Sunday, July 24, 2011

Michael Savage and CAIR get the facts wrong on Islam and forced conversion

Recently both Michael Savage and the Council on American-Islamic Relations have made incorrect statements about the spread of Islam. On Friday July 22, 2011 Michael Savage went into a history of how Islam was spread by the sword. While this was true he omitted many important facts and made many misstatements. He neglected to mention that the Arabia of the Prophet Muhammad was conquered by Khosrow I, Shahanshah e Iran in the year 570, the year the Prophet Muhammad was born, and that though the Prophet Muhammad made war on Arab and Jewish tribes he was in fact also seizing land from Sassanian Iran. Savage also incorrectly stated that Abu Bakr launched wars of counquest, when it was in fact Umar, who succeeded Abu Bakr in 634, who launched the wars of aggression. Savage falsely praised The Iranian Sphabod Rustam, who lost the battle of Qadasiya to the Muslims, ignoring the fact that Iran lost that battle because of the Iranian inability to fight in a sandstorm. Savage also ignored the fact that after Umar’s conquest of Egypt the Muslim forces were defeated by the Nubians when the Muslims tried to conquer Africa south of the Sahara. Savage also ignores that one of the reasons the Muslims lost Poitiers in 732 was because that the Muslims were overfocused on conquering Mazendaran, the only part of Iran where resistance to Islam was successful, for by the time the Muslims had conquered Mazendaran Islam had adopted many Zoroastrian practices both faiths became hard to distinguish. Had Savage done his research properly instead of listened to idiots calling in he would have noticed this.
Just as glaring are statements by the Council on American-Islamic Relations claiming that the fact that Islam was spread by the sword is a misconception. In CAIR’s Journalist’s Guide to Understanding Islam and Muslims they state that the fact that Islam was spread by the sword is ”based on incomplete and incorrect knowledge” and that Islam spread quicker during times of peace than during war. CAIR forgets that during the life of the Prophet Muhammad and in the century following his death armed force was the main method of conversion, and that indigenous faiths were so subverted that reversion away from Islam extremely difficult, and that outside the Arab community Islam adopted many local traditions which caused splits in Islam.
I would strongly suggest to those reading this to obtain a copy of my book “Iran; The Lion of War” and read Chapter 8, Iran Slammed by Islam for better reading on the subject.


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