Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Zendran inheritance/legal situation update

I just met with the rhode island state police this morning about the
criminal complaint I filed against washington trust. They told me that
after reviewing my complaint they can not determine how to proceed in my
case and can not determine if a crime has been comitted for lack of
further evidence. This means at this time my case is at a standstill.
This news comes weeks after pica accepted a $10,000 donation from
washington trust, which the pastor of first universalist church told me
was used to open up a new food pantry in his church. Most disconcerting
is that
1. The pastor of first universalist church, along with Pastor Ivins of
First Baptist Church in america and Reverend Almond of Matthewson St.
Methodist church who are also pica members agreed NOT to accept
donations from washington trust because of the court's ruling in my
favor two years ago in my successful defense against washington trust.
2. The only tv news station to cover the story was wjar, who had mario
hillario cover the story, adding insult to injury. The link to the
video of that story is below
Essentially a news station that hates my guts decided to have a crack at
The crooked dealings of wjar have continued as well. Recently bill
simons, who sits on the board of providence public library with wjar
president lisa churchville, has become an adjunct faculty at the watson
institute. This from someone who has no expertise in foreign affairs at
a facility which I put into prominence. Also recently betty jo cugini
was dropped from wjar, her being the daughter of the former head of
westerly community credit union, that bank figuring prominently in my
inheritance dispute.
All in all, not good news.
Peter Z


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