Friday, August 20, 2010

Asian Bullion coins overview

With the recent showing at the ANA in Boston and the behavior of coutries in Asia economically and politically one must take a serious look at the Bullion coinage those countries use, as it backs up their currency and is a keystone of their economies. Below is a review of the 5 Bullion issuing Asian countries in order of power and prominence.
CHINA Has been issuing Gold Pandas since 1982 in 1, ½, ¼, 1/10, and 1/20 oz sizes and Silver Pandas since 1983. The designs change every year, have a high purity and are in high demand around the World. Interestingly enough they are minted in Shanghai, where the Chinese government allows many private mints to operate and issue Panda coinage.
RUSSIA Has been issuing Gold ¼ oz. St George coins since 2006 and Silver St. George coins since 2009. Their using the ¼ size corresponds to the same size as the Soviet Chervonetz and Imperial Roubles in a size Russians understand. If Russia begins adding new Gold sizes this means they are getting serous, and Russia has vast untapped Gold mines to make those coins and is known not to waste resources.
KAZAKHSTAN Issued in 1996 Gold Silk Road coins and in 2009 Gold and Silver Irbis coins. Despite high purity of content Kazakhstan has trouble finding foreign distribution for those coins, one possible reason is fear of some foreign nation coming in to exploit kazakhstan’s economy and vast untapped resources.
IRAN Has been issuing Gold Azadi coins since 1979 when the replaced the Pahlavi. They are minted in 8, 4, and 2 gram sizes of the same Gold content as the Pahlavis. Though not popular abroad and struck infrequently since Ahmadinejad took office they provide backing for Iran’s currency. Interestingly enough the Azadi’s have made the Pahlavis and other Imperial Gold coinage more popular.
ISRAEL Issued a 1 oz. Gold Bullion coin in 2010 with an image of a holy site in Jerusalem and there are plans to start a series of Gold Bullion coins. The mintage is strictly limited and advertising, like the American premiere of this coin at the ANA in Boston, is targeted at jewish people and Zionists, which demonstrates the Israelis may be aware this Bullion coin may become a flop. Interestingly enough they are seeking buyers from people who lost money in the madoff ponzi scheme.
Oddly enough there has been no news of countries like India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, South Korea, Singapore, have not tried to issue Bullion coinage, if they did they could really have an impact on the World economy.


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