasion of it’s territory by building up it’s military/industrial complex to churn out the necessary military material needed to defend it’s territory. Iran begun mass production of Fighter Aircraft which have entered service in 2007 and has commissioned it’s first major surface warship, the Guided Missile Frigate Jamaran in 2007 and progress is commencing rapidly on a second unit of the class. As the Strait of Hormuz incident, like the incident where the Iranian navy captured a british PT boat off Iranian waters in 2007, demonstrates, is that Iran has first rate soldiers, using relatively second rate equipment, produced by a first rate industrial complex. In addition, the nations that have allied themselves with Iran like Russia have made genuine defensive alliances which are not words on scraps of paper and which will be backed by physical action. Is there any enemy that is a threat to Iran at present?
As a matter of fact there is. It is an enemy that reared itself during the 1970Â’s that sparked the revolution and can show up again. It is the Iranian people. All too often in our history we have had a tendency to become complacent with success, to become dependent on others to do things for us, to falsely assume we are invincible, to think we are never wrong. These are attitudes that are prevalent today. Most prominently they are prevalent among Iranians living outside Iran, particularly Iranians of all walks of life in America, and by this prevalence giving credibility to every negative myth and stereotype that has been said about Iranians.
A good example is how the Iranian community in America has behaved since bush’s bullshit “war on terror.” There has never been any mass outcry or mass action by the Iranian community in america against the violations of rights of people in america, including our own, as the majority of Iranians in america of every background who speak out are only a handful and they are often ignored or marginalized by the Iranian community in america. At major demonstrations Iranians are a marginalized few and often discouraged at showing up at such events where the leaders pay lip service to being in solidarity with Iranians. Most disturbing, is that there are Iranians and Iranian groups who claim to act on behalf of Iranians often act in their own self interest.
A good example is the british based group called casmii. This group claims to be working to prevent war and sanctions against Iran. Having dealt with them before I know them only to be paying lip service while raking in profits for themselves. I have listened to casmii members speak and they have tended to be off on the facts, the same goes for some of their articles. They have even been disrespectful to members of the Iranian community at events, more focused on making money than on making connections with people who can be of use to them. Not to mention their information on military matters is very inaccurate. Overall, casmii is a useless action group that typifies what is wrong with the Iranian community.
Even worse are groups like the national council of resistance for Iran and the mko. The first group claims to be a government in exile but spends it’s time milking the American government for cash, spreading propaganda without getting into the facts about Iran, and encouraging acts of aggression against Iran by people who have had no real contact with Iran for years. The mko is just another terror group that was pissed because they were displaced during the revolution they helped to spark, and now is desperate to do anything to regain power, so desperate to regain power that it will collaborate with the American government. Then again, seeing how they have collaborated with countries like Iraq against Iran it is more than obvious they are not to be trusted and do not have our best interests at heart.
Let us not forget long time troublemakers, both groups and individuals who make things difficult for Iranians. A good example are many leftists, be they communist, socialist, liberal, anarchist, etc. who claim to act in solidarity with Iranians but actually cause more problems. Good examples are international answer and ufpj, who make Iranians from all walks of life, excluding those who spew the same brainwash as they do and keep silent and seen, unwelcome at their demos. As of late some of these groups are starting to change their attitudes, but this is largely occurring among the average rank and file members but the leadership at the top, sometimes government funded, still discriminates.
Most disturbing is that while the Iranian community in America often complains next to no action is taken usually because those Iranians who would rather do nothing for fear of any reprisals often win out with their arguments of taking no action fearing to risk everything. In addition groups like niac who would rather focus on legal dealings and lobbying rather than on taking physical action when necessary. Overall, your average Iranian in America and most western countries would rather spend their time watching soccer, listening to Andy and nazanian and other artists, and wasting their time and cash every third thrsday evening at their shabeh jendeh gatherings than on putting their time and effort into protecting themselves.
Every civilization that has suffered greatly does so because it is doing no constructive action in the face of a ruthless enemy. We have seen this during the 20th century this happen with the Nazi Holocaust, the Armenian massacres, the Rwanda/Burundi genocide, and groups like the South African Boers and Japanese in America have suffered displacement because of their origins. History repeats itself only because we allow it to. Let us do something to preserve our culture and civilization and be ready to act whenever we are threatened.


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"Overall, your average Iranian in America and most western countries would rather spend their time watching soccer, listening to Andy and nazanian and other artists, and wasting their time and cash every third thrsday evening at their shabeh jendeh gatherings than on putting their time and effort into protecting themselves."
What's interesting about Iranian-Americans is they are infatuated with royalty, and seem to worship Shah-junior Reza and princess (or empress) Yasemine. They are quick to offer their opinions on what should be done in Iran, yet wouldn't dream of actually going there to join any protesters. That's the kind of attitude that results in colonial powers like the U.S. and UK stepping in to 'offer help'...

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