Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Results of the Arab/Muslim riots

The uprisings in the Arab/Muslim World have changed the region for the worse. Many who rioted thought they would be making a better life for themselves, instead they have put into power forces worse than those they rioted against. To make matters worse they have brought foreign military forces into the region as we are seeing in Libya. Let us examine how this effects the balance of power in the region.
As the main group behind these rioters is the Muslim brotherhood, either directly or by proxy, many assume that the objective would be to unite the Muslim World in an all out attack on israel. Were this the case they could have not done this in a worse way. With the military seizure of power in Egypt the Muslim brotherhood has influence in the largest Arab army, and one which could at least take out a significant chunk of the israeli military. After Egypt the rioters stepped up their actions in Libya, Algeria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain, not a wise move if one were to build an alliance to attack israel in the Arab World. In the case of Yemen and Bahrain it is understandable, with the anglo-american military presence in those two countries, the pro-western attitudes of the rulers, and in the case of Yemen the strategic location. In the case of Jordan the actions are counterproductive, as the Hashemites have been long term allies of the Palestinians and only made peace with israel to free up resources to take care of internal issues, including the very issues the rioters are supposedly rioting against.
With Syria, and Libya these are countries which America has been after for years, and the uprisings provide a convenient pretext for intervention. This has happened in the case of Libya, and Qaddafi has proven surprisingly resilient in leading Libya’s military in protecting the country, and this could happen in Syria. With Saudi Arabia and Algeria full scale riots have yet to destabilize those countries, yet if they were to break out they have the military force to crush them. In the case of Yemen and Bahrain the people have legitimate grievances with their government, yet no clear plan has been made to redress the people’s grievances. So the question remains, what is the purpose for the riots?
As has been stated above the goal is not to attack israel, for if this were the case the current situation in Libya would not have occurred. What we have instead is fodder for american/foreign intervention. One thing people overlook is that many nato countries, like those participating in the attack on Libya, are undergoing major military restructuring, that includes acquiring more modern weapons, and any country in such a situation will soon find some excuse to go to war to use those new weapons. Most interestingly enough many of the same groups that put on the anti-war demos during the bush administration while receiving government funding and support are speaking out in support of the rioters in those muslim countries, helping to paralyze the anti-war movement in america. This is even more strange as these same groups until 2011 had nothing but praise for Qaddafi and Assad. Clearly those who fund them want them to focus their energies elsewhere.
Lest one think that the Arab/Muslim situation is unique and question the motives of the western military/industrial complex consider the following. The first is that the embargo of all goods of Iranian origin from entering america is being enforced more vigorously that the entry of Hispanics illegally through the Mexican border. The second is that after the reported killing of Osama bin Laden the american/nato military expedition has made no plans to leave Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Central Asia. Clearly these acts show that the American/nato forces are not focused on peace, they are focused on conquest, and are behaving in a desperate manner.


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