Saturday, August 20, 2011

Syria slammed by american hypocrites

Notice this is going on as american backed rebels in Libya advance
towards Tripoli, and at a time when american backed rebels in Syria are
causing disruptions in Syrian cities where there are major Syrian
military concentrations. Just another example of the military
industrial complex trying to create the climate to launch a war with
Syria and waste more lives and material.
Peter Z
Barack Obama calls on Syrian counterpart to quit

19.08.2011 13:28

Barack Obama calls on Syrian counterpart to quit. 45168.jpegPresident
Obama has now called on Syrian President Bashar Assad to quit. But if he
did, or if he is toppled, who would replace Assad?

There's no clear answer. Assad and his late father, Hafez Assad, have
ruled Syria for four decades and have not tolerated anything that
resembles a genuine opposition inside the country's borders.

"There is no opposition in Syria. There are opposition groups," said
Lebanon's Wissam Tarif, who has been a prominent campaigner for
democracy and human rights in the Middle East, says NPR.

But the diplomacy left many questions unanswered, including how the
demand for his ouster can be backed up in the absence of any appetite
for military intervention, and who might take his place.

The messages from Washington, London, Paris, Berlin and Brussels
coincided with a United Nations report recommending that Syria be
referred to the International Criminal Court for investigation of
possible crimes against humanity.

Much of Syria was quiet Thursday, although activists reported intense
shooting around noon in the flashpoint city of Latakia.

Syria's UN Ambassador Bashar Ja'afari accused the U.S. of waging a
"humanitarian and diplomatic war" against his country in order to
instigate further violence by sending "the wrong message to the
terrorist armed groups that they are under American and Western
protection", according to Detroit Free Press.

Mr. Obama also froze all Syrian assets under American jurisdiction,
barred Americans from doing business with the Syrian government and
called for sanctions by other countries.

Mr. Casey called for Mr. Assad to leave office at an Aug. 2 Foreign
Relations hearing.

"Our allies in the Arab League and Turkey have extensive diplomatic and
economic ties to Syria, and can exert a powerful influence on Assad's
regime," Mr. Casey said. "I strongly encourage members of the
international community to lend their voices to this growing chorus, and
publicly declare their opposition to the Assad regime and its brutal
treatment of the Syrian people", informs Scranton Times-Tribune.

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