Thursday, January 06, 2011

Oddness in Prince Ali-Reza’s death

As of late there are inconsistencies in the reports of Prince Ali-Reza’s untimely death. Here they are.
1. The boston police have refused to rule his partner, Sara Tabatabai, or any of his neighbors as a murder suspect, insisting on Sara’s story that it was a suicide.
2. The boston police did not properly contain the crime scene, literally allowing people to freely access the building and neighborhood during the investigation, thus not allowing to check if anyone had broken in or had behaved suspiciously.
3. Neither reza Pahlavi or the boston police are willing to release any copy of the suicide note or make it available for examination by experts.
4. His family is insisting he suffered from depression when he exhibited no signs of it throughout his life.
5. despite reportedly being at the Fairmount Copley Place hotel reza Pahlavi has not organized any funeral service arrangements in boston, despite the large Iranian community there no memorial services there are planned, and plans to cremate Ali-Reza’s body, which goes against Muslim practice, and dump the ashes in the Caspian Sea, despite the Pahlavis being unable to enter Iran at present.
On a personal note the last time I was at an event with Prince Ali-Reza was exactly 5 years ago today at a casmii forum at MIT, and I regularly walked by his house during my trips to boston.
Peter II, Khan-e-Mazendaran


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