Sunday, May 03, 2009

Si jendeh, saberi, ebadi, e bakhtiar

Recently the World has seen 3 examples of jendeh who demonstrate what is wrong with Iranian society. First, that jendeh saberi gets 8 years in prison for spying. As expected the pinkos and whinebabys in Iranian and Global society condem her sentence. What they do not realize is that she was and is creating propaganda for voa persian, which is a propaganda agency with zionist backing. Right now the zionist government has stated it plans to attack Iran. Therefore, Iran's government simply removed an info source from the zionists from the population, so if you support jendeh saberi's freedom you support attacking Iran.
Then of all things that jendeh ebadi offers to give legal defense to jendeh saberi. As usual the global pinkos and whinebabys all back jendeh ebadi. As usual they ignore the fact that this disgrace to the nobel prize has been among those who fabricate stories of human rights abuses in Iran. I mean, anyone who has ever recieved a call from a telemarketer or written letters at an amnesty international event could tell women's abuse stories jendeh ebadi promotes are scripted and without factual basis, designed to inflame people against Iran.
Thirdly, that jendeh bakhtiar who couldn't cut it at cnn is busy promoting those other 2 jendeh, and as usual for someone who is one of the media's talking whores puts a fluffy spin on those matters and ignores the hard facts. I mean if you believe everything jendeh bakhtiar reports on then you believe in the easter bunny and tooth fairy and belong in a dumpster like them.
Peter Khan Zendran


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