Saturday, September 05, 2009

Zendran material the providence urinal is too chicken to publish

This has been in my inbox for the past several weeks. Since the urinal is too chicken to publish it, like they are too chicken to publish what really goes on in providence, I am putting the full text here. Do a search on this topic and you will see the hypocrisy for yourselves, like how one of ted kennedy's cousins is a prov pig who makes trouble for people downtown, or how rep slater's kid makes trouble for the very same poor people he claimed to advocate for. One fucked up city providence is.
Peter Z

Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 12:21 PM
From: "PJ Letters"
To: "Peter Khan Zendran"
Subject: RE: FOP's esserman problem could have been prevented years ago.

Could you please resend cutting about 30% and capitalizing words when appropriate. Many thanks.

-----Original Message-----
From: Peter Khan Zendran []
Sent: Friday, June 19, 2009 12:20 PM
To: PJ Letters
Subject: FOP's esserman problem could have been prevented years ago.

In their no confidence vote about esserman the providence fop is
acknoweledging what I have known about esserman long before he came to
providence, that he is bad news.
I am a former resident of Greenwich who's family had owned property
there and who's stepfamily had business dealings with the police in
neighboring stamford. Any nasty thing you can say about a cop in
stamford would stick, as both the criminals and cops in stamford are a
joke, and all esserman's "reforms" did there was make the cops more
overzealous in an area with an overly law abiding population.
Furthermore, police corruption in stamford is an open secret. By
contrast most of the problems regarding pre-esserman providence police
were incidents of good cops who had bad things happen to them.
By doing to providence what he did to stamford esserman ensured more
conflicts with the police and citizens would occur. Thanks to him there
is a six month backlog in the courts due to his overzealous policing
tactics, and many people, myself included, who never had serious trouble
with law enforcement now have records which they never would have had
thanks to esserman.
Furthermore many of the providence fop officers who made their no
confidence vote are people who blindly followed esserman over the years,
and no providence cop had the courage to openly come out about
esserman's screwups. They could have gone down to stamford a year or
two after esserman left there for providence and found out that crime in
stamford drastlicly went down because the stamford police ababdoned his
overkill tactics. The providence fop needs to look at their own
behavior as much as esserman's.
Peter Zendran II
780 Reservoir Ave. # 181
Cranston, RI 02910


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