Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New threat in Asia/Pacific/Khalj Fars region from australia, thanks to Spanish business

I recently obtained images of the new Amphibious Assault Ships Spain has built for the australian navy.  While officially called Amphibious Assault Shipsthese ships are based on the Spanish Aircraft Carrier/Amphibious Assault Ship Juan Carlos I, and therefore can be readily converted to an Aircraft Carrier.  Below is a link to specifications of the ships from the australian navy so one can see the true nature of these ships
Despite the timetable work is progressing fast on these ships as the images I have uploaded below show.  Here is a recent satellite image of hmas canberra
Here is a recent satellite image of hmas adelaide
These ships and other nato projects have helped keep Spain's economy afloat until recently, as many countries in Asia, particularly Iran, have been the target of aggression, and the australians have been notorious troublemakers in Asia and the Pacific.  Remember, the missile frigate hmas adelaide was detained by Iranian Fath class Fast Attack Craft after provoking an incident with Iran, and a few months later was decomissioned.  Plus the british monarch is head of australia's military, and with the new british Supercarrier's still under construction, the ex-hms ark royal being scrapped in Turkey where Iranians can study the design, and the canadians still debating whether to acquire 2 French Mistral class Amphibious Assault Ships and 2 Dutch Joint Support Ships the australians may test these ships out by provoking a conflict with Iran.


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