Saturday, October 24, 2009

Odd convergence in Iranian/Afghan events

Over the past few weeks several odd events have occured in a short time which effect Iran and Afghanistan. They are;
1. The fact that ayatollah ali khameni has been hospatilized, and mousavi and other opposition leaders are reporting him dead. While now the cause of his illness is unknown if he is dead it will spark a succession struggle and possible internal war inside Iran for control, and if he dies because of health problems at this time it will probably be the result of medical murder.
2. Iran in in the midst of aproving drafts on uraniun enrichment, which violate Iran's sovereignity, and any non-compliance can be interpreted as a pretext for invasion, see Iraq.
3. Numerous earthquakes have hit Iran, and with so many happening in a short period of time it is possible they are artifical Bam-style quakes.
4. Afghan president karzai is agreeing to a runof election, after being persuaded by clinton and holbrooke to do so. The presence of those two is important for this and the previous three incidents. I should NOT have to remind people how those 2 destabilized Yugoslavia, or the trouble they made in the 2008 election, or how they failed to get Russia to support sanctions against Iran, so their presence in the region only means one thing, more trouble is planned by them.
Peter II, Khan-e-Mazendaran


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