Saturday, March 03, 2012

Was Zendran set up by occupiers and why?

In viewing the events of the first 10 days in October in the occupy movement and events which occurred around the occupy movement one has every reason to believe that the occupiers wanted revenge on Zendran, for while they had common enemies the difference is that many of them are government provaceturs, acting to hijack movements. Bear in mind that on October 8 2011 I positively identified charles feldman, a RI government official who had looted state funds and misrepresented disabled people, and martin lazzareschi, someone who has impersonated a cop for years, as provaceturs, and that I had blocked the occupy college hill group from merging with the occupy providence group because of the former’s unwillingness to come out in support of local activists harassed by brown university.
The members of occupy providence knew that I’d be travelling to Boston on October 12 and to New York later on October 27 and would have seen firsthand the other occupy movements, and perhaps the other occupiers were afraid I would spot government provaceturs there and out them as well. As the only occupiers who I had talked with at length were jared paul, ike mccarthy, atermis moonhawk, and joyce katzberg, who I later learned had set me up to prevent me from exposing them as provaceturs. In the past jared paul and his friends had coerced me into giving them contact info for CALEA in July 2007 days after the alex svoboda incident, knowing I didn’t attend they threatened to spread rumors I was a snitch for not attending, knowing I had issues with the people who created that incident. I also had confrontations with food not bombs over their vegan supremacist beliefs and with the friends of the our abovementioned at the December 10, 2002 demo against ehud barak and the April 1, 2003 demo against richard perle with friends of the abovementioned provaceturs. As it would turn out the punks who attacked and tried to rob me lived in the same neighborhood as many on the occupy providence provaceturs do.
That the occupy providence punks had the backing of people in government is all too evident when one looks at the facts. The day I was arraigned a teach-in was held at which mike kennedy, the former director of the watson institute and a cfr affiliate, gave a speech
Additionally both RI governor lincoln chafee, RI senator sheldon whitehouse, RI congressman cicilline, and providence mayor taveras openly came out in support of the occupiers, which was one of the main reasons for the cops not shutting them down, and it was only from popular outrage that the occupiers finally decided to end their encampment. All four of those political figures have had serious issues with me and each would have had an excuse to want me out of the way.
This is particularly true for cicilline, who had targeted me for police harassment while providence mayor, for my investigating him on accusations of rape in 1998 while working as an advocate when he was a RI state legislator. In the case of chafee I had spoken with a member of the US Army on how chafee and other RI political leaders had lied in exaggerating the damage caused by Hurricane Irene. I had also mentioned to that Army soldier about my travel plans for October 12, 2011, namely how I had planned to meet with firouz naderi later that day at a talk he was giving about life outside earth. Seeing how I had documented how the strange weather of September 30/October 1 2011 was caused by ET’s and the strange objects that had appeared in the sky over Boston around the same time this must be mentioned.


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